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Doppels "fake" multihit skills are true multihits now? (Edit : nope!)

In this topic it is mentioned that Seism is a true multihit skill now

I can confirm this, Seism does 3x 1 damage on training dummies.
Then i tested Doppel skills aswell, many of which were known to be fake multihits…

Zornhau, which used to do only 1 hit now hits a training dummy for 4x1 dmg.
Zwerchhau deals 3 hits x1 dmg on dummies.
Sturzhau 6 hits x1 dmg each.
Redel still 14 x1 hits, so no difference there (still true multihit).
Zucken previously only did 4x1, now its 8x1.

Did IMC actually make all Doppel skills true multihit now?
Or did they change the way fake multihits are recieved by training dummies (aka fake-multihits are also displayed as individual 1’s)?

from the realm of swords. Come forth and answer our call. I summon @Lostac

I just tried slaughtering some dozens of lowlevel mobs.
If you kill monsters with the first hit of a true multihit skill then only the first hit is displayed. If its a fake multihit it’ll still display all fake multihits.

At least with my tests against those lowlevel monsters seems like nothing changed, everything still fake multihit, including Seism (full 3 hits got displayed, even if the monster only had like 50 total hp)

They just changed it so training dummies now display multiple 1’s, even for fake multihits… :confused: sneaky sneaky, IMC… Why do they do such senseless changes to training dummies instead of just making it true multihit?

But maybe someone else can verify it, just to be sure.

Personally I don’t care anymore if they are still “fake” as long as the multipliers are already correct.

Example, seism 3 hits into 3x modififer instead of the current seism fake 3 hits 1.7x modifier.

at least we get overkills easier through this and benefits DPE.

need to properly test the modifier on it first though

about that 1 hit that shows “all hits” instead of only 1 when it’s supposed to die on 1 hit

sacrament/enchant fire functions the same though only first 2 hits are shown when monster i only supposed to die with basic attack.

^ probably related.