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Bokor Advice Mega Thread

@drakmist Everything Bunni said is correct. Bwa Kayiman by itself isn’t viable for a Phys-DPS build; you need Monk or Paladin included. You also should stop at Bokor C2, as Bwa Kayiman should only be level 1 and the only thing you benefit from at C3 is more move speed.

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Note, that it’s not recommended to go half M-ATK / half P-ATK as that falls off in efficiency at mid-game. So for the long run, you should make the decision on one or the other. If you’re running a Phys DPS, then you’d be running STR/DEX/CON. If MDPS, INT/SPR/CON. As for your decisions:

Aspersion as a damage skill past Tenet Chapel ends up being weak unfortunately. Monstrance also usually isn’t leveled past 1, as all other available skills are more important and 1 is all you need for the Dex buff and debuffing a Boss.

For Restoration, the SP attribute doesn’t do hardly anything for your SP unfortunately.

Discerning Evil is great if you go the Plague Doctor route. Increase Mag Def and Indulgent are more ‘so-so’ skills. Not ‘good’, but nothing else to choose from in Circle 1 and Discerning is already good enough when used with Incineration and Hexing on the targets.

It depends on what Circle in Diev. If it’s C2, then this works, thanks to the Owl statues and World Tree Silence. If only C1, then it’d be better to choose something else.

As for your build:

  • Cleric

  • Deprotected Zone doesn’t need to be leveled that high. At Lvl 1, with the Attribute, it only has 2 seconds of downtime. So those 3 extra points could be used for Cure, since it’ll still be used even in late-game.

  • Krivis

  • This is fine.

  • Bokor C1 - C2

  • Lvl 1 for Hexing is too low. It’s unlisted, but for every level you put into Hexing, it’s AoE Ratio is increased by 1 (Allows you to potentially hit more targets when they’re grouped together).

  • Samediveve serves no use at only Lvl 1, since +4 movement speed isn’t much for your Zombies and the +2 you get from it is almost unnoticeable.

  • You have 7 points remaining. We’ll use these points to increase Hexing to Lvl 5 (-4 points). The rest will go into Samediveve, that needs to be Lvl 5, so we’ll add the remaining 3 points into Samediveve and take 1 point away from Zombify to add the last one needed to make it Lvl 5.

  • Priest

  • Only Priest C1 in the build isn’t enough sadly. You’d need at least Priest C2, since the benefits Priest C1 give you are too small to warrant an entire Circle.

  • Druid

  • This is fine.

  • Plague Doctor

  • Should consider grabbing 1 point from Healing Factor or Bloodletting for Fumigate when you need to clear debuffs off a party member(s).

Krausas Mace at the Guard’s Graveyard map, from the Spoiled Coliflower Archer monster. I believe 2v2/5v5 Arena still doesn’t take any of your gear stats/effects into account when you join it, but it still applies for field GvG.

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Hi @Sixaxis

I have a question. I decided to take Druid1 for C6 and not Bokor3.

Current built:
Hexing 5
Effigy 10
Tet 1
Zombify 3
Mack 1
Bwa 1
Samediv 5

I have 4 points left. Originally, it was meant to go into hexing 9. However, I noticed that zombify gives debuff as well. To reduce downtime, I am thinking of adding zombify. Would you recommend going the remaining 4 points into zombify7 hexing5 or zombify3 hexing 9?


Ahw that sucks, I was hoping I could get away with it like diev builds do.

That’s too bad, I didn’t really have any idea how the damage would end up, TOS’s weird scaling always makes it hard for me to estimate.

I see, smite might still be good, but picking the class for 1 skills seems silly.

Sounds like this would be class to go for for the filler Rank 5 class.

It’s to get the sword weakness attribute, since I’m running that funky half phys/half magical attack build :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, that’s super useful advice. I didn’t know what to do with those points at all!

Seems like I could go pardoner here then probably

I will, thanks!

I saw a video of bad quality up there, with Tet Mamak skill damaging boss.
But i may be outdated and its too low quality… :confused:
Can someone make a good one to show how it’s work here?

And another question: that Effigy bonus on third hit its just multiplier of skill damage or multiplier of totaldamage?(int+skill+modif)

Guys, what do you think about this build?

