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Fair and fun pvp

Hello Saviors,

Long time since I last played the game, and even more since I last posted here, actually only did once: Rogue C3 - Help with Burrow usable skills and build

I’ll try to be as quick as possible.

Some of my dreams from that time have become mostly true since Re:Build…

“if i were the dev, i would have just open-ranks to mix whatever “cocktail” u have in ur mind, with all classes more or less even (faith)…not to force the player to choose this at Rank X but not at Rank Y…and then just forget about it anyway, because all that matters is Last rank classes for its damage…”

on the other hand…

“…and if you are more into pvp… this is just not enjoyable at all from my point o view :S”

I made a search before posting and found promising information about it in this post: Make a "TBL Uniform Mode" too!

This lead me to discover there is a “new” feature called Gemstone Feud implemented in the game , with a session called “Uniform Mode” that covers practically everything that is needed in the pvp scene.

So to the point, what I would suggest adding to make the pvp more “fair and fun” should include one or more of the following:

1.- MUST HAVE . Standarize characters entering PVP just like Gemstone Feud Uniform Mode.
I think when talking about PVP or in esports, all players should have the same opportunity, and only skill (and ping sadly) should matter.
Actual PVP as it is should remain like “Wild TBL” and “Wild Territory Wars” with its own rank and system because it is also unfair and unfun not to have it, because many players also enjoy PVP with their hard earned items… and also other rooms should be created that could be called in this example “Standard TBL” and “Standard Territory Wars” with its own rank and system too.
Atributes should also be deactivated or standarized to a certain level by default, and every minimal aspect of itemization that I can’t even think of because TOS has so many of them should also be deactivated.
The coin system to get standarized weapons in said Gemstone Feud should remain and maybe make it give even less powerful versions of weapons, equipment, etc. Skills are very powerful even with lvl 1 weapons for example.
It should just been allowed to change the cosmetics you already have or via rewards or by gaining ranks or something like that. Again with no stats.
Also pvp should be open 24h (excluding Territory Wars ofc), so if someone like me can play 1 hour a day in a not fixed schedule, I just can join, play and leave whenever i want.

2.- OPTIONAL. Allow join PVP with friends in a party possible.

3.- OPTIONAL. Make PVP private rooms where you can play with your friends only.

4.- OPTIONAL. Create more PVP modes, like 1v1 or even a kind of battle royale would be awesome.

5,. OPTIONAL. Another PVP mode that could be fun is a Low Level mode, where you can enter just with base classes only max lvl 15 Scout, Cleric… etc, another till level 120 with Scout + Rogue for example… and so on.

6.- OPTIONAL. Allow cross realm PVP. This is a tough one i guess, but even with ping problems could be nice.
If it is undoable one could just make an event once per say… a month, where you can arrange a match once per realm with the champions of each realm (giving a free leveled up standarized character to champions in every realm where the matches will take place for example), so everyone have bad ping the same amount of matches, and see who is the iTOS Champion… and then maybe go to kTOS realm hehe.

Please, i’ve read you are going to balance a lot of things in the near future, if it is not very hard to do we could enjoy more the pvp aspect of the game, from casuals to hardcores, new players and old players, at least from my point of view.

Well I said I would be quick… so a big sorry for the wall of text and my english.

Thank you and enjoy.

Stay safe :*

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