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Details on the Founder's Server and Regional Servers

5pm Tomorrow WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!! My balls hurt with anticipation :slight_smile:

its 7 am for me :smiley: that’s like perfect time because I always wake up at like 6 every morning what’s better is work has not roistered me on so I have the hole day off :smiley: unless they call me up but I am gonna fix that and leave a automated message if they ring lol

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France here , 8 am

2:00 pm tomorrow start of game for me . I can’t wait :grin:

13 Hours Left to 2:00 am 29th march :smiley: Imposibru to wait a simple second more.

I am from Mexico and still i think we should speak in english since it is the most common lenguage in here, if you are playing with your fellow germans you are free to talk in german in party, but it is good manners to keep public chat clean.


And why not something like this?

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Staff_Julie is requesting some informations if someone missed the topic:


is there any new news on EU servers?did they consider making one now ?

As I said: some aren’t able to. You can’t forbid any other language than english in public chat. Some probably can’t understand how one can’t speak english, but I’ve also met guys who are able to speak three different languages fluently but not a single english word. Funniest italian guy, I’ve ever met.

It happens outside of NA! It’s pure madness! Different languages everywhere! :confused:

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I don’t think his post is that severe. He’s not trying to forbid anyone from speaking their language, just bringing up the notion that its impolite in public to speak in a language that isn’t understood by the people around you.

At least that’s how I was raised lol

Here you go. /20charblabla

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Alright, well I didn’t see that post. Yeah, that is kinda extreme… lol

Really thx for your help @STAFF_Ethan :smiley:

Is 2 servers enough for launch??

MAIGA THE HYPE IS REAL! 5 hours more right?

Here’s to hoping for tolerable ping!

it has channel’s in each server I think it was like 10 per server in the beta I could be wrong also they did say they have servers on the standby for the influx of people.

Sorry but until we get SEA servers im gonna have to give this a miss. It’s just not fun to play with the current ping we get.
I really hope you realise how badly people from the SEA region want this, since there’s even a page with hundreds of posts pleading for a server.