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[Guide] So you want to TANK 🛡️ V1.02

Hey there thanks for your feedback and update. I’m sure people who dwell in this tank industry for some time have tips and know-how’s you can only know from playing Long enough

Yes you are right about the peltasta part. I will update and add that threat immunity part

As for murm part I will add that in , although frenzied slash is still as useless as ever and destined to be a 1 pointer mobility / stun ability

Cheers :haha:

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Good guide!
As much as I’d love to offer advice myself to help (for … possibly obvious reasons), you’ve got just about everything here.

But I will say something involving playstyle choices, though.
Walls are your friend as a tank. As in, the walls of the map.
Monsters are really pesky about how their AI moves them into position to attack in this game. If ever you have the opportunity, pulling every enemy toward a wall will keep them congested in a smaller area, allowing your party members or yourself to take them down a bit quicker with aoe attacks.
This also works fairly well with bosses too, as long as they aren’t the ones that like to spasm around the room like crazy…

Here’s to hoping the decide to one day re-add Centurion to the game, so I have a better reason to play a tank again :eyes:


Thanks for the feedback and Wow even your forum IGN has a hint of tank in it.
Yes , what you mentioned is absolutely right.

Walls are friends , and utilising your understanding of the AI to your fullest advantage is key.

Unfortunately centurion is removed :confused: I did a tribute with his pic under “Gearing Up”

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Very nice and detailed guide!

I hope this will encourage people and IMC to utilize tanking strategy aspect better.
Also if I may, please add stats guide in the future, like what’s the preferred random stats for ichor/gear, and how to utilize AoE Def Ratio, explanation about AoE Def Ratio would be also very helpful seeing many new and old players still misunderstand it.

My Sword hit 120k of Physical Def (hard shield +aspersion buffs+zauras+legend zaura lv5) … nevertheless it’s damage sucks, using a velco spear +11 (trans 7) it’s dawn hard to kill someone in pvp… maybe i could use him now to tank boruto.

well if you had both dips and def. Kinda broken :laughing:

But how good is that 120k P.Def?

Do you have any insight on rode,murm,pelt attribute shield attack ? Because activating them actually lowers your damage, even if you have the shield refined and transcended, you deal less damage overall, try it out (tested it eith velco shield +11 T10 and wastrel sword +16 T10) scaling is not working properly :confused:

hello there, i have just updated the portion about shield attack today

What i see is beginner friendly attribute to have since shield scales better than weapon early game. However, this advantage tends to fall of once the character has accumulated enough STR and buffs to outweigh this attribute

Hi @Ersakoz thanks for the reply.

I don’t think that any attribute in the game right now has the purpose of “easing” the leveling process, all of them are meant to be improvements or modifications of your skills to improve your gameplay, but this in particular has an issue cause I created a new character and picked up Rodelero as my first choice and its really underwhelming using this attribute, even with a shield of lvl 40(kite shield) and a sword lvl 1 the one you get when you create the character I was doing less damage with the attribute active, so even if ehat you say is true and it is meant to help with leveling, it is not, maybe the formula for damage calculation for shields is wrong :confused:

The attribute can ease the leveling process if you know what it does before hand.

Like Ersakoz said, what it does it’s to substitute all of your Atk stat in the stat window for the shield Defense. So, let’s say you have
1000-2000 minAtk-maxAtk after equipping a weapon + red gems
4000 Defense in the shield info window.

In this case the attribute will provide more damage with the skills that are listed for it, but like it was already mentioned, your total atk will surpass your shield def at end game if you upgrade a high lv weapon and a shield at the same levels.

This still can ease your leveling experience because it lets you to only focus on upgrading your shields and ignore the weapon while you level up, saving you resources and time until you reach end game where you can focus on a end game weapon instead.

Also, this opens some strange combinations because you can totally ignore the weapon atk and focus on getting a weapon with a nice effect. For example, you can use the 5 hammer all the way to end game, this hammer has 5 gem slots and 5 AoE ratio and is cheap to make, you could also stuff it with yellow gems (reds don’t work with shield attribute) and focus on leather armor to run around with 8 crit atk gems (5 in hammer, 3 in shield) for some big crit atk boost.

It can bugged or not working as intended.
But what i can tell is, the attribute totally ignores all other attack stats from your level, STR and bonuses.
It simply uses the shield def stat ask the ATK stat in the dmg formulae

Before making assumptions and spreading your made up information about why that attribute works the way it does, I just kept looking for information and send IMC a ticket, look what I found on ktos patch notes:

when you see something that is not working as it should, you usually make some tests before (that’s what I did) and then, you can make assumptions, clearly you didn’t.

I’m so glad they fixed this, I was going to leave my swordie because I wanted to focus on my upgraded velco shield and not a weapon

Oh, that’s nice, I actually didn’t knew nor think it was a bug. Thanks for the correction.

I’m actually pretty happy about the behavior being a bug, hope it also works with red gems after they correct it. If it does you could just slap 5 red gems into a 5 hammer and use a shield focused build for end game too, or a wastrel sword for crit atk shenanigans.

Yeah, that could be great, I’m going to wait until next patch to test its damage capabilities while maintaining the tank aspec of the build

@plisquin_12 @Eltnam

However it’s still an attribute for people in the early stages to take.
Focusing on shield-first could be a potential strategy to take advantage of the early scaling, but it will fall off once you hit end game. Your main hand will outweigh the def values of the shield

Thanks for the healthy discussion. Never knew people liked playing tanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m sorry but I have to disagree with the scaling difference with you cause it’s inverse, the shield has an overall better scaling if we take the flat amount we see on the description, for example:

1 handed velcoffer sword has: 4586 max atk
2 handed velcoffer sword has: 5290 max atk
Velcoffer shield has: 5606 defense

So, if we take those values, the shields always give a better performance than main hand weapons, even 2 handed weapons!

I think that attribute is meant to focus on your shield instead of your weapon AND you shield both, that’s also the reason why not all of their skills can use that attribute, cause it would be broken OP having max defense and more atk than a 2handed (cause some skills have pretty hig SFR imo)

PD: I love to play tanks, but ir’s a shame that they are not needed at end game content, hope IMC designs some content with a “holy trinity” in mind to take advantage of these clases ^^

It will obviously flawed if a shield class can out-weigh using a 1h- weapon.

Here are my reasons why it is merely a stand-in tool for early game , even after the base stats are fixed.

Shield attack only affect shield skills, some which do not construct 100% of the class’s skills.

[Scutum Hit] / [Shield Train]
[Rim Blow] / [Shield Lob] / [Umbo Blow]
[Targe Smash] / [Shield Charge] / [Shield Bash] / [Shield Push] / [Shield Shoving]

it would serve you well if you are using it for pelt or rodeo, but not on Murm tree. Most of Murm’s best skills still need to rely on a main hand. Some skills like shooting star scale from both main hand and 30% from shield

Economically speaking you are right, end game wise Nope.

As for the 2h weapon + shield part. Hard shield buff being intact while shield is gone, might be a bug and removed in the future.

Yes, you are right, depending on build you will have to max both main hand and off hand to maximize your damage, but with the fix coming I can see some builds including pelt-rodeo-murm(or another one) focusing on your shield and picking main hand by its stat or procs.

About the 2hand + shield I think it should be a bug and needs fixing because makes no sense to take profit from a shield skill/buff without having one equipped :confused:

So i have a Murm/Pelt and i’m almost getting the 3rd circle … i want to be a monster tank to play with my friend and aggro everything, would be overkill getting Rodelero? Or should i add a damage class?