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Feud no path for mouse control


i post my tickets there since we have more answer in general discussion than report part of the forum

Now we have a feud without lag (Fedimian server), finally, thank you; Can you now fix the issue about missing path for mouse control. There were multiple report from several ppl about this. When we feud in mouse control there’s half of the map we can’t run or skill because there’s missing path. That’s like playing in a maze. it’s really annoying during a fight to be stuck somewhere.

My second ticket is about Boruta Wings (debuff) which has light particles that stack with weapon auto-swapping, it puts my fps and the fps of ppl around me from 60 to 20…even less in cities

Best Regard, thank you


bump with old tickets:


*** drumroll ***

Yes… this stupid pathing bug is now FIXED! :satisfaction:

Can’t tell you my surprise when I was able to move around freely in yesterday’s session of Gemstone Feud while using mouse. Other stuff is still broken, but at least mouse user can now enjoy Feud much better!




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