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Guid Paradise GUILD WAR bug exploit

  • Server : Silute

  • Team Name : Minun

  • Evidence

There are already 2 declarations of continuous war that we have from Paradise, WE DO NOT HAVE the guild tower so that they can make war and as soon as one ends they throw us another one again.

There are already several reports that the Neutrality of the guilds is not working. you say that it is because it is reset every 2 months and it is not true, sometimes it does not even reach active 1 full week.

I do not understand why they continue to let guilds known to use hack and exploit bug to continue doing what they want in the game and not receive any sanctions.


Screen shot 01/07/2019 22:00Hrs Server time

Screen shot 12/30/2018


Here is another post talking about the error of neutrality and again Paradise taking advantage of the bug



Hello Minun,

We’ll make sure to investigate the reported Guild. If you find other information or similar cases that can help us on the investigation, please do inform us.


And if you can, please check all member account of this guild, they got suspect gears with anormal enhancements…i dont have s photo right now but many players of this guild got +25 overupgrade even in their accessories…Armor, Weapon, Acessories every piece more than 25 overupgrade enhancement,.,But now they are just equip it when they go for pvp fearing people could report them.


Any answer ?, I can not recruit new members or do anything …

We do not have Guild Tower, remove the state of war and check the bug and Paradise Guild

I also do not want to place a tower to do guild missions because I will not be able to place the guild in neutral while leaving the war active.

If a clan does not have a tower, you can not declare wars, the clan window says so.

Please cancel the state of war


xola mais meu amiguinho


Uma hora a policia pega.
Police is coming.


Chora mais aí, noob! A guild tem membros que jogam e farmam horas a fio por dia durantes anos, a gear deles é simplesmente resultado desse esforço, seu invejoso impotente e incapaz de esforço do caralh#!
Acusando falsamente.


@GM_Francis, u can start checking all my account’s gear and all it history, because out of debt, out of danger.

My family nickname is “HolyLance”.


Speak English here, becouse you are not in a Brazilian forum, its Global. If you have no education at least pretend you have.

Your guild is the most suspicious about cheat users of silute, you all from Paradise, are suspected of many types of cheating and everyone knows that. In addition to being a player, I have the right to ask the game masters team to check suspicious players like you and your guild mates. And it’s not just me, I was not the one who created this topic.

If you do not owe anything, just stay calm, the staff will take action, and if everything is correct there will be absolutely no punishment. Why are you so nervous? Out of debt, out of danger. Do not confuse your reputation as cheaters with jealousy of you. I am not jealous of you and your guild, Paradise guild are simply known in silute, as a guild who cheats to win, and who has fame has to hold.



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Como já dizia o mestre “educação de c# é rol#! Porque o negocio é comer c# e buc#ta!!”.

Thank you.


Long live the PARADISE GUILD!!!

Vem war! Tira do neutro e diz nome da guilda aí, dai a gente coloca os equipe +48 p vcs tirar ss e x9 o q n existe.


All we want is the war to end… it was done via some sort of exploit due to us not having a tower… the rest is another drama…


What is there to envy of a bunch of cheaters who have a terrible fame on the entire Silute server? If your guild was known as an honorable guild with decent players, I might even feel a little jealous, but by looking at the way you write and speak, it’s easy to get a sense of the crap that the guild recruits. I’ll make it clear here for everyone to understand.
The guild Paradise is recognized in the server Silute, for being a guild that uses of dirty mechanics and cheats in the game, to obtain what they want. Members use a lot of suspicious items with suspicious upgrades, and should have been investigated long ago by the Game Masters team. So you have nothing to be envied, just something to be despised. I will wait for the team to do the inspection in this sewer that you call guild, for sure they will find the gold mice. :tired:


useless use of talent >.>


I need an answer, the Re: Build patch is coming and my guild is still at war.

I already mentioned many times that we did not have a tower or put it in this last time but somehow PARADISE still continues to send wars.