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PVE Swordsman Build

In the case of fencing, relying only on Cyclone and Punish (which i haven’t used since RE:) doesnt seem like the best option
Barb and Doppel… both are pretty good but the atk speed bonus from Frenzy helps a lot with the Fencer/Mata skills
Anyway, gonna run for Mata > Pelta > Barb for the survivality while farming

punish actually is good too, lv 15 punish+atb lv 50= 999% SFR.
I never use rapier so cant comment on mata+fencer

Well since u shared that build for Mata i assumed u were a rapier user õ õ

Anyway, im still trying to see how far i will get on CM by myself with a 380 +10 7*, gonna try Fencer instead Pelta after that and if everything fails, i may go for a Hacka build, just for the fun and the sword + shield tankability

hehe, that is greyhiem’s video, not mine

Dopple/Barb/Peltasta for PvE start up character.

Dopple is beast AoE, Barb buffs Dopple, Peltasta will allow you to farm harder areas with Auto-Swap Hardshield buff, while dopple/barb is enough dmg.

If you’re in full Velcoffer you can drop Peltasta for Highlander to make a fully optimized DPS rotation.

Barbarian is best in slot class for pretty much every build there is. Frenzy/Warcry buffs are too strong to pass.


i tried mata-pelt-dopp today, it is really fun with so many AOE skills. Mata’s Paso double+doppel’s punish combo animation is very very satisfying!

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you can also use Corrida Finale + Punish :blush:

corrida finale doesnt knock down the enemies, only push back, so not punish-able

but it does work :smiley: try it ~
i use punish after the first bull hits the mob.

hmm, wont it be a waste of DPS? i will try it when i get chance tho. Sadly this build is lacking at bossing department, need to depends on doppel’s 2-H combo

yup, you do need Doppel’s 2-H combos to have good DPS. and Punish doesn’t work on bosses

what is the tanking and party leecher builds? Do you have a link?

and for your favorite: party leecher

am thinking of removing my cata + lancer for barb + hoplite and give u the mounting life :frowning:

any build that isnt meta nor a DPS slave

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in the endgame, pvp or pve tank or a buffer class is any good? is worth to level up a class like that, and if it is, what is the way for a support swordman?

as long as you having fun, then yes, it is very worthed your time spending in this game!

you could change class if you get change class points, so if you didnt like what you made you could always switch to other class.

support swordman tho, idk bruh. i think that doesnt exist at all