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Can we change the rerolling system for random stat equipment?

Double-ichor legendary equipment is now a thing in Korea. That means that every endgame legendary piece will now have a random-stat ichor and a recipe ichor. This means that every player that is interested in an ‘optimized’ endgame set of equipment must put themselves through the horror that is rerolling random stats.

The system is frustrating. It is layer after layer of RNG. Roll to get the right stat categories. Then hope that within the correct categories you get the correct stat. Then hope that the stat is a high roll. Problematically, you can get the stat you want, but a low roll. At that point you’d have to reroll and likely lose the stat that you wanted. The system is frustrating because you can often feel like you’re putting in a lot of work to make no zero forward progress. In fact, at times it feels like you’re just undoing progress because good stats have to be lost to make an attempt at improving the overall stat spread.

The only saving grace of the current iteration of the system is that you could avoid it completely by opting into recipe ichors. But now with double ichors, the system is basically unavoidable to anyone that wants to get the most of out of their gear. Of course, just not doing it is an option, but I find that counter-intuitive as it’s basically telling people to not play the game and progress more once you reach a certain point. Ultimately, the system doesn’t seem like it wants to reward the players that want to put in the extra effort.

Can we have a system for locking some of the random stats? If we can lock the stats that we like, then it wouldn’t feel like every attempt at moving forward feels like a step backward. Lock the stats we like, reroll the ones that we don’t. This way we only change the parts of gear that we feel like need improving, and eventually work towards ‘perfecting’ our gear.


If you don’t put in the time, you don’t deserve the reward, scrub! People like you make me sick! If you want those stats, you’d better quit your job, sell your firstborn for TP and grind 25/7 like the rest of us! /s

Jokes aside, I realy agree… as someone who got burned by RNG just yesterday, I would really, really like to see something this. It’s also something that would be really easy to make a cash shop version out of, which hopefully will pique their interest

If they make it a cash shop item, I’m gonna buy it.

…or an unpopular opinion would be to settle with a “mid-roll” stat because as you said this is all RNG and hoping to get everything in order will really drain you / us out

So you want us to turn to Ma*** ***ry?

Tell that to the one that used all his event blue magnifiers on a weapon with one blue line to get one purple line, back to one blue line, one red line, back to one blue line… and so on. :haha:

Isn’t the red magnifier doing that already? Of course, you need to spend TP and open Leticia cubes to get them…

it would be better if 100% ichor chance… even if you roll good, if ichor fails roll was for nothing

already had 2 good items, both failed, more easy roll doesn’t help, only makes more frustrating

and dun forgit it only optional,you dunneed best stat on item, better happy that can have crappy fixed + gud random stat when luky

Imagine having a piece of armor that rolls 50 CON, 50 STR, and 21 INT but I’m a player that only plays physical damage dealers. I’d want to keep the 50 CON and 50 STR while rerolling only the INT. That’s what I mean by locking stats. I’m no stranger to magnifiers. I’ve bought maybe around a hundred recently through sprouts and the market.

I’m at the point in progression where everything can be seen as ‘optional’. I have my legendary gear, I have my high enhancements, I have my trascendence, I have gems and enchants… Most of my upgrades are fine-tuning at this point. Just because it’s optional doesn’t mean it can’t be changed to be more rewarding.

I understand the idea that if something is not worth the effort, then one shouldn’t put in the effort. What I am trying to argue is that the system should be changed to feel more rewarding, so that it can be worth the effort.

The system, as it is now, is designed in a way that putting in more time and investment can result in… absolutely no progression. That’s terrible and unfun. If playing the game and not playing the game results in the same thing, then is the answer to not play the game?

The system is not for progression; it’s Skinner Box system, and you already get dopamine reward while farm & roll & ichor, otherwise people wouldn’t play at all.

A gud system is fun while playing and randomly rewards on side, but TOS is scrupulous Skinner box to milk money from players.

How much 50 STR have an effect?

At level 420, 50 STR gives 205 PATK which is a decent amount.

FFS some of the comments here suggesting you should just settle for mid rolls. People already do that to some extent but nobody settles on a mid roll and says ‘this is great.’ It is a disappointing feeling of acceptance that it is the best you can do.

Armor enhancement is about to be worth a substantial bit more too. Savinose at +11 going from +680 to over +1000 defence (even larger differences at +16 and +21) all before magnifier and re-identify hell.

The argument here isn’t if we should eliminate all RNG- OP is fine with re-identification as a system but thinks there should be an option to lock some stats in. Say you get that 50 con line, why not be able to pay 1000 sierra powder or some new rare drop or even Leticia item to lock in the stat while rerolling your remaining lines?

How about we lock the stat but the one that is re-rolling has lower chances to get ‘high’ stat with significant amount of materials needed to increase those chances?

Bumping this in hopes it gets noticed.
Don’t think it’s alright that I should spend 60m silver in sierra/nucle for a chance of getting the correct stats, then pray to god the stats are good, just to then go to ichoring and pray to another god it doesn’t just get destroyed.
if at least golden ichor kits weren’t P2W only

I don’t know in which type of game it’s alright to keep a system so stressful and draining.
I can understand silver sinks, but this, along with anviling and ichoring, is just a powerful anxiety trigger.

I dont really mind anviling and ichoring and such, but yeah the random stat ■■■■ on Savinose is a total nightmare.

Good point I wanted to talk about that one but it slipped out of my mind.

Why in the ■■■■ savinose gear is allowed to get stats as low as level 315 blue HG items?
13 con/18 str rolls, seriously what?

Hey at least I got a good Goon spear after rerolling it like 8 times with magnifiers.

Where did I see this before… Oh Example of a poorly implemented gold sink system

Completely agree. I lucked out all my stuff during sprout event. Now it’s hard for the rest of the people going for RNG stats to get their hands on magnifiers for their savinose etc…

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Pretty much mandatory to whale for savinose gear now exactly what I thought.
Seeing how it took me and other people in my guild around 50 magnifiers to get at least 2 stats, and that on each piece of equipment, how are you even supposed to do it normally?
Then the RNG of rerolling, then the RNG of ichoring awaits for you behind this first step.

Very motivating, hype material and rewarding.
I think by now I understand that the definition of difficulty by IMC’s standards is either “more HP” or “more RNG”.


Even more when you look at the kToS thread and see the shiny TP boxes they’re about to put for sale. Especially Box1: one DA, two packs of 10 magnifiers…