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[GUIDE] Grand Collection Chest Guide

Almost every map in the game has their own hidden chest that requires no key, in the chest you can find a collection item which you can turn in at either:
Kleipeda’s Magic Association Henrika: located north of the warp statue
Orsha’s Magic Association Florianna: located near north exit

Each collection item requires their own set of items which can be found in the same map you found the collection in.
And each collection completed will grant your character, and ALL future characters you make a small stat bonus.
So you only have to complete a collection once per account.

In the past few days i have been exploring like crazy and have pinned down all the hidden locations of these chests including their item requirements and will share them all with you.

  • The guide is far from complete but i will update it frequently, filling in all the gaps.

  • i have sorted it all by level of the map

  • every link will show you a single picture with the exact location of a chest, their item requirements and stat bonus.

Klaipeda Route:
Lv1 West Siauliai Woods: PATK+2
Lv6 East Siauliai Woods: MATK+2
Lv12 Miner’s Village: PDEF+1
Lv16 Crystal Mine 1F: MDEF+1
Lv20 Crystal Mine 2F: HP+45
Lv22 Crystal Mine 3F: SP+18
Lv26 Srautas Gorge: HP REC+5
Lv29 Gele Plateau: SP REC+3
Lv32 Nefritas Cliff: MAMP+2
Lv35 Tenet Garden: PATK+2
Lv40 Tenet Church B1: SP+18
Lv44 Tenet Church 1F: HP REC+5
Lv46 Veja Ravine: MATK+2
Lv48 tenet Church 2F: SP REC+3
Lv49 Vieta Gorge: PDEF+1
Lv52 Cobalt Forest: MDEF+1
Lv55 Septyni Glen: HP+45
Lv58 Gate Route: ACC+1
Lv61 Sirdgela Forest: EVA+1
Lv64 Kvailas Forest: CRATE+1
Lv67 Akmens Ridge: MATK+2
Lv73 Rukas Plateau: SP REC+3
Lv76 King’s Plateau: ACC+1
Lv78 Royal Mausoleum Constructors’ Chapel: SP+18
Lv78 Zachariel Crossroads: EVA+1
Lv81 Royal Mausoleum 1F: CRATE+1
Lv84 Royal Mausoleum 2F: CATK+1
Lv86 Myrkiti Farm: MATK+2
Lv87 Royal Mausoleum 3F: CRES+1
Lv89 Aqueduct Bridge Area: PDEF+1
Lv90 Royal Mausoleum 4F: STA+1
Lv92 Tenants’ Farm: MDEF+1
Lv93 Royal Mausoleum 5F: MAMP+2
Lv96 Stele Road: HP+45
Lv99 Goddess’ Ancient Garden: SP+18
Lv102 Crystal Mine Lot 2 - 1F: ACC+1
Lv103 Escanciu Village: HP REC+5
Lv106 Crystal Mine Lot 2 - 2F: EVA+1
Lv106 Entrance of Kateen Forest: CRATE+1
Lv107 Fedimian Suburbs: SP REC+3
Lv109 Owl Burial Ground: CATK+1
Lv112 Poslinkis Forest: CRES+1
Lv113 Mage Tower 1F: MAMP+2
Lv114 Saknis Plains: STA+1
Lv116 Mage Tower 2F: PATK+2
Lv119 Mage Tower 3F: MATK+2
Lv120 Dvasia Peak: HP+45
Lv123 Sunset Flag Forest: SP+18
Lv123 Mage Tower 4F: PDEF+1
Lv126 Mage Tower 5F: MDEF+1
Lv151 Demon Prison District 1: MDEF+1
Lv154 Demon Prison District 2: HP+45
Lv157 Demon Prison District 3: SP+18
Lv160 Demon Prison District 4: HP REC+5
Lv163 Demon Prison district 5: SP REC+3

