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[Guide] Bonus stat points distribution [Updated 8/28/15]

Edit: So the exact formula was datamined. The way it works is as such:
1-50 gives a bonus point for every 5 as per below
50-150 gives a bonus point every 4
150-300 gives one every 3
300-500 gives one every 2
and finally 500+ gives 2 per point spent.

Another repost of my work that was already posted on reddit but I kept seeing people asking about:
everyone should know by now that you get 1 stat point per level (not
including level 1 however) and 1 stat point per statue you’ve touched
(and maybe from some quests according to some sources)

However 1 stat point spent does NOT equal one stat point gained. You
actually get more at set points it starts every 5 stat points you have
in a stat including the base ones for your class. After 50 total points
invested you’ll have 60 points in the stat. Then it switches over to
every 4th point until at least 91.

here’s a spreadsheet with all the bonuses marked, and some projected bonuses that are untested at the bottom.


too many people are confused so here’s some examples

So for example if you have 9 con starting as a swordsman and you add
2, your con goes 10, 12 cause 5-6 added +1 bonus already which is
included in the “9” you see on your sheet and 9-10 added +2 bonus so you
see “12”

same swordsman starts with 8 and would add 3 to str to get 9, 10, 12.

dex starting at 6 would go 7,8,9,10,12,13,14,15,16,18 cause at 15 you get your 3rd free point making it 15+3=18


1# Touching Goddess Statues gives stats? I didn’t notice any of that. Don’t think that’s the case.

2# Every class has base stats with which they start out. Hence I feel that the stat calculator on the ToSBase is useless because you don’t start out at 1,1,1,1,1

3# Here is what I could gather from testing in the game:


Every 1 SPR: SP +13, SP-Regen, Block Penetration +1
Every 5 SPR: +1 SPR
Every 2,3,4,5 etc. SPR: Mdef +1

Every 1 DEX: Acc, Crit, Evasion +1
Every 5 Dex: +1 Dex

Every 1 Int: Magic dmg(Min and Max) +1
Every 5 Int: +1 Int

Every 1 STR: Crit dmg +1, Physical dmg(Min and Max) +1, Carry Weight +5
Every 5 STR: +1 STR

Every 1 CON: HP +34, HP-Regen +1, Crit-Res +1, Carry Weight +5
Every 5 CON: +1 CON

The counter starts with the amount of stat points you invest into a stat. It does not count your classes base stats. So even if you start out with 9 CON, you still need to add 5 CON for that 1 extra CON point. Simply getting your CON to 10 will not yield an extra point.

EXTRA INFO: The stats displayed in your Stat-Menu are your total stats from Equip etc. So if you have a char with 100 STR and you equip gloves that add +5 STR then your Menu will show 105 STR (or 106 if the bonus points also apply from equip but I forgot to test this)

4# Do the free extra stats really only need less and less point investments the higher you go with them?
So +1 STR for skilling 5 into STR and later +1 STR for skilling 4 into STR, maybe even only 3 points into STR for 1 free point? That would be kind of ridiculous cause nobody would invest into more than 2 different stats then.


it DOES start with your base. touching Zemia’s statues gives ONE SPENDABLE stat point. secondary stats are mostly based on your str/int/dex etc but they also take level into account in a lot of cases look, my calculator works it was tested and verified by 10+ people in the tosbase chat these numbers are correct

What is “it”? The counter for free extra stats?
It counts the extra points spent, just like in your spreadsheet yeah. Did I state otherwise?
In the webm you can see it like I explained:
He goes from
159 at 7 DEX
160 at 8 DEX
161 at 9 DEX
162 at 10 DEX
164 at 11 DEX

People would be inclined to think they gain 1 extra stat every 5 points, so at 10 DEX they think they gain 1 extra but that’s not the case. It’s only 5 points invested, not 5 points totaled.

Edit: Oh now I get what you mean. You think the counter starts from the base? So stats go like: 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,12?
That’s wrong. Just look at your webm for example. If what you stated were true, then having 11 stat points in SPR would not be possible, just like having 5 would not be possible without stat from gear. I have had both 5 and 11 stat points without equip adding on top of it in the beta so that can’t be.

Are Zemia statues hidden similar to the chests? I don’t think I’ve seen one. Now that you mention it, there should be 2 different kinds of statues. I thought the other one was supposed to give some sort of buff but extra stats sound even better.

Also what is that calculator of yours you are talking about? Is the TOSBase calculator your doing?

STR also adds block and critical damage.

uhh sorry i linked the wrong one that webm is with gear on, but he did a full stat reset so his stats are at base+gear he’s a swordsman, gear shows in the window but it doesnt contribute to the math so thats why you see 11

That still doesn’t change that the counter doesn’t start from 1 tho.
If I start out with a stat of 2 and then spend 3 points, my stat will be 5 and not 6. Only when I get the stat to 7, will it reach 8 instead.

To make things more confusing the wiki says stats double at some point. I would really like it done accurately. Your video didn’t slow down for me to confirm if either formulas were correct. How did you get this stat reset?

kCBT gave everyone a stat reset before the end. this was done accurately. i had another video for refrence without gear on: I didn’t have permission to share this till now

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your wrong, here you go please just look for youself 1 by 1 he adds it and gets the same results. then i went and made a level 10 swordsman and got the same results then i made a level 5 mage and got the same results. why do you just not wanna believe me? do you have any videos and evidence at all to dispute it?

So on the 5th point after each bonus is a bonus; then on the 4th point after 60

**10/12/**13/14/15/ 16/18
16/18/19/20/21/ 22/24
58/60/61/62/ 63/65
63/65/66/67/ 68/70

I went backwards from ten
1/2/3/ 4/6/7/8/9/ 10/12

so essentially we get 6 points for 5 used, then 5 points for 4 used.
I think the problem here is that if it had started at 1 we can confirm if it is after every 50 points or just at the 60 mark,when it gets funky.

but some stats start at 9 and some stats start at 6 and some start at 3, they all follow this formula

I tested it with all of my 5 stats in the iCBT. And I am quite sure I had to put 5 points into every stat to gain an extra point, because I tested it thoroughly. From 2 SPR I had to go to 7 SPR for an increase to 8, for example.
But seeing the video taken from the iCBT perhaps it was just bugged for me and I’m wrong since there were quite a few bugs related to stats, one guy getting to lvl200 through a bug for example. Or perhaps I didn’t test it as thoroughly as I had thought.

Back to an earlier question then: Is the TOSBase calculator yours? Or which calculator did you mean?