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F2P Release and New SEA Server Coming May 10, 2016

Right now, I just want to know if we will be getting some kind of plan for f2p and p2p to come together or for p2p to have an option to go to varena to play with f2p. My friends have already begun on Varena and I’m not about to waste 500 hours of gameplay and TP purchases just to reroll.

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What does TBA mean? ‘-’

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TBA means “to be announced”

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To be announced.

Not that the shop has a lot of interesting things at the moment, but they’ve needed it for a while now.

this is not open beta, omg stop saying that

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Additional server to relevant region… so Oceania maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:

Create a Latin server PLS!

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Looks actually rather interesting. I have my first character to 15, and would love to know what Token would cost, but of course, I have no idea. I’ll check back.

Quite the way to run a business. Might I suggest that even if you don’t have your secure commerce set up, you announce the pricing? It might help retain interest for people such as myself.

practically speaking, no.
once they allow u to transfer,the team u made in varena will be overwritten by the initial team from telsiai

go play in SA server pls :3

lol it is already in the Open server phrase.
NOT OBT anymore.
and yes no reset,no watsoever stuff u will get in obt.
it’s the real deal now

  1. What about Exclusive items?
    Will it be able to transfer across servers?

  2. I could not transfer my “exclusive” team to F2P server, could I?

canonpope define ur exclusive items
if u are talking about token buff
then yes , they are all tied to the team and not server based

but a few things to take note of
1)all ur items in the market sales MUST be removed

2)you MUST NOT be in a party, and dont even try doing last min party and start complaining about not being able to transfer (referring to some other idiots who did that )

  1. you MUST NOT be in any guild,if u are in one ,leave it a few days before the transfer

everything in ur storage will go along with u upon transferring . so dont worry. just leave ur extra stuff in ur storage


There seems to be an error… Im logging into [SEA] Varena but there is this message that says Access to Telsiai server os temporary restricted to new players.

I am 100% sure im clicking Varena… Restarted the game, steam and even my PC. Still cant log in… Some help pls?


Probably the most pressing issue for sea players who has f2p friends joining, to restart on Varena potentially wasting everything including TP or sit and wait for an unspecified date for some measure where we can join our f2p friends which might be a month or even more.

I can’t login to new sever it says am loging in to telsiai, fix it plx

Hello, there seems to be a problem regarding logging in with Varena. The game pops up that I am logging in to Telsiai(which is restricted for me) when in fact I am logging in to Varena. I woke up early just to play this game without lag and here I am, having a problem. Please address the issue.


Still, both the SEA servers are overpopulated and causeling massive lag. I hope 3rd SEA server will be coming soon along with transfer of team from previous 2 servers. Thanks IMC for all the efforts.

I was able to play on Varena server yesterday, but now its giving me the error “Access to Telsiai server is temporarily restricted to new players blah blah blah” im not clicking Telsiai, im selecting Varena but is getting the same issue wtf?