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[Guild] PinoyGamer & Community - Philippines

Hi all im currently representing PinoyGamer guild and community we recently opened up a forum dedicated for Tree of Savior.

What is PinoyGamer:
We are an official Philippines Gaming Forum Community dedicated for all Filipino Gamers CLANS, and Groups around the world.

Mission and Vision:
Become the biggest all Filipino gamer community all over the world for ever pinoy out there.

Why Tree of Savior:
From the site owner, moderator, and users we are all addicted to the original RO game when we heard about ToS we just can’t control our selves for excitement so we are dedicating more time for this game compared to all out there.

The CLAN/GUILD [PinoyGamer]
As an avid gaming community we want to be one of the best Guilds so we take this very seriously. Fun but serious.

How to Join?
Just visit any of our community pages or groups join comment and discuss.

Discord Channel:


It should be “can’t” right?


thank you for pointing this out

thanks for the interest, will update once the game officially starts :smile:

thanks! kita kits tomorrow!

ha! ilang oras na lang… ano exact time dito sa ph mag oopen server?

hi boss! pa join ha! :smiley:

what server are we going to be in? seems all are full at the moment…

I was able to create a character in Lamia (not sure if I spelled it correctly but it’s the first server) but got kicked out because of the error T.T

yeah, I managed to make 1 per server but I can’t get back in now hahaha

quite hard to level our character… we are constantly getting disconnected…

Please help for SEA Server.

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yeah sea server /20characters

Update for all filipinos we are using Discord