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[❤ Factory] Screenshots - The Great Big Zoomy Thread

Ok, so zoomy plus has opened up a whole new world within tos that’s beautiful, immersive and addicting. I think it would be nice to start a thread for all in-game screenshots and I kinda want to see more of what everyone can do/find.

If you don’t have zoomy plus and want to know how to get it, download Excrulon’s addonmanager and you can get it there. Please discuss issues with Battle League zoomy use in one of the many other threads that exist - I agree with it not getting used there and the devs should limit the function for BL. ctrl+right click to change rotation/angle with the addon. pgup/pgdn for zoom.

I’ll start the thread off with some of mine and my guildmates from Daijoubu on the Fedimian server.


Alt+A removes your UI.

/zplus rotate 45 28

Try out playing the game with this viewing angle as your default. You’ll enjoy it I promise.

EDIT2: Please also read this response from the ZoomyPlus’s developer.


Oooh so nice! :hushed:

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Also, if I could make a small recommendation to anyone with the addon.

/zplus rotate 45 28

This should become your default playing angle for all gameplay. It vastly improves the entire game, creates a lot of beautiful cinematic views, and is a lot less claustrophobic than the standard viewing angle. It feels minor at first, but after an hour or two of play you will understand. It rarely causes intrusive view-blocking while making everything must nicer, even the jungle maps remain playable, they just feel more overgrown and much more like the jungles they should be.

Give it a try.


Joana the accessory merchant is such a cutie, i needed a screenshot


Those pictures are sooo awesome! :grinning:

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I’ll post some of mine, only got the addon a few days ago and I’m going around taking screenshots XD

My wallpaper

Tired after running everywhere lolx


Here is my archer :kissing_heart:


A nice thread :wink:

20 screenshots

Our salvation, ToS art with zoomplus add-on :sparkles:


i’ve seen heaven itself


Wow that’s awesome! I never really cared for addons, but now I have to get this.


How’s the movement and targetting when you change the axis? Doesn’t it get messed up, or you’ll only want to do it to take screenies?

Angle can be changed without gameplay issues, although mouse mode has issues with it keyboard and controller are fine.

Rotation will cause issues with the directions characters face.

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dont worry, you can always change it to default if sh*t happens, the manual is user friendly

Damn art so beautiful and its pulling me in :sparkles:

after the pic 2 spion archers exploded me with the spiral arrow


Wow, these are great! I have Zoomy for up close screenies, but I may need to try this later at those angles.

Anyone have a nice shot or two of one of the snowy maps? Or one of the coastal maps? Those are my favorites.


I finished another addon last night and put it on the Addon Manager. This ones called Wonderland and lets you increase/decrease the size of yourself and/or your targets (on your screen only). This along with Zoomy Plus should allow even more possible pictures for all you creative people to take. :stuck_out_tongue:


After trying this addon out it makes me wonder why IMC didnt make it so you can rotate the camera. They would just have the fill in the zones and sky some more and it wouldnt really be an issue i think.

So wait, is all that stuff in the background getting rendered with the traditional viewing angle?