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Gem Feud in Fedimian should be 1 channel

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from a year ago: Gemstone Feud ft Deadimian
from a few months ago: Nice game. Can IMC do something

Fedimian had 1 channel feud at some point in the past and it was really fun and went up to 15v15 to 20v20. That was the most active gem feud became ever. Now we have these 1v1 matchups and screenshot below:

I hope the GMs actually consider this. Ignore the pvm players that are inevitably gonna complain about 20v20. I’m sure these guys get farmed in 1v1 2v2 3v3 or 4v4 scenarios anyway.


Greetings Savior,

We will forward this suggestion for further review. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our Gem Feud system.

Couldn’t agree more.
I stopped going feud because playing 1vs2 or 2vs2 was boring as ■■■■.

The only reason it ever had activity is because there was no other way other than doing it to get the mercenary badges for the blessed gems.
Now we’ve got other avenues to get badges and there aren’t even many worthwhile ways to spend them on. So it’s not surprising that people avoid that and TBL like the plague.


TBL is really active right now despite basically giving nothing. So I don’t see why feud wouldn’t be active if it was fixed. There’s basically no point in doing GTW now either since people don’t do Boruta. If you don’t do Boruta, GTW is pointless, yet it’s active. You never needed to do feud to get blessed gems. Uphill is more than enough per week.

There may be some people liking PvP in the game, but feud wasn’t done for that purpose by most people.
Before they unified the point systems into badges, you could only get them via feud. So either you did it or you missed out on the BGs. And since it was one of the biggest sources of BG you had to do it even if you utterly hated it from your core.
The unification of points and thus getting badges from everything else came later. That’s also when people were free to avoid doing it anymore (and as you said, uphill is enough per the week…and even more now that we can’t even get blessed gems anymore).
TBL may see more activity, but it’s still the same few people still interested in PvP. And seeing as there are always shouts about joining TBL, it doesn’t really seem like a large amount. Not that i care, i only do it when forced by some event.
Regarding GTW, it being a large group activity likely makes it a bit more fun. Also, getting the cities’ field in GTW should still give revenue from the taxes, and i guess it isn’t a small amount either.

Right I forgot about feud giving 2 BG per day. The old trash rewards. Well doesn’t matter. There’s still no reason not to make feud 1 channel again. We’ll never know the motivation people have that it got to 20v20 in Fedimian. The single channel feud was a bug back then which got fixed later on to 3 channels. The bugged single channel period was so short that we don’t have enough of a sample size.

It’s a really small amount. Not worth anyone’s time really. We take 2-3 cities per week. Not worth it. Not in Fedimian.

No PvE players play feud anymore, so just let them merge channels so the Feral PvPers can slap eachother.

Currently I’m doing feud just for the extra cards the first session gives since I have some level 449 alts. I don’t even care about the badges anymore. Yesterday it was 1v1, the day before 2v2, I’m not even sure you would get 10v10 if the channels would merge. Maybe that will change once there are high level chars on the season server (since apparently both servers share the same instances), we’ll see…

Considering GTW, there are two big problems currently: lag and lack of competition. The game engine is not designed for massive PvE content (see Boruta or WB fights), let alone massive PvP content. Entering a map and not being able to move or use skills as soon as you meet the opposition is a big issue that never got fixed and I fear never will be (still hoping for the 64 bit port for this). I took 3 week vacation and returning to the game saw my guild (and some others on the server) explode and people either leave the game, go solo or join the big numbers. What this means is all the geared players – which means all the PvP players – are now in the same guild. This is a nonsense.

Frankly seeing how buggy the game is currently and the UI so crappy, with expirable rewards and casino endgame, I wouldn’t be surprised if the playerbase would shrink even more in the next months despite having potential new players on the season server. Soon PvP will only be restricted to friendly duels and TBL matches. Sad…

It can easily get 10v10, because people like me who don’t enjoy 1v1 will come back to playing feud. People who do it for fun and not rewards.

Also, I guess this 1 channel thing should also be the case for new servers, if not only for season EU. :tired: