Problem with mouse mode in Gemstone Feud


When using mouse mode in Gemstone Feud, you seem to hit invisible walls that split the arena in 4 big X-shaped parts. I thought for a while that it was a feature to “secure” each camp’s base and make little compartments to dig for gems, but since I was able to navigate completely freely with keyboard, it’s clearly not the case and definitely a bug.

Please fix this, it makes mouse users at a big disadvantage…

Feud no path for mouse control
Gem Feud Invisible walls

My experience has been that mouse mode is buggy in gemstone feud but I find that any other control scheme is too unnatural for me. Feels like a lose-lose.


It actually does this in GTW and TBL too.

Appears to just be a PVP map problem.


Yes, I remember having the same problem when testing GTW. Probably related to the different PoV you get on these maps.


same here and it’s a pain. When you try to chase or to run and you got stop by this missing path…so annoying