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Dungeon Matching Problem [UPDATED]

Hello, Saviors.

We realize you’re experiencing problems in connectivity with dungeons. Please excuse our late announcement.

We’ll get this sorted out as soon as we can. Thank you for your cooperation.

IMC Staff

[ADDED on 12:00 April 4th 2016]
We apologize for the recent issue where users were unable to access dungeons through the party matchmaking system. To compensate for it, we will be providing the following.

FOR: Everyone.

WITH: Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher (x5)

UNTIL The compensation message and rewards will last until Saturday, April 9, 2016 01:00 AM (EDT)

We apologize for any and all inconveniences this issue has caused.

IMC Staff


Does that mean that random party matchmaking (solo queue) will also work? Currently you could only enter with premade party or solo.

Thank you for letting us know, Julie. I hope it will be fixed soon.

dungeon rest compensation :smiley:

Thank goodness! It’s tough to get through the 130-136 hump without some dungeoning.

Glad you guys working on the dungeon. Please fix it before weekend, so me and my friends can do dungeon. It is tough for us to play together during weekdays.

Do you guys hae any idea when this will be fixed? Allready lost 3 dungeon runs due to this…and, sorry, but the late announcmenet really was way too late imho. People are complaining about it a lot. You should try doing such announcements earlier. Seriously… please try it

I hope they fix it soon cause this is alot of exp we are missing. And what about the dungeon entries we missed now tnx to this bug?

yeah reached 130 yesterday, and was hoping to do 6 runs in 2 days (yesterday/today) but 2 days of bug= 0 dungeon runs

just be quickly… we lose a day waiting

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Thank you.

Pleaes make sure we get some dungeon reset scrolls…

They’re limited already.
And many people are stuck before them.
Even the scoreleaders who are 130+ … now find themself fondled the wrong way. As they need these dungeons for the rush to max level race, being the first max level is a kind of achievement some seek.

You can quest till a certain range. But then at a point your level is to low.
Might be able to spam cards, like i COULD but don’t want to.
Cause dungeon only gives exp till 115 (the 90er) and i planned to level with it … not grind needlessy with 50% exp loss on the only mobs i can grind at a decent rate. Cause of lackign spawnrate … these ninja spawnrate changes where great xD.


Just the announcement is late, right? Like, I hope you’re not just now realizing this is a problem. You must have been aware of the issue and working on fixing it for at least a full day by now, yes?

Because /y chat was exploding about issues with dungeon matchmaking within 5 minutes of the server coming back up after the emergency maintenance on April 1st.

There had to have been countless bug reports on this for almost 26 hours. Every five minutes someone uses a megaphone to ask if dungeons have been fixed yet, all day and all night. I refuse to believe you didn’t realize this.


Can you update the Announcement when it fixed? The title as well, with [SOLVED] or something.
I am waiting for the fix to play.


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Julie our Goddess and savior has spoken!
One day maybe a high level goddess will be named after her for guiding poor little saviors through the toughest time of TOS. :grin:

Please… she’s simply doing what she’s paid for.


they will not fix anything until monday, i guarantee you.

After all this time, we’re still Saviors and not Tosters.

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Now if only you’d comment on how the game doesn’t utilize multiple cores, leaks memory all over the place, and stutters.

I appreciate that the staff is fixing the connection and server related issues, but the way the game runs is as big an issue as the server lag.

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Any update on this I and a lot of others are waiting to do dungeons?


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