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Guide to Fencer / Doppel / Bullet Marker [PVE]

hp loss doesn’t really matter as long as you didn’t invest in con – you can put some red gems in armor instead.

sarkmis is very strong it shts on gale because it has 3 slots

I see, So Full Dex, All red gems or would you split with yellows as well?
That sword is really pretty too would go so well with my Dop’s outfit lol

Also after that Full Dex would you rather go ella or Glass mole? I’m guessing glass maybe since the crit on dop is already pretty steady.

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hmm that’s on your personal preference now

I prefer to be at my peak at all times instead of bursts so I went with:
Full Yellow (good for PVE with HL attribute, dov doesn’t help this though)
Full Ellaganos (currently 5 Ella Lv10 and 3 filler tomb lords, will replace later)

Red+Glass Mole is more for those who want to burst to get top ranks on short fights. Stacks with DOV.

So one path is steady damage and the other is Burst. I like that idea of ella+yellow esp with highlander. I might do that once I get all my gears together lol.

Saw some time ago, DoV don’t works with red gem because it scales on minimum attack.

I think it scales with both, I will try again with five hammer later

It should be minimum iirc.

it does, yes.
ex :
1000-1500 phy atk
after DOV 15 it becomes
2500-3000 phy atk
still, not so bad. :ok_hand:

did you remove all buffs and only dov buffs? IIRC unless they change it it should be minimum only.

I tested it with my friend (another Doppel), the results are the same.
Yes, DOV only.

Dov 1 stack

non dov

1 stack. difference on top and below nop minimum.

No worries sharing is caring.

I saw your text and reread.
It is to your minimum. As usual. Nothing wrong so far \o\

do you guys have a love quarrel history or is it cow vs unicorn thing?

almost done with my dailies, will post in a bit

i was sleepy don’t worry. cause miko queuing is extremely taxing

Have not yet started dailies for 2 days due to miko rip.

huh, what do you mean :anguished:? we’re trying to say the same thing here.

let me break this down eh.
my post up there :
1000-1500 phy atk > after DOV 15 stacks it becomes > 2500(1000+150%=2500(150% of 1000=1500))-3000(1500+1500(150% of min atk))


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ya :kissing: was sleeping

Yes, tested, okay, it’s adds min damage only.

Well, this make red gems on main weapon kinda pointless for doppels…

Then now for Doppels stats distribution is like 3:1 DEX:STR no CON?
Yellow Gems in Weapon for Crit Attack?
With High DEX, Elleganos Cards is needed?

In my current build im 2:1 DEX:STR 50 CON. Should I use lvl 10 Elleganos Cards?.

With High DEX lvl15 DOV is needed? Its posible to get 15 stacks with dodge?

Sorry for the questions im lvl 160 not Doppel yet.

full dex, str is entirely optional for things like:
bleeding damage, block penetration, crown scaling.
^ not really important though

Ella or mole works nicely, I prefer ella.

you will end up with low dex, so yes, specially if you are below 600 crit rate

yes, mage monsters+missile hole/ausrine = easy stack no worries, you can see a video sample above from my et run, full dex 38 str no con

lapasape mushrooms also give dov stacks

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Hmmm the new HL buffs make me wanna continue my high2>rod3>shinobi>murmillo