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[Guide] Goddess Card - What, when and how?

Title: [Guide] Goddess Card - What, when and how?
Server Name: Silute
Team Name: Frozenheart

Hello, everyone! I am Frozenheart, from Silute Server and welcome to the guide about Goddesses Cards that you can get from Episode 13 reputation shop. This guide will clarify about which cards are available to be purchased, where you can get them, how you can upgrade them and what is necessary to do it. So, seat your belts on and lets go!

A brief introduction

  • Goddesses Cards are a special slot beside Legendary Cards, despite the other cards, Goddesses Cards are the only one that will grant you a special passive skill beside 3-4 stats improvements.
  • Like the other Legendary Cards, you must complete Story Quests to unlock its slot or, if you are lazy to do them, you can just purchase a Legendary Card Slot Unlocker from Market.
  • Goddesses Cards are special, so do not expect easy time to get and upgrade them, it will take you some time and resources in order to do both. Eventhough, for purchase them you will have to reach Reputation Level 4 (or, 3 Stars). And in order to upgrade this card is a bit more complex, that will be explained ahead.

The Goddesses Cards

  • As we can see, there are, actually, five Goddesses Cards: Lada, Saule, Austeja, Dahlia and Vakarine. Although this number, the most used cards are: Austeja (for most Physical DPS), Dahlia (for most Magic DPS) and Vakarine (for Healers), but there are people that stick using Lada or Saule for other situations or personal preferences.

Reputation Shop - how to raise and what is necessary


  • Reputation Shop, which you can access throughout Episode 13 areas (out of Orsha), have 5 different levels. To reach each one you will must interact with the Kingdom Reconstruction NPCs (image above), they can be found every area outside of Orsha (Lemprasa Pond, Woods of Linked Bridges, Paupys Crossing, Issaugoti Forest and Kirtimas Forest).


  • As mentioned, there are 5 Reputation Shop levels. In order to improve it you will need two things: resources and time. There is a weekly cap of donations that you can deliver to every NPC, so pay attention to them. Also, there are obtanaible resources that you can get them from common contents, such Challenge Mode and Singularity Automatch, as below:


  • Those bags are the Relief Supply Bags, to get them you must get the daily quests from the Kingdom Reconstruction Notice Board, which there are one of it in every capital: Klaipeda, Orsha and Fedimian. You receive 5 Monster Hunt quests and 5 Gathering quests. So, there will be 2 daily quests for every single map from Episode 13. Also, when you deliver the Supply Bag to its corresponding map, you get the double contribution points when upgrading your Reputation Shop!


  • There are also 4x Relief Supply Bags that are obtainable through 2x Weekly Quests that you can get them from a NPC in Orsha (near to city exit to Lemprasa Pond). Those bags gives you more Reputation Points compared to the common map Supply Bags.


  • This is the Relief Supply Pouch, you can get 60 of it every day for five days per week. So, weekly, you can get 300 of this pouch to deliver to a map and upgrade the Reputation Shop that you want. You can get it from defeating monsters in the field, and also doing Challenge Mode and Singularity Automatch.


  • There are also other resources that you can deliver in Main Consumables tab while upgrading your Reputation Shop. Every week you have a quota of 1.000 of consumables turned into Reputation. For instance, you can deliver, in a week, 16x Scorched Valuable of Tel Harsha (320 reputation points) + 14x Refined Heart of Glacia (280 reputation points) + 80x Practoniums (400 reputation points) = 1.000 reputation points, in order to reach the Weekly quota.

TIP: you can check some daily quotas by typing “/reputation” (without quotation marks) right in Normal Chat.

Reputation Shop - an overview of what it offers

(In order to read it better, press right click on image, then pick “Open Image in a new tab”)

  • As mentioned, every Reputation Shop level opens new options of items that you can buy with Kingdom Reconstruction Coins (obtainable through Challenge and Singularity Automatch and Weekly Reconstruction quests).

  • According to the Reputation Shop level, you unlock more options, and as you can see, some items have special purchase quotas: some items can only be purchased X times per week, and for Goddesses Cards you can only buy it ONE time per Team (do not worry, you can store your card in Team Storage).

Goddesses Cards - an overview on ingredients and how to upgrade

  • In order to be able to level up your Goddess Card you will need seven items: the Goddess Card itself, a lot of Goddess Enhancement Cards, many Token of Followers, and hundreds of Mold of Reverence, Will, Commitment and Trust of the corresponding Goddess of your card.

image = image

  • For instance, my Goddess Card is Austeja, so to be able to level up, I need to be able to buy every ingredients mentioned before and this demand months, so be patient. So, in order to be able to purchase every single item, previously, I had to reach Reputation Shop Lv 2 in Issaugoti and Kirtimas Forest; Reputation Lv 3 in Lemprasa Pond; and Reputation Lv 4 in Paupys Crossing (to buy the card) and Woods of Linked Bridges. You can check your Reputation Levels by pressing F1 and picking Reputation Tab, as below:

  • And then, to upgrade your Goddess Card you must sit (commonly by pressing Insert button from your keyboard), and then pressing (G) to open the Enhance Advanced Card Window:


  • Remember! It is the same window to upgrade either Goddesses Cards and Goddess Enhancement Card!

Goddesses Cards and Reputation Shop - a walkthrough to get and upgrade your card

  • Now things will get more interesting. Now you already know about the Goddesses Cards and also how Reputation Shop works. So, what do you have to do now in order to get your card and be able upgrade it? First, let’s check the levels of every Reputation Shop that you must get in order to be able to buy the Goddess Card and the ingredients to upgrade it!

