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I wanna build a shieldmaiden. Can you guys help me?

Hello guys, to be short: I wanna build a shieldmaiden with high HP and damage, able to survive and last longer on raids, dungeons, challenge modes etc. And I wanna use shield + 1h weapon ( preferably spear). Looking for some information, I read this:

Murmillo - Rodelero - ㅣBarb / Peltaㅣ (tank, dealer) [sword + shield]

Hop - Drag - ㅣ Cata / Murm / Rode / Peltㅣ (tank, dealer) [spear + shield]

Hackapell - ㅣBarb / Cata / Blossom / Rodeㅣ (dealer) [sword + shield]

So … Which of these builds could I rely on for 100% pve content? Thank you for this in advance <3

I’ve forgotten something very special: I WANNA RIDE A MOUNT AS WELL <3

Old, but very good guide.

You might also want to consider Nak Muay, due to the next ARTS they got on the Korean server recently.

Muay Thai
Removes all existing effects of Muay Thai, and now does the following:

+100% damage to enemies
+50% Physical Defense
+40% Critical Rate
+100% magic damage taken
Cooldown fixed to 30 seconds