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Recurrent AFK in dungeons

  • Reason for report : Multiple cases of AFK in dungeons

  • Server : Fedimian

  • Team Name : BKNG, Scoorp

  • Location : Castle Dungeon

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : Every day

  • Evidence

I only started gathering evidences since yesterday but I guess a lot of people can confirm.

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I made a post about them a couple of days ago, use it instead (there is already a discussion): [Fedimian] Players from guild Turquoise trolling dungeon runs


My bad I didn’t see the thread.

The worst part is he has about 30 characters on both accounts.
People who met him in saalus could tell.

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this really hard to play dugen when this gay come and others going out

Bump. Not from this server but this is bad for the community

@STAFF_Letitia why are they not banned yet?

The report feature doesn’t seem to work at all -.-
There are several players that do this EVERYDAY in my server (Silute) and i still see them online being matched with me all the time

Found Scoorp 2 times today AFKing in dungeons. proof here:

Only 2 times ? Dang, you got lucky !

Please, use this thread: [Fedimian] Players AFK in the 300 dungeon
and keep reporting on forum. Don’t let IMC sweep it under the rug!