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Make a "TBL Uniform Mode" too!

The new Gemstone is the best thing you guys implemented in the game in years, and it’s a better way to try balance the pvp. I would love to see something like that in TBL too, valuing forgotten classes, many different builds and favoring the personal player skill.


I agree with this, uniform mode TBL like the old times…

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TBL is still on Beta. Maybe one day

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TBL with uniform mode will be TOO easy for Genbu armor users…

the uniform mode is complete trash, seems like you don’t know where you are coming from.

The reason why it is trash is because the HP pool of some classes is so low that you simply cannot survive anything, meaning that any class with status ailments can just kill you.

What’s worse is that due to that fact, classes with a huge damage reduction (pelta,swordsman,sadhu,etc) have a huge advantage in survival.

It becomes ridiculous to the point where sadhus OOB autoattacks can oneshot a 60k HP character with lent-out gears.

If you want TBL to turn into a 1hit sh!tshow like feud, go ahead.

Uniform mode only makes sense if the gear you give out either reflects the health pool you have (i.e. with just the basic HP, all you get is your basic lvl 1 equipment on character creation)
or increases your HP to a point where you can actually comfortably survive the enemies attacks for a few seconds (i.e. if you want to give out +16 T10 equips, they need to increase your HP pool as well by a larger margin).

In my opinion it would be good to disable debuffs in uniform mode so people cannot just lock you out of the game.

What fun is a game if you just get the red card as soon as you step onto the field?

In TBL we receive CON bonus and soon they will reduce overall damage to -80% or less. Btw, I think it’s easier to nerf or buff some classes when you can equalize equipment. Currently they have made some changes that do not reflect the actual needs of the game (ARTS system, Dark mages buff, Lancer damage buff, etc).

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we already have the utmost reduction based on damage.

What is upcoming in the future is a boost of damage reduction via defense in pvp, meaning a uniform mode would probably have little to no effect here unless you hand out even more OP equipment.

I don’t think so. This game has 3 different armor types, a lot of damage reductions, several potion types, several recovery skills, a lot of status ailments, etc. to take into account when balancing damage.
E.g. one build would be able to completely oneshot you while the other would struggle to harm you.

The whole PVP is a mess because of this, and all these people saying “but there is class x to counter class z” are insane.
In a game that has supposedly over 80 classes, how big are the chances to have enough class x players to counter class z?

That’s just stupid. And the counters are even more stupid. Like if you build a priest for survival and then a sheriff comes along to strip your Revive, your whole class choice is basically meaningless, while sheriff isn’t meaningless even if he cannot destroy his opponent.

Or how tiger hunter is promoted as the solution against the overbuffed lancer, forcing him to be on foot for 10+ seconds, locking out all lancer skills (or even longer if the guy is smart and then kills the companion).

This games pvp balance is completely broken and there is no way to fix it other than to rebuild pvp as a different mode with different skills, different modifiers,etc.
You cannot go into pvp with broken buffs,debuffs and damage skills and expect for anyone to come out happy once they’ve seen hell of 3 different classes in one build combined to obliterate you/lock you out of the game till you’re dead.

True, i agree with you, but the balance is even more broken when you mix new players and old whales with layers over layers of equipments, attributes and investment. Uniform Mode equalize the odds and allows everyone to enjoy the pvp content, new players and old players.

One point for Uniform Mode is that it makes more clear that is strong and what is weak and that makes their life on balancing faster.

At least i hope so.

Uniform mode is UNFAIR to those who spend a lot of time and SPEND a lot of money to improve they character. This is a MMORPG, not a MOBA. If you want uniform things, go somewhere else. What we need, is a GENERAL adjustments, like NERF GENBU!!!

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I see nerf genbu post, i press like

Skill-based PVP is not unfair, full stop.

The problem is actually people who “spend a lot of money” as you say. No one cares how much money you spent, you shouldn’t have to spend money to improve your character. It’s why this game is unrewarding as hell.


When I said “money”, I meant game’s money, or “silver” if you preffer… People spend time farming and getting stuffs, to improve their character… They negotiate armor and weapons, anvil, enchants, blessed, etc. to get a good character, that’s why it’s a MMORPG. Even in the PAPER era, it would be unfair, start the game, with high stats and good stuffs… Everything should come with hard work, or at least WORK, and not, freely…

I just want the armor come with CON, the HP is too low and some skills are too op even with a not too good weapon, like Rubric, I barely can react to that because 2 or 3 hit and I’m dead…