Gem Feud Invisible walls


Date and Time: 05/01/2019 21:38 (CEST)

Server Name: Fedimian

Team Name: Passidur

Character Name: Danlcul

Bug Description : I have invisible walls everywhere in gem feud map, using mouse control. It happens in every gem feud. there are places i can’t walk. It’s always the same “maze” so now i begin to know where i can’t walk.

Screenshots / Video :

Feud no path for mouse control

that sounds interesting, can you make a video ?_?

can you still move normally with the arrow keys throw the parts where mouse fails?_?


i’m so lazy about screen and vids x)

yes i switch very fast in keyboard mode to avoid the part i just can’t move cause sometimes it’s like i’m surrounded by walls and i can’t move at all, i can’t even take the path i took to go there, i’m just stuck…until i use keyboard. My switch control mode is skilled cause since the first days of ToS there are a lot of places i can’t move with mouse control ahaha.


@STAFF_Yuri, @STAFF_Bob here the gem feud bug.


It’s not invisible walls, it’s simply there’s no mouse “pathing” code in certain areas, so clicking with mouse does nothing. Happens in all PvP maps. Also happens in ET at entrance, in dungeon 330 after the first area… and many other places.


“invisble wall” was an image, of course i know there’s no path, cause it happens even on some maps since the first days of the game


Bump this is the most annoying thing in the game to me right now.


Any skills that involve aiming break down in certain areas. Frustrating.

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