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[Guide] So you want to TANK 🛡️ V1.02

Author’s Note

' ' It has the elegance of a sword
The might of a shield,
How you choose to fight or yield
Its yours to wield.' '

Greetings saviors, I'm Ersakoz from Telsiai who goes by other alias such as ersako, erza , shota-jail. I have been playing shield classes during the times of Murmnobi, with him in times of glory and despair. I'm glad to say shield classes are once again revitalized in Re:Build for the sole purpose: Soaking Damage

Teaching others is both a grueling and reward experience; grueling because of the demands placed upon the pedagogue to deliver accurate content while facing the reality that not everybody will be convinced nor succeed no matter the effort ; rewarding because teaching comes a greater understanding of the needs of others by sharing in both their successes and failures , not to mention the fact that the teacher himself becomes better at this craft as he opens himself up to listening and learning from others.

As many know of my laid-back and memey approach to events in both guild and /r ToS discord ,there are times where one has to pick up his shield and be a serious aggro-whore and do his job right.

Let me introduce you to the world of Tanking


Content Page

  1. What is Tanking/OT
  2. How to Tank
  3. Building a Tank
  4. Version Log

** Content subjected to changes and modifications / updates when necessary.
Till the day i stop holding the shield

Tanking/Over Threat is a popularized terminology used by players where the player’s intention is to be the one taking in damage typically by being dangerous or detrimental, or using a game mechanic that forces it to be targeted and secondly, to ensure that they can survive this damage through sheer health points or via mitigation.

A mechanic that tanks rely on is known as “threat”, which is generated from damage and taunts. This makes monsters attack the tank. Tank units are typically central to group play, and a large amount of responsibility is placed on them. A tank’s death could cause the opposition to overrun the party as they cannot cope with the magnitude of incoming damage.

Tanking in Tree Of Savior has always been non-existent primarily due to the fact that the previous meta renders any character a tank as long as he/she has access to a good set of armor and stacking CON.
The current Tank in Re:Build is well equipped necessary with mitigation skills, threat-holding passives and abilities, at the same time able to dish out noticeable damage and acceptable cool-downs.

Although not relevant in every single PvE aspect in Re:Build, tanks still to play an important role to facilitate not only easier set-ups for teammates , but also hasten the killing process.

One Fine example i would use is non other than Zaura, the pesky Demon Lord that tends to Cyclone out of range or simply jumping away from everybody’s skills. It was really annoying to kill, and time-wasting as it keeps avoiding everybody skills. A good tank is able to control aggro, which allows him to control the direction that Zaura jumps or spin. The location where the tank pulls the target is also a vital factor in limiting Zaura’s movement.

With ToS introducing more Raid bosses with maneuvering abilities, the presence of a Tank can greatly influence and improve kill speed.

Typical Scenario of a wild Zaura out maneuvering out of everything

Positive demostration of Tanking and holding aggro

Credits ktos DC :crab:


I will simplify the process by explaining the logic in simple and easy to follow steps.

  1. Skill
    Using the appropriate skill in order to achieve Threat/aggro

  2. Terrain
    Spotting and picking the right spots to keep the target in place.

  3. Party
    Having the necessary classes and team mates to maintain your Well-being

I will go through the various passives, skills and equipment in the next section. The primary focus here would be on that of Terrain and Party.

If you played and explored the terrain of ToS long enough, you might notice most of these maps are non-linear and off uneven gradient. The high-low gradient or steps that exist in ToS are entirely aesthetics and sometimes a thorn in the side for making skills miss or not connecting entirely. Although it might look like a mere tiny/elevated step , it sometimes forces ground tile or projectile skills to miss entirely. A perfect terrain would be a place that is flat, narrow and linear.

By holding aggro in tight corners and flat ground , optimal DPS can be achieve by allowing the target to be hit. At the same time, aggro can be used to control how a target maneuver by forcing it to move in the intended direction.

Using Zaura once again as an example, you can control zaura to jump or spin against a wall, effectively removing its annoying trait in the process

Drawn with professional industry grade tools like Photoshop CS9 and Illustrator
Stylus used: ADONIT pro3
Windows Surface Pro 6

A balanced party set up would be optimal to achieve this tanking process. For the average-geared player, a combination with a healer is by far the most logical one.

Support players/main are hard to comeby in lower levels, do make friends with them!