Orsha Route:
Lv1 Lemprasa Pond: HP+45
Lv8 Woods of the Linked bridges: MATK+2
Lv12 Paupys Crossing: PDEF+1
Lv25 Ashaq Underground Prison 3F: SP+18
Lv29 Koru Jungle: SP+18
Lv32 Knidos Jungle: SP REC+3
Lv36 Dadan Jungle: MATK+2
Lv39 Nevellet Quarry 1F: PATK+2
Lv43 Nevellet Quarry 2F:HP REC+5
Lv45 Novaha Assembly hall: PDEF+1
Lv49 Novaha Annex: MDEF+1
Lv53 Novaha Institute: HP+45
Lv57 Karolis Springs: HP REC+5
Lv65 Pelke Shrine Ruins: MATK+2
Lv68 Absenta Reservoir: ACC+1
Lv70 Sienakal Graveyard: EVA+1
Lv74 Carlyle’s Mausoleum: CRATE+1
Lv76 Delmore Hamlet: CATK+1
Lv80 Delmore Manor: CRES+1
Lv82 Feretory Hills: CRATE+1
Lv84 Delmore Outskirts: MAMP+2
Lv85 Mochia Forest: MAMP+2
Lv88 Sutatis Trade Route: PDEF+1
Lv91 Topes Fortress 1F: SP REC+3
Lv92 Bellai Rainforest: SP+18
Lv95 Topes Fortress 2F: EVA+1
Lv96 Zehara: SP REC+3
Lv100 Seir Rainforest: HP+45
Lv103 Galeed Plateau: ACC+1
Lv104 Fasika Plateau: MDEF+1
Lv110 Manahas: PATK+2
Lv113 Genar Field: CATK+1
Lv113 Sicarius 1F: CRES+1
Lv117 Sicarius 2F: MDEF+1

Fedimian Route:
Lv121 Starving Demon’s Way: HP REC+5
Lv124 Pilgrim Path: SP REC+3
Lv127 Altar Way: ACC+1
Lv130 Forest of Prayer: EVA+1
Lv132 Residence of the Fallen Legwyn Family: CATK+1
Lv133 Apsimesti Crossroads: CRATE+1
Lv137 Main Chamber: CRES+1
Lv140 Grand Corridor: STA+1
Lv143 Penitence Route of Great Cathedral: WEIGHT+50
Lv145 Sanctuary: MAMP+2

  • If you see any broken links, typo’s or have questions feel free to let me know :slight_smile: i hope this this helpful to you all


God bless you, thank you so much for the guide

you beat me to it, i’m still organizing the database for my collection guide :hushed:

anyway, someone from kToS already mapped the whole map of ToS to show the treasure chest locations

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yeah i am aware of the korean guide, i havent looked at it though. i probably never will either because i take a lot of joy in searching for these chests myself. and then i share them with those who experience it more as a hassle :stuck_out_tongue: (+ i dont want to copy other peoples guides)


i see, good luck then, i’ve pretty much been using it extensively so i’ve already become dependent, i might also use your guide as reference to my guide, if that’s fine with you :wink:

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thanks, you too!
yes feel free to use my guide in any way you’d like :slight_smile:


Thanks for this guide! I’ve been revisiting maps just to find collections that I’ve missed. Thankfully I came across your guide, now everything will be a whole lot easier.

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Great guide! I was hoping someone would post one.
Many thanks!

Awesome, it must’ve taken a lot of dedication to make this…

I’ll bookmark this for whenever I have trouble finding one of those chests.

Bookmarked. This looks fun. I’ve never completed a collection so I got too lazy but I’ll do this later :smiley:

Good job guys :slight_smile: !
Good job guys :slight_smile: !

Awesome guide. Do you have an imgur album for this? The ToS forums eats a lot of my CPU.

ah sure ill make a album out of them real quick, here you go:
ToS Maps

and thanks a lot everyone for all the positive replies, i really appreciate it :slight_smile:


very nice guide. here take my like. hope to see more of these with the higher level maps. :smile:

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Location of the Vieta Gorge Collection Chest if you didn’t have a picture.

Dis spot here -

I’ve been following the Korean one but this English one is a lot easier and straightforward to navigate. Thanks!


Marry me XD thanks for compiling this awesome list, I just cant leave areas without finding the damned chest.

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added 5 more maps to the klaipeda side of the list :slight_smile:

Stele Road
Goddess’ Ancient Garden
Escanciu Village
Entrance of Kateen Forest
Fedimian Suburbs


Amazing work! ty for this!

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