  • Remember! Reputation Shop Level 4 = 3 Stars, Level 3 = 2 Stars and Level 2 = 1 Star. You maybe questioning yourself why there is none Level 5 requirement, simple! Because on Reputation Shop Level 5 you can buy Costumes, Hair Accessories and House Furniture and Decorations.

  • And now the main quest: what to do now? There are different paths that people pick in order to upgrade the Goddess Card. Mainly, people prefer to first pick the Goddess Card, and prioritize the low level Reputation Shops in order to buy many Goddess Enhancement Cards possible per week before opening all ingredients to craft Token of Faith of their Goddess Card.
    To put it simple:
    [1] if your Goddess is Dahlia, first raise Issaugoti Reputation Shop to level 4;
    [2] then raise Linked Bridges Reputation Shop to Level 3 (to get your second bunch of Goddess Enhancement Cards);
    [3] then raise Paupys Crossing Reputation Shop to Level 4 (to get your third bunch of Goddess Enhancement Cards when you open its Level 3 Shop);
    [4] then raise Lemprasa Pond and Kirtimas Forest Reputation Shops to Level 2 (once per time to raise it quickly).
    [-] All done! Now you have your Goddess Card, Enhancement Cards and all ingredients necessary to upgrade it!

Goddesses Cards, Enhancement Cards and Upgrade Costs - the table

  • Now we reach the last part of this guide, where you can check how many ingredients you will need to reach X level of your Goddess Card! There are already some tables out there, so I decided to group up some informations right here to turn easy its access. Let’s check the table:

(In order to read it better, press right click on image, then pick “Open Image in a new tab”)

  • Different from Legendary Cards, in order to upgrade your Goddess Card, you must reach the maximum experience required to upgrade it! So be careful when upgrading your Goddess Card, and check right in the window the ammount of experience required to reach the next level!

  • Also different from Legendary Cards, there is no remove cost or penalty for Goddesses Cards, you can remove them from the slot whenever you want!

  • Your Goddess Card can reach Level 10 at maximum. The future Level 8, 9 and 10 upgrade costs will be implemented as soon as I reach those levels.

  • Now, congratulations! You can enjoy your upgraded Goddess Card and try to survive Giltine attack and save the world beside Goddesses, Kupoles and humanity (but, be careful with Beholder, he does not seems be trustable).

how short will it takes to unlock all shop’s necessary level to upgrade goddess? assuming you do all reputation quest and not buying any magicstone/mystictome/heart of glacia/moth talc etc, but earned them.
6 months?

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Honestly, if you keep getting all the weekly quotas, in 4-5 months you can achieve all the requirements to upgrade your card. If you do not, I think it raises to 6-7 months, but I am not 100% sure.

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Ep 13 come in February, and I just get the whole thing last week so it takes around 4 months, taking on account that I didn’t use tel harsha stuff in the first 3 weeks, only use AM hearts since mid April-May, never use moth talc. I’d say that optimally you would need 3.5 months without buying stuff in market.

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The goddess equipment update on the horizon, it’s more likely to assume Vakarine as the defensive solution for DPS builds with shields that can actively block (all Clerics and Swordsmen + Quarrel Shooter builds).
And I’ve yet to see a “Healer” have high STR on his/her equipment to make use of the physical damage that Vakarine card deals.
Right now, Vakarine is of interest for Chaplains and the Peltasta/Rodelero/Murmillo builds, while Lada card is the go-to card for Healers to avoid taking too much damage.

Hmmm, that is a nice point that you brought, and honestly I did not consider it. I took in consideration most healers in Silute Server, most of them are skipping Lada, cuz they do not see her passive effect as that much useful, and decided to embrace Vakarine due her Block and Crit Resist boon. In the case of Shield Swordsman builds, a close friend of mine said that he loses DPS when using Vakarine, and thats why he is changing to Austeja GC. But, to be honest, I do expect that they add more Goddess Cards (Gabija, Ausrine, Jurate, Zemyna and Vaivora) and give to Healers/Supports a real useful GC for them in the future.

the extra stat gain from goddess cards is negligible since they require so many resources to upgrade.
The main attraction is the damage they provide. I must confess that I think the way Vakarine is utilized is stupid, since you have to actively block an attack with the c button to make use of the damage, while the other cards automatically trigger when dealing damage, yet Vakarine does not have any damage advantage over the other cards, which makes her card ultimately worse.

The only advantage she currently provides for physical builds is that her damage is fixed at 10800%, meaning you can hit the damage cap up to 10 times, while the other cards (Saule & Austeia) hit 1 or two times only for absurdly high skill factor ratios once properly leveled. Even with the 40m cap upgrade in the future, I suspect that these cards will probably still allow to hit near or above the cap, while Vakarine will probably be somewhere around 10m per hit at most.

Me, as an Chaplain and also a Healer player disagree. Vakarine for chaplain is TERRIBLE, you need to do as many auto attack as possible, pressing C trying do proc it will cause you a lost os possible damage with Visible Talent. As for Lada, the dmg reduction has a CD so high that became useless and also works just on yourself, so i use Dahlia on chaplain and trying to get Vaka for my healer

but it has 30 seconds CD, which is the same as Binatios duration (and half of its CD), meaning you can use it before and after Binatio for some extra damage. At least it won’t interrupt your burst phase.

im guessing 5-6months is with buying mats for 1k weekly limit, im at my 4th month with buying mats, i didnt buy mats for the month of Feb, im now leveling at the 3rd map.