Good friends:

c_cleric_kabbalist KABBALIST
c_cleric_paladin PALADIN
c_cleric_plaguedoctor PLAGUE DOCTOR
c_cleric_priest PRIEST

Self explanatory if you know what each class do. Basically they make you less reliant on potions if needed and make your live easier. They will also help you mitigate even more damage . With the assistance of a support, you are basically immortal.

Welcome to the last and most important portion of this guide.

Building a character has been simplified in Re:Build , at the same time opening more options for Swordman players. There will be times where you will miss the old system that allows you to use more skills from classes. With the new BASE CLASS + 3 CLASS system in Re:Build, each choice plays a heavy and significant outcome and role of the character built.

Some classes are designed for a specific purpose, provide a certain unique buff/debuff or special interaction with other classes to reproduce a desired synergy. IMC have greatly improved this aspect by enabling more cross-class synergy and the introduction of autoswap.

Autoswap enables the automated use of a certain skill ( that is locked primarily to a particular weapon) and then swapping back to the default set. Do note that having the Autoswap feature requires the user to equipped the secondary weapon in his/her alternate equipment slot

Demostration of autoswapped Dagger Finish when shield is equipped.

This thus removes the original restrictions of shield class. Re:Builds allow 2 hand wielding swordsman to benefit from Peltasta’s Buffs while using their main weapon. However this might not be an intended design and overlooked by IMC.

Also, Block has be changed to mitigation all forms of damage by 50% instead of entirely nullifying physical damage.

An ideal build should be:

  • Not having too many classes with skills, you cant use all of them
  • Take classes that provides strong debuff/ buffs
  • best to have balance of buffs + skills ( and no CD issue)
  • cross-class synergy

I will be highlighting several prominent classes that are capable of mitigating or reducing damage to stay in topic. I have hyper-linked resources to the mentioned classes and passives for the reader’s convenience

c_warrior_swordsman SWORDSMAN

ability_warrior_swordman28 Provoke

Provoke is a passive available to all swordsman classes.
It Increases threat values when attacking enemies by 50% per attribute level​. (Max lvl 10)
This applies to all of swordsman classes, enabling it to maintain threat aggro easily.

PELTASTA c_warrior_peltasta

Pelt is the starter pack to every tanker’s kit. It is designed to have defences bonuses , as well as damage mitigation. Threat passives also allows it to mantain aggro with ease.

ability_warrior_peltasta31 Peltasta: Double Provocation

​ Increases threat levels by 2 times when attacking the enemy with Peltasta skills​

icon_warri_swashbuckling Swash Buckling

Hit your shield to taunt nearby enemies into pursuing you. The movement speed of threatened enemies increases, and they become immune to threat for 30 seconds. Duration of debuff is fixed at 10s across all levels and levels only increase the number of targets taunted. It is a top tier taunt/threat as it can pull targets that arent aggroed to you for 10s. However when the debuff ends, the target will return to the one with the highest threat.

Duration can be increased with [ [Swash Buckling: Maintain Threat] ] up to a max of 15s (

icon_warri_hardshield Hard Shield

Basically the best part of Pelt now is non other than this Buff.
Increases your defense in proportion to the defense values of your currently equipped shield.

​Defense Increase: [Shield Defense] x 200%
Duration: 300 seconds

It encourages/rewards players to invest and transcend their shield.

icon_warri_guradian Guardian

At level 5, it reduces the physical and magic damage you receive from enemies, and increases your AoE defense ratio.

​Physical and Magic Damage Taken: -40%
AoE Defense Ratio: +10
Duration: 15 seconds

Best used when faced with heavy/hard-hitting windows while waiting for your healer Healing abilities to be off-Cool down

icon_warri_umboblow Umbo Blow

But Why?
Use the bump of your shield to attack enemies. Deals additional damage to enemies staggered by a block. If the attack is accurate, threat values apply 10 times higher.

it provides a 2 lines of damage when target is staggered. Staggered debuff is triggered by successfull blocking of a skill. This was actually nerfed not too long ago from 50X. ( Actually data-ming tells otherwise, it was 100X threat ). Despite the nerf, it is still entirely relevant
I will use an old clip to demostrate how the double hit works

At max level it does 349%. 2 OH , 10s CD
x2 with easy block, x 10 with passive , x 2 with Pelt passive, x 1.5 with swordsman provoke.

with no attribute, and at 2 OH it is equivalent to: 20 940% SFR worth of threat value

The other pelt skills have similar effect but arent worth taking due to their long Cooldowns and bad animation. Remember my point mentioning have too many skills is bad? Umbo does considerable damage at a very low cooldown.

