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Nice game. Can IMC do something


How To win 2 v 1 in feud. One guys kill the NPC & Farm the other guys alone. GG WP. Thanks to ruin feud again with different channel.

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Lermina, dunno if you realise, but people are having holidays in these period of time, or being busy doing other kind of stuff, no need to rush and making a freaking thread over this, it’s stupid.

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We are around 8 v 8 everyday. They just implemented different channel again since the last patch. That’s why i ask to not implant on Fedimian because we have a very low population. It’s not about Holidays, every guys have life. The absurd things is “different channel” on low population server. It’s not called Deadimian for nothing ^^’

i died a few times even in uniform feud to lancer in 3 sec with full plate and shield and i still more happy with playing it 3v4 like that at least i can get some crystals, i neither whalein or have my half life to spend on this game so pvp junkies always hunt me down, so i either just grabed 100 point and afk-ed the rest or didnt even go feud at all, so i’m happy with more ch so i can play to, a nice way could be if all the pvp guy/“girl” could be put together in 1 ch so they can have their fun

And some people wonder why they live in a world with almost 8 billion people and they’re still alone.

And playing MMO game but still feel it a single player game.

I wonder why too, because i’m not alone in real world and game world too :haha:

if all the pvp guy/“girl” could be put together in 1 ch

Why don’t you gear up and retaliate. Be the predator instead of the prey.

Nah, feud (and PVP in general) are broken. We all know that.


Still waiting for the day where IMC does some proper, nuanced skill rebalancing instead of slapping a bandaid on everything by fiddling with damage calculations.

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Gear don’t matter in Uniform mode :haha:

Probably his build is for pve or it just his bad play overall :haha:

Or both in my case, plus, lag and delay. Because i live half or 1/4 way of the earth from all 4 server.

gear don’t matter in uniform mode but AP, arts and card does. Many people think that uniform mode will give them a chance against big player and they still get farmed like usual

1v3 Feud yesterday… IMC doesn’t even know how to match 4 people in Feud properly…

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2 v 1 Today, Clearly unfair
1 v 3 yesterday then 2 v 5

Different channel on really low population is a major problem.

Could be worse… you could get our lovely Sekiro friends in your Feud session too. :haha:

Just gonna leave a + here to show that I agree that this is a problem.

kinda reminds me of some other game i used to play

-group pvp
-has a fixed timer as to when the match starts (like the 2-4 automatch in tos, but well, it is auto-checked)
-can start when there’s at least two players, the team-up will be random
-me and another player goes in
-no other player besides us queued. timer went to zero.
-guess what, both of us got sorted to the same team. ez win

Poor guys, Alone since the beginning. @STAFF_William or Others, do something.

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