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Help me make a build pls ^^

ranger 3 archer 2 SR, you can never go wrong with that.

just build what you archer build you like, whether its good or bad. We are here just to give opinion on your build in regards to its synergy.

as long as your happy, then build it :slight_smile:

OK, say so if I’m wrong ok. I’m guessing you want a1-qs3 as a “base” since you consistently say you want “machine gun”.

Here are some options that I think will work for you given that your machine gun condition is non negotiable.

  1. scout3-rogue1
    It gets you money. It can either single target machine gun or cleave machine gun (faster and mobile [split arrow]). I personally think 70% absolute crit to EVERYTHING you already have is better than anything mergen or hackapell can offer.

  2. scout1-x-cannon2
    x can either be rogue for crit or falconer for [circling]. Scout is still for the usual utility (stealth is always good IMHO, specially with the coming map completion bonus). Cannon2 will be a gamble of sorts because it is “new” and can still change. [bazooka] basically makes you auto atk with the cannon and works with [running shot]. Then there’s everything else cannon2 comes with.

  3. archer2-sr3
    [limacon] is going to get changed from being a “pistol” [oblique shot] to something more like [running shot]. It becomes a buff that changes you pistol atk to bounce 1x (need attribute). It sorta works “with” [running shot] in that you get the atk speed BUT since pistol shots don’t count as “auto atks” it won’t get the damage buff from [running shot] unless they change it. Off-hand based “auto atk” builds aren’t “supported” by mouse mode. Then there’s everything else sr3 comes with.

Archers are generally very good at farming, some builds do better than the others. And yes, the one to be able to do so at the earliest is scout 3. I myself have a lvl 177 scout 3 full str scout 3. Full str allows me to solo dg130 without having worries about investing in a bow, lvl 30 split arrow enhancement, and the part i would have difficulties with (the magic monsters section) gets retardedly easy due to them being flying monsters.

But do consider this. I also have a SR, the ranger 3 variant. Let me tell you that, to play this game, and to keep it being played by your person, you first must enjoy it. Enjoy the build you are playing because it is performing how you are expecting. Any character requires investment, even a scout 3 needs investment to clear dg130 the fastest.

You could roll a scout 3 and stop it at 177, farming dg 130 3 times a day. It is a very button mashing build, you can even boss by simply spamming split arrow if you do not have rank 7 or do not have invested in other atributes but split arrow. If this is a farming build for your main, like mine is, you need to invest into it the least so it can start leeching money to your main character. Although if this is gonna be your main, you are gonna have a very proud and effective farming machine. Once geared, it will net you enough money to throw silver at the market and right at the face of other people, allowing you the possibility of rolling anywhere with silvers to spread it until the ends of time.

Once this happens, you are gonna be known as the one that does not farm, but buys.

The same could be said to a ranger3sr2 or even archer2qs3sr2. They are slower when not geared, but are as fast once geared out (sr1 sucks, god, from sr 2 and on, retreat shot gets decent enough to become a main farming skill).

And with the new aoe from sr3 and new limacon, its farming capability has been boosted, allowing you to have a both farming and endgame effective character.

As it was said once by sudonim7, SR3 is a character that once invested into, will double itself as a farming machine and endgame dungeon performing build.

The only thing i really need to do some investigating is people saying there are scout3s solo farming dg290 profiting at a ridiculous rate of 1 mil per run.

I actually just wanted you to roll archer2ranger3sr3 all the way, but i need something to hide this message you know.

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i cant button smash unless i find a macro to do so for me (and i dont have a working programmable mouse atm)… so a scout class is out for me… hell all spamming classes are out for me its the reason i wanted a auto-attack class so i can hold down the button and once i get a good supply of gold going i’ll have the same issues with any other class i make

thank you for the suggestion

for the moment my plan is arch2 -> qs3 -> sr3