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General kCBT3 Changes - Summary

That’s a problem indeed if they hit more once, reminds me of that weird Paladin bug in which if you hit an an structure with Smite it just dies in one hit, I wonder if they fixed that.

I got help from a 231 Musketeer, so all is good for now.

Going to wait and see if they’ll mark this one as a bug or not. I reported a similar issue back in Orsha with a level 86 story quest. I sincerely hope it is.

i feel like this update may cause lag…

This has already been posted in the Official Sadhu Thread, but Sadhu’s Out of Body speed seems to have been nerfed.

Not sure if it’s a connection issue or tied to level, but I’ll update when I can.


I tend to cry everytime I see a Sadhu-related post, because I know it’s a nerf. ;-;

I’d prefer a damage reduction over attack speed tho, but it’s understandable.

Also, thank you guys for showing up to the forums and sharing all this new info. :smile:


Translation for Plague Doctor’s skill tooltips.

Temporarily summons magic circle which grants hyper regeneration. This magic circle rapidly regenerates your or your allies’ health back to the point when the circle was triggered when damaged.
Level 1 (Duration 20 seconds) (Heals 60HP)

Incinerate enemies with status ailments. The duration of incineration increases depending on the number of status ailments on the enemy.
Level 1 (Damage 1051) (Special Damage 68%) (Base duration 5 seconds)

Make you or your allies bleed to temporarily prevent from getting status ailments. While bleeding, one becomes invulnerable to status ailments under Rank 2.
Level 1 (Duration 35 seconds) (decrease 5 HP)

Spray fumigating clouds which cures you and your allies of status ailments. Allies within the range are cured of all status ailments under Rank 3.
Level 1 (Remove status ailments under Rank 3)
(Applied up to 3 players)

Spread all status ailments on the enemies to other enemies within the range.
Level 1 (Applied up to 5 enemies)

Wear Beak Mask. The front side of the mask has special drug applied which can block off status ailments under rank 2 from enemies.
Level 1 (Duration 25seconds) (Rank 1 and 2 100% prevention) (Rank 3 80% prevention)


man pandemic sounds like it would be so much fun with wugushi partner

wugushi already likes the linkers tho

Be an Oracle, and spread Death Sentence around.

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Or be a bokor and spread hexing around, then you can effigy all the things and make everything have less m.def and make everything unable to heal (pvp anyone?).


why not both? :smiley:

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Is there anyone who has access to kCBT here? If so, do you mind coming online?

I managed to get my Swordsman character to Rank 7 (Rank 6 CLv 15) and advance to Templar, however I need one more person for the advancement quest.

The quest is to be the leader of a full party (5 people) for 5 minutes.

EDIT: Never mind, got 5 people! Will be gathering funds for guild soon, and will check out Templar stuff.


So I am now a full-fledged Dragoon. And let me say one thing before people start thinking about this:

You CANNOT use Dragoon skills while mounted. I went Cataphract C3 to test this out so rip.


sadly not :s
but im eager to hear more details on the templar skills and features


Riunia can u use dragoon skills on weapons other than 2h spears ?


I think on change all my build and go for bokor now… jajajajaj

you can use only 1H/2H spears with the Dragoon skills

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Just reached Templar. I need some time to found a guild and raise skill levels, but I’ll post information soon.

The NPC who handles Templar is Uska in Klaipeda. You found a guild and buy guild related products through him.

Templar has 5 skills, all are support skills.

Summon Guild Member, Warp to Guild Member, Build Guild Tower, Decrease Craft and Battle Orders.

I’ll post more information in a bit, need to get some levels and found a guild.


its a good looking costume

It is a great looking costume,would love to see the male version as well!

If your guild is really expansive the summon feature seems really useful.Or a nice way to get around the statue costs,lol.