Another newbie friendly attribute introduced to Shield Classes in Rebuild is:
Identical attributes can be found in Rodeo, Murm as well

ability_warrior_peltasta38 Peltasta: Shield Attack

  • [Rim Blow] / [Shield Lob] / [Umbo Blow]
  • Shield attack skills use not your main weapon attack, but your shield’s physical defense values as attack instead​

This allows a user to allow his skill to scale from his shield instead of the main weapon. Its ideal for people who already own a T10 shield and a weak main hand. Shield Attack attribute only calculates from the physical def of the shield .Extra bonuses from stats are not included

However they still receive buffs as long you wield the required weapon.

[Rim Blow] / [Shield Lob] / [Umbo Blow] +50% from Murm Helm

The template build i use is:

If you are using it for HG farming and want to taunt many targets, you can add less umbo blow for it. Do keep in mind , there is no FIXED build. It depends entirely on the character’s purpose.

HG: need taunt
Bossing : need threat level

Purpose are different

c_warrior_rodelero RODELERO

Rodeo in Re:Build is now an arsenal of skills with moderate CD, decent damage. However popularity is low as it does not really provide a timed buff. It is a defense class designed to be reactive and not passive.

A unique trait of Rodeo is how involves 30% scaling from user’s shields. Once again, it rewards users for investing and transcending a shield.

image Shooting Star

Unique PVP based skills are also included like:

image Shield Bash

Use your shield to ignore the enemy’s block and attack. Shocks affected targets and deals increased damage to Plate-armored enemies.

​Skill Factor: [SkillFactor] % AoE Attack Ratio: [SkillSR] Deals +100% damage to Plate armor enemies [Shock] Duration: 10 seconds

image Shield Shoving

Use your shield to interrupt enemies. The target is turned around and becomes momentarily unable to act. Affected enemies become vulnerable to Strike attacks.

it is a mini-stun that provides a 30% strike debuff

image Shield Push)

Use your shield to interrupt enemies. The target becomes afflicted with [Unbalanced]. Chance to knock down and reduce the defense of enemies affected by [Unbalanced]. Attacking the enemy from the back deals increased damage.

It has a unique unbalanced debuff that reduces the target defence up to 15% at maximum level. In this Unbalanced state, targets subjected to hits are also pushed and knocked down. However it only affects lesser bosses. Targets are also silenced in this state


image Shield Charging

Use your shield and dash to push enemies away. Enemies nearby fall down when hit with the shield. Your block and physical defense increase while Shield Charge is active.
If the Sprint buff is active, affected enemies have their movement speed reduced.

It is one of the reactive defensive skills as mentioned earlier. It doubles defences at max level when the shield charging buff is active

image Slithering

Hold down the key to crouch and move forward. While slithering, you cannot be knocked back or knocked down, your block increases and your damage taken is reduced. Triggers an attack immediately after movement has ended.
If the Sprint buff is active, Slithering’s movement speed penalty is cut in half, and affected enemies turn around.

Basically you hold down the skill to be in slithering status to reduced oncoming damage by 50% and increase block rate by 50%

Rodeo are a pain in the ass to build as they differ in both PvE and PVP skill distributions.
My ideal PVE build would be:

Targe smash has the worse and slowest animation in the whole universe of ToS. Use it when really run out of skills to use. The 100% bonus shock synergy is the only redeeming feature of the skills.

i have not really used Rodeo in my PVP builds , but i was forced/convinced to use Rodeo, my build would be:

Montano has a very good and useful slow debuff.
Shield Charge and Slithering are excellent escape skills. You can even sprint with it to overcome the movement debuff as well as holding it when others are CC-ing you. (Holding it down in Frost Pillar/Raise)

However due to limitations of circle choices, i dont pick Rodeo in my PVP shield class due to the fact that i value the buffs of other class more. Rodeo isnt bad, its just we are constrained only by 3 choices.

