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Build for Fetherfoot > ? >?

Hello my friends, I have always liked characters that control debufs and control monsters, I really like Fetherfoot but I do not know this game enough and I have no idea which classes combine with Fetherfoot?

Thank you very much in advance.

It is now almost an obligation to combine it with bokor-warlock, bokor gives it a reliable way to cause curse in enemies, and warlock gains an increased damage advantage on enemies with the bokor debuff.

In a future patch, bokor will not be an obligation, since featherfoot will have more options to curse enemies.

Also will soon have a skill that lost in re: build and that will give much more damage

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I went with Kino and Chrono

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By the way, featherfoot although it is a dps class, it does not stand out as much as other classes in that field, however what it loses in damage gains in survival, since it can fly (invulnerable to melee atacks) and can recover its hp.

Do you think Featherfoot is not a good class for pvp? If not for your tip, I’m new to the game and I’m looking for a class that is good at pvp.

I do not see it viable, remember that it is a wizard that attacks melee, and that has several requirements to do all its damage

If you want to roleplay as a Lich you can go Necromancer Plus Bokor.

(Greater too) Corruption will also be changed to buff FF damage in a later update. Necrobane and Corruption are very easy debuffs to apply.

I did this build, would it look good on a pvp?

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Featherfoot is not a pvp class, for that you would have to add some cc, also many times you will run into people who kill you with only one skill.

Featherfoot is a class with good damage and survival in pve, I would try to strengthen that in a build.

I give you some recommendations:

Includes magic missile in your build, it is a skill of damage that in the whole game does not lose its usefulness, adds bone poiting to keep the bosses and mobs in curse.

Blood Bath is a bad skill, give only one point for the attribute and the bleeding, maximize Blood Sucking gives a good damage (especially against boss) and keeps you with full hp.

Shadow Fetter is not much use, since the boss use jumping skill or movements that are not lockable, Hallucination is not very useful either, when I had that skill I lost the aggro quickly and the mobs attacked me again.

Add Shadow Conjuration, as it will give you DoT and more damage options. Also Shadow Condensation because in future patches will cause blind in your target increased the skill damage of shadowmancer.

In a next patch they will include a new skill of featherfoot, Blood Curse, remove points to Ngadhundi to get it (but leave at least one point in Ngadhundi as it increases your poison damage).

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I hear a lot about future patches, is there any place to read about them?

There are 2 builds which I’m intending to try when the dark patch hits

  • Featherfoot - Bokor - Warlock
    This is a “Curse” focused build. Bokor has Hexing which curses (only Bokor’s Hexing works for Effigy), while Featherfoot has Bone Pointing/Enevation/Blood Curse and Warlock’s Masterma’s Stigma will inflict Curse in future as well. Curse works well because it gives 50% more dark damage from Featherfoot attribute which benefits Bokor and Warlock (Featherfoot is poison sadly but we will get to that later). The idea is to constantly keep my curse/debuff up on bosses and monsters. Featherfoot have good single target DPS, as Kurdaitcha now does a lot of damage since it can stack while Kundela Slash…well it’s just even better than before. Warlock works well because of dark damage, plus pretty good skills from PoA/Masterma/Demon Scratch and also Invocation. Bokor is chosen for summons as well as a good short CD bust from Damballa.

  • Featherfoot - Necromancer - Bokor/Sorcerer/Warlock/Shadowmancer
    The main idea is to combine Necromancer and Featherfoot because of the changes that boosts poison damage which is Featherfoot’s element when enemies are inflicted by “corruption” that you can get from Necromancer. The last class depends on what you are looking for. Bokor for more summons + Hexing (curse) + good short CD Damballa spam. Sorcerer to boost your summon’s damage + extra tanky and strong summon with riding. Warlock and Shadowmancer for the dark damage boost from Featherfoot when enemies are inflicted with curse, Warlock having more AOE and Shadowmancer having more single target DPS.