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Guide to Fencer / Doppel / Bullet Marker [PVE]

@Lostac Hey man, i have a doubt about the gems, i’m with 50str and rest full dex, but my crit rate is so low evern if i reset and put full dex, i gota Vienie TB and thinking about spend some money on it to skip gale and go to sarkmis, it is worth? and about the gems, with 3 green lvl 7 we got like 150 crit rate, isn’t this better than 1k or so crit atq? since crit atq is flat dmg, and with 150 crit rate i’ll go from 70% to 90% in most mobs, this 20% will outdps the 1k patq with 70% right? or na? if u can enlight me should be good, and thanks :slight_smile:

how much does lolo rapier price ???
and how much does practo price in ITOS???

no one insane enough to run 40 + runs on 15~20 yet. Assuming the cost it did be at least 3/4 or half as a expensive as a 315 orange :thinking:

Depends on your server each differ. avg up about 25~35m

Why is your crit rate low?

Missing ellaganos? Sissels?

Critical attack still gets affected by modifiers

so 1k isn’t really just 1k, HL also has +50% critical attack attribute stat so your yellow gems are worth 50% more

Quick question i slammed my seism on a training pole and it hit 3 times lol… New changes?

i’m with 50str rest dex, current 223 on doppel, i’m with 2sissels, my doubt is if an example, if i do 10attacks crit with green 3 green gems w/o 1.5k crit attq from yellows, i’ll do more dmg than 8crithits with 1.5k yellow gems and 2 white hits? i want to use glassmoles i’m with 2 level 10 for now, focusing in level cyclone, i’ll get the rest of the cards later.

Interesting, you are right.

I tested damage on monsters and the 3 damage numbers that popped are very close to each other now.

No longer a fake multi, also tested on poles

:poop: holy seism is a true multi hit now

I think the modifier was lowered but I can’t test accurately cause of 2h sword randomness

but who cares it’s better than 1 hit + 1.7 mod

Yea huge range, but with damage given out we can find the mod :grinning:

Just need to do some intensified calcuations

yes you might, but assuming you are for example, using a highly attributed cyclone with cleave debuff, yellow gem will outperform greens in just a few critical hits.

—if you have enough critical rate which is around 600+

600 ish is still average crit of 76% though…

with 130 crit resist it’s 60%…

The 1.5x damage from not critting might be more with criting versus
3k( with hl is about 4500) (per additional hit) (100 attributes 3 socket)
if there is more mods. (it differ) (200% = 9k)

Mulit hits like cyclone might equalize or more, Heavy hitter are siding crit more i guess.

I dont know really, personally my damage spiked big time when I switched from greens to yellow.

but I said before, it might balance things out on R9/R10 base damage

there’s also chronos to consider, since they are pretty much always there for everything now, no one even wants to grind timerys or mollo without them lol

Yea it’s DPS either way.

Green is stable ram, Yellow spikes heavily.

Assuming both uses glass mole Green stable ram might be better for bossing cases.

(since not criting might incur a huge damage lost)

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Yeah i’m trying to get a nice base crit chance w/o quicken, like 80% i’m not following u guys enough, my english isn’t that great. haha

Should be enough with lolo + standard crit ( no phada because you cannot afford the lost of 74 * 2 crit rate) unless there’s a priest monstrance.

should near at least 750 ish. without green (high dex also)

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So like more dmg i have, more i’ll loose with non criit with yellow gems right?

it’s still the same as before, high hit bursts most people would prefer crit rate (like dragoon dethrone)

but for cyclone or fencer multi hits I’m with yellow on this one assuming you already have high enough crit rate.


yeah i’m trying to count with monstrance lvl 1 self skill scroll buff, is cheap on my server.