Another well kown fact of picking Rodeo is it allows the user to enjoy shield benefits while wielding a rapier with Fencer: Offensive Rapide

[Targe Smash] / [Shield Charge] / [Shield Bash] / [Shield Push] / [Shield Shoving]

  • 50% from Murm Helm


Templar is a GVG exclusive class that shines really well in oriented team play

I will focus mainly on the defensive capabilities for this one.

image Shield Charger

Build a Shield Charger that grants guild members with a protective Shield Gauge. The shield’s durability recovers automatically once it reaches a certain threshold and caps at 2 times the recipient’s max HP.
This skill requires a [Shield Charger] item to install.

​Shield Amount: 40% of caster’s HP
Shielded Allies: 5
Duration: 60 seconds
Requires Shield Charger x1

Self explanatory, easy HP buff

image Non-Invasive Area

Create a non-invasive area around yourself that pushes enemies to the outside.

​Duration: 10 seconds
Number of Pushes: 15
Consumes 52 SP per second

Basically a shinra tensei


Basically the best class that can offer Tank like status without the use of Pelt Buffs, and strong enough to be to be a semi-DPS class. Re:Build has enabled Murmillo to maintain its defensive design without losing its DPS edge. The pre Re:Build design murmilo was a failure of a design due to it’s weak skills and high CD. It has transited into a low CD class, with decent DPS if properly geared, at the same time maintaining its position as the best tank role to have in both PvE and PvP

image Cassis Crista

Equip your Cassis Crista and prepare for battle. While the helmet is equipped, any physical attack damage you receive is reduced by 50%, and attack skills using the helmet have their damage increased by 50%. Use the helmet again when it’s equipped or mount a companion to remove the helmet.
(Does not allow for automatic weapon swap.)

Worse part about this now is the annoying 60s duration which you have to refresh every now and then.
It reduces all incoming damage by 50% (Physical, magic, DoT ) and a 49% chance to resist all forms of debuffs. Using a helm also boost helmet and some skills by a significant amount.

Helm vs No Helm

The only defensive ability is that from the helmet, while the rest are primarily offensive in nature.

image Evade Thrust

Lunge your sword at the enemy’s neck while defending yourself behind your shield. Your damage taken from magic attacks is reduced and your block chance increases while you are attacking with [Evade Thrust]. Damage on bleeding enemies is increased.

​Skill Factor: 544%
AoE Attack Ratio: 3*
[Bleeding] enemies receive damage increased by 50%
Magic Damage Received: -30%
Block Chance: +40%

At first glance it might look like an ordinary skill with sub par skill factor. The 50% bleed synergy renders it as one of the best skills murm has to offer. Pairing it with Hoplite is an obvious choice due to [pierce] typing synergy. The low CD and 3OH of Evade Thrust makes it his main DPS skill in PVE.

If invested at max attribute, it is a whopping 870%per thrust and 1305% on Bleeding targets.

image Frenzied Slash

Perform a long leap forwards and strike foes on the ground. Enemies hit are temporarily stunned.

This is a 1 pointer, worthy for ranged target stunning or escape. However it tends to bug now where user is teleported back to original location if Hit.

image Headbutt

Headbutt an enemy and turn them around. Attacked enemies have a chance of becoming stunned, and stunned enemies receive additional damage from this skill.
If Dragoon Helmet is active, Headbutt’s property changes from Strike to Pierce.

Basically a 100% boost when Helmet is equipped

and another bonus 50% when stunned

image Scutum Hit

Swing the shield to attack enemies in front of you.
Enemies outside of a certain range become afflicted with Bleeding.

Basically nerfed from 3 OH + built-in stun into a 1 OH skill. It deals decent damage and gives a chance to bleed. ( Evade thrust Synergy) . Bleed scales to STR stat

Scutum hit + 50% when helm equipped


image Shield Train

Rush ahead with your shield and push enemies forward. Then, strike the ground with your shield to gather the enemies in front of you. Gathered enemies become temporarily unable to move.

Another 1 pointer skill due to it’s long CD and subpar SFR. Primarily used as a mob gathering mechanism.
You can adjust the direction of both the first and second hit of shield train in the desired orientation

Shield train +50% when helm equipped

However, in PVP Murm Builds, max shield train is more valued over Evade Thrust


Grab your target and swing them in the air, making them vulnerable to Strike attacks and stuns. Repeatedly use the skill while your target is held to headbutt them and deal damage to nearby enemies.
Additional damage is applied when equipped with a helmet.

