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Dungeon Matching Problem [UPDATED]

People are saying premades work.

… but they dont for me.
We tried it multiple times.

Maybe 1 /1000 times it works. Cause excatly then another group just finished…

I REALLY hope we get some dungeon reset scrolls.
This is starting to majestically annoy me…

Atleast i can level my twinks now …

Yeah but not 120% bonus anymore, but its the lesser of the evils.

if you fail, remake the party and try again.

Second day with no dungeons!!!

Doesn’t work either searching and premade party.

Yes it does,

let’s go with the step by step.

step 1 - Make a party, the leader has to go in.
step 2 - it might fail, if it fails, reform the party and try again with the leader going in again.

i tried 6 times yesterday and got in 3 times.

The higher the ping the more you are done for. At least from Germany I do not have a chance at all.
I tried so hard and got so far but in the end it didn’t even matter. :frowning:

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I have a question. What does “soon” mean in the concept for IMC? You guys keep using this word over and over and it keeps changing what you actually mean with it.

Could you please explain it to us or just not use it anymore cause it really brings alot of frustration to alot of players.

Thank you in regard.


Soon better be today. That’s gonna be 3 days without dungeons for me and I’m about to RQ


Pre mades work, everyone must keep trying to enter + changing channels. If one enters, everyone can enter normally.

No need to be changing channels, premade parties still work fine, just make sure the party leader goes in first, and the rest just follow inside the dungeon.

Ive tried this for 30+ minutes and it does not work

I really don’t want to use my cards to have to level up to progress, please fix this!

Also with the queue active, each time you DC trying to get in you face the queue. It’s not worth it. They just need to hurry up and fix it. We don’t need to have so many problems and bypasses just trying to get in.

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Yeah premade works but you don’t get the massive bonus experience of queuing in the party finder…

this is so annoying!!

Im trying with a premade party for the lvl 50 DG and everybody is just crashing…

Fix this!!!

How about opening more channels on servers huh??? Theres only 30k players (steam hub) and theres still a fking queue!! Make use of the $$$$$$$$$$$ we gave you.


@timboroks That’s not how it works. Imagine you have a restaurant. You can place multiple tables in that restaurant for your customers to sit at, but you can’t place more tables than you have room in your building. Instead, when it’s too crowded, you have to set up a wait list.

It’s the same way with servers. Channels are designed to split people up, so you aren’t all sitting at the same table. However you can’t just keep making channels. Eventually you run out of room, and you have to implement a queue.

ok… nop, we just need use our cards for compensate :confused: :confused:

wont be fixed until monday, i guarantee you.

Will there be some kind of content added to help with Exp Walls at higher levels?

The way the spawn rate is now is horrible for grinding.

And exp cards sometimes need to be balanced pretty strictly which can caused huge leveling walls later if not done correctly or have had made a mistake…


Aggre… we depend on leveling in dungeons… this is very sad