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Costant Rubber Banding and Desync since 24/10/2017 (Halloween Patch )

Server : [SEA] Varena

Team Name : Ersakoz

Character Name : Seis

Steam Account : -

Country : Singapore

System Information : Not Relevant

When the error happened(Date, time, location) : 24/10 to 30/10/17

Steps to reproduce the issue : Play On Varena Servers

Description : I have inserted a clip here :

the stutter occurs at 0:52 and 1:51 which occurs to everybody in my instance.
music at background to proof my net is fine and there is no discontinuity in the music quality.
This happens to the entire Varena Server

TBL is on going as of timing

4 of us are playing locally, meaning we play from Singapore and are connecting to Varena Servers (Singapore)
pretty sure my SEA friends have a harder time than us. It is a pulsing disease that interrupts the game every minute or so


Having the same issue everywhere else , including regular fields and towns where npc takes about 5-10 seconds to respond on interaction, or moonwalking

they must have cut AWS capacity again

[SA]Silute Suffering the same problem.

All servers are like that, it seems… Fedimian’s having lots of lags and rubberbanding too… it gives me headaches, with my char jumping back and forth… :face_with_head_bandage:

Same problem in Silute (SA) :disappointed_relieved:

Hopefull the maint tmr fix this ■■■■. Either that or 63saur is right, they cutting their AWS capacity

I’ve been having this issue too, in Klai server.
It could be the halloween event causing it too maybe.
A pvp event held each hour for 15 minutes is probably pretty stressful on the server…

My guess is they are messing with the netcode cause of the concerns over the halloween event. The sad part is it’s reverting to cbt and early release levels of lag

Same here on [SA]Silute, sad news

Update :

This has been happening to [EU] Fedimian players too, all week long, it was a few number of lag spikes during peak hours at first and then it became worse and worse during the week. :confused:

Honestly I thought this was a SEA/ Varena issue untill I saw the replies here. Hopefully the staff rectify this issue or pray that it gets fixed in a way since server goes through maint today. Maybe a smooth experience for at least half a week before server go nuts again

Before halloween event, my ping always was in range of 10-150, rarely 200-250, now its always 300.

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Seems better yesterday but I have guildies complaining of lag as well.

Still no official announcement about the spikes yet , perhaps still investigating