I try create hybrid with ranged damage skills and nice utility of priest.

Damage part:
Cure 10
Effigy 10 (hex 5 pandemic 4)
Incineration 5

Healing part:
Heal 10
Mass heal 5
Healing factor 1

Safety Zone 5
Mackangal 5
Revive 5

Divine Might 4
Aspersion 1
Blessing 9
Sacrament 5
Bloodletting 4

Resurrection 5
Fumigate 1

Fade 1
Zombies 9
Bwa 1

Build supposed be Int based.

The damage output from it is the same; the amount of damage ticks seem to vary now though. It can range from (estimated) every 0.3s, to every 1s, but the delayed ticks do catch back up most of the time. (Increase the quality to 720p if you need to)

You basically just throw them repeatedly onto your target as fast as you can.

Your M.ATK is added onto the skills base damage, and that Bonus hit should be considered a T1 modifier. (Refer to this: [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact! )

  • Cleric C1 - C2

  • You should grab 1 point for Deprotected Zone here, so you’ll have something for debuffing Bosses when in a party. You can take that point for it away from Cure or Divine Might.

  • Bokor C1

  • Should grab Tet Mamak La for directing your Zombies to a specific spot, and having another skill to DPS with when necessary. You can take 1 point from Zombify for Tet Mamak.

  • Bokor C2

  • There’s no need for all those points into Mackangdal, unless this build is for PvP. Remove 4 points from Mackangdal, and add them to either Hexing, or Samediveve. If you add them to Samediveve, then you need to take a point from Zombify and add it to too so Samediveve will be Lvl 5.

  • Priest C1 - C2

  • Neither Blessing nor Sacrament needs to be that high, as they both scale poorly per skill level. Blessing can be left at Lvl 3 to 5, and Sacrament left at Lvl 1. Add 1 point to Monstrance, and add all the rest to Aspersion.

  • Plague Doctor

  • You should have Healing Factor at 3 minimum. You can take 2 points away from Bloodletting and/or Pandemic to raise Healing Factor to Lvl 3.

Really wanted to see how Tet Mamak La works.
Dear Bokor bro, please whisp me on Fedimian :smiley: I will steal a few minutes from you, but will be very thankful :smiley:
Team name: Occurred

Sixaxis, thx for comment. Can you answer some additional questions?

  1. Why i need Healing Factor 3+? For uptime or something else?
  2. Blessing and Sacrament really so bad in endgame? I really don`t sure in this additional 18% p. def.

Honestly I’m very disappointed that neither sacrament, monstrance or blessing works with your own zombies:

And revive doesn’t seem to work perfectly either:

I’ve been trying to make a viable zombie-master build but I’m already starting to give up on it. IMC doesn’t want zombies to be good at all.

And the odd build with SPR and zalciai / deprotected zone / monstrance won’t cut it for me. Placing a static debuff on the ground for a very small group of enemies and hoping your zombies will aim for those enemies AND hope the enemies won’t run away when they get low on hp; It’s just a plain bad strategy.

Can someone confirm if Revive works with Damballa for me? Otherwise I might just delete this character…

men a want a “stay away from voodoo” build so bad… i can imagine a featherfoot + bokor build, is sad that featherfoot is only for wizzards ._.

maybe this one is a good try:

but wait, what if the fortune teller + bokor = voodoo witch doctor. oh… i’ll just wait here for a littlebit and level up a dragoon.

I never made it past rank 6 in beta, so trying to figure out what for rank 6 class. The current build is cleric 2 and bokor 3. The plan is cleric 2, bokor 3, rank6? and kabbalist.

My options are krivis which doesnt seem useful with one circle. Diev seems useless with one circle. Priest, maybe for revive but only that skill would be useful. Sadhu, dont now enough about it for just one circle worth. Druid, more dps I guess, but honestly effigy is pretty damn good already. One circle of pally could improve the 22 heal tiles i already have plus resists. Cleric 3 is what im thinking for overkill heal tiles since really any other single circle doesnt improve me much. Not to mention cure is amazing dps. Maybe in the future when silver is worthless and stock piles of skill reset potions, maxing out cure for soloing then switching back to heal