Emperor bane +50% when helm equipped

Other skills cant be use in this state , unless “connected” target is dead. It also provides a strike debuff in the cases of bosses. Disabling bosses with Emperor’s Bane is not possible, however you can stun them


Recommended build (PVE) :

Updated: 16/3/19

This thus concludes my guide on classes.



  2. ARMOR
  3. CARD


Depending on your main class, you might be restricted to them in the form of 2 handed weapons. However you still can have Shield equipped on 2nd Equipment slot to benefit from some shield buffs. With the Shield Attack attributes found in pelt,rod and murm tree you can also use scaling from shield.

Spear is a popular 1h weapon choice due to its versatile nature. It also open you top options like hoplite which is a very good crit-based class. Swords were also designed for use in most of the shield classes, however you are locked out from classes that a spear man would also enjoy.

For newbies who have wizards or clerics, you can considering owning a mace to be shared between them and your swordsman. This is an economically friendly option at the expensive of having less physical attack as compared to other swordsman 1h weapons.


Very Straight forward, and depends on what you want to achieve.


But if you want to tank, pick either cloth or plate due to the mitigation bonus.
Anti Magic bonuses are easily obtainable via Enchanter’s buffs, and with the removal of block nullifying physical damage completely, Plate is currently the top option for armors.


List of Monstercard and their effects:

  • Every character will now have a total of 12 card slots, regardless of Rank.
  • Monster cards are now divided into 4 groups, each characterized by a different frame color: Red, Blue, Green and Purple.
  • You can equip up to 3 cards of each color group.
  • To equip a card, open the Monster Cards slot UI and right-click or drag the card to equip.
  • To unequip a card without reducing its level by -1, you will need to use 200K silver

image Reds:

(Bleeding synergy with EV thrust)

3 X Prison Cutter
Bleed scales to STR


3 X Velnia Monkey

Poison less recommended since it ticks slower/no STR scaling

image Purple:

Used in conjunction with your choice in Red.

2 X Biteregina for VELNIA MONKEY
2 X Rajapearl for PRISON CUTTER


1 X Gazing Golem

You can go 3 proc cards instead of 2:1 ratio if you feel the rates are underwhelming

image Blues:

3 or 2:1 Ratio using:
Nuaele (magic def) or Zaura(Physical def)

Budget option:
Armaos % CHANCE , generate shield

image Greens:

3 X Blut CON

Netherbovine STR
Simorph STR/CON


[ V1.00] 26/1/19

  • Guide updated to with the following:
  1. What is Tanking/OT
  2. How to Tank
  3. Building a Tank
  4. Version Log

[V1.01] 8/2/19

  • Corrected Values and Bonus for Murm Helm - skill interaction

[V1.02] 10/2/19

  • Highlighted and edited common misconceptions about Shield Attack Attribute

[V1.03] 16/3/19
-Updated changes to Murm Helm damage reduction, and updated skill build for AOE update


for their never ending passion towards swordsman


Very good indeed! :hugs:

flag for ERP 20202020

Very high effort post.

As a returning player (from 2016 whooops) I can use this to catch up in REEEEE build.)

Any suggestions for leveling up (lvl 142 atm), got almost no silver(500k) and some basic gear. (Currently Murm-Pelt).

Thank you!

The suggestion for getting silver now is non other than getting to lvl 330 asap for the Lanko Lake Dungeon and access to Challenge Mode Sausis 9 / Hunting Grounds for picking up Berthas or Primus gear. Dont buy any gear, just use the ones given by quest or my event, focus on an overhaul once you hit 315 or 330.

The dungeons do give a good amount of silver, and selling powders from dismantled equipment can rack you a small fortune in weeks.


Hi also a returning here, could you please explain a bit more about equipment dismantling? Like how to do it what you get what gear to brake down etc.

Also any links to where I can find more info about new gear would be helpful :slight_smile:

Hey there !

Gear identification was introduced last year to implement more replay value in the game. Which also means more rng for min maxing .

IMC’s official guide on identifying and dismantling gear

The current up to date database and skill simulator used is:

Reddit discord where most of the active players are ( all servers ):

ATM my Build is Pelt/Matador/Doppel.
I Really like Matador and I was wondering if he is Ok as a tank.
Also wondering if Murmillo or Templar would be fine to put instead of Doppel. I’m kinda new to the game and Love tanking for my friends that are also starting the game.

Could you give me some insights? :grimacing:

Nice work!
I wonder what addon u are using for buff timing,
my muteki2 doesn’t work anymore after rebuild :frowning:

Writ312 has already fixed muteki2ex, go update from the the manager

I wanted to tank with matador, do you have any experience with the class, or its just not good at tanking

Sounds like an Off-tank, pelt -matador -doppel is kinda the meta CM build you will see frequently in korean videos. The reason the guy picked dopple was for cyclone which acts as a great CD filler in between the CD of matador skills.

Templar is strictly PVP, so i will cross that out for you

Getting Murm you make you beefier , and have access to Filler skills from murm tree. Cyclone is a great 360 AOE skill as compared to murm linear-trajectory style skills. Both fits your current build, and the actual the question is. What would you rather give up?

muteki2ex works! thx a lot:grinning:

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Great Question hahaha
Actually I loved the Matador class. And with Pelt it just felt right.
I’m sad that Templar is more PvP oriented but it is what it is I guess … will Stick to Doppel, just tried murmillo and Doppel was closer to my playstyle =D

Wondering if Matador could make a spot for tanking class (or some kind of threat gen), Capote for threat and the Picador passive with Murmillo actually got some pretty good damage on Evade thrust for me :thinking:

I would simply label doppel as a CM/AOE flair as compared to murm, who will specialize better in bossing scenario.

No way in design can matador out threat a pelt in the long run. However matador is able to temporarily snatch top aggro by using Ole. However both when used together still depends greatly on pelt for maintaining aggro.

nice good ok:ok_woman:


nice good shield

Hello @Ersakoz, very nice guide! I’m really hoping more new players will be trailing the path of a tanker after reading this guide.

There are a few things i’d like to add, in the hopes to make this guide even better:

Rim Blow and Umbo Blow skills provide a “forced threat” debuff in the same way Swash Buckling does. This debuff lasts 10 seconds and forces the enemy to attack you, regardless of any other threat source.

However, it also applies a 30 second immunity to forced threat on the target. This means after the first 10 seconds are over, you cannot apply any “forced threat” debuff on the enemy again for the remaining 20 seconds.

These two skills are useful when Swash Buckling is on cooldown and there’s tons of mobs around (i.e. CM). However, do note tanking in CM is still almost non-existant as there are too many mobs around and attacks going off everywhere, making you unable to protect your party members.


Headbutt gains a 100% damage boost from Cassis Crista, unlike other skills. This makes it a very strong single/few targets skill, as it is still limited by the lack of any +AoE Atk Ratio. Frenzied Slash also gets +50% damage boost from Cassis Crista.


You can still tank bosses reliably without Peltasta, as long as you have enough dps and Swordman’s Provoke attribute maxed. Of course, if there’s another swordman in the party with higher dps and Provoke enabled (i.e. a Doppel), or if you’re fighting a field boss, it’ll be very difficult to keep the aggro up. These are the cases Peltata’s forced threat and extra skill threat really shines.

AoE defense mechanics is also important for a tanker. Having more AoE defense means you’ll take hits before another player (in case the hit AoE is hitting both of you). And if your AoE defense is higher than the monster’s AoE atk, you will completely prevent the other player from being hit. If you have enough AoE defense, you can stick close to a dying party member to tank hits for them until the healer can heal them up. This, however, is more unlikely against bosses, as they have 40+ natural AoE atk ratio.

Weapon swapping is much easier now, but it’s still not good to build around it too much. Taking a build like Rodel + Doppel is not really a good idea. Not only your strike debuff won’t help your Doppel skills (as they’re slash dmg), you’ll also have to invest in two main weapons (2h sword, 1h sword + shield), which is super difficult for new players (and even bad for veterans). Having a dagger in the alt weapon to be able to use Reiti’s Dagger Finish is fine, but building two completely opposite main-weapon classes is still horrible.

Centaurus cards are also interesting for players that want to focus more on AoE dps.

I guess that’s it, great guide and keep up the good work! :smile:

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Where can i find Hunting Grounds?

Do check out IMC ‘s official guides . Plenty of know-how’s and information made simple enough to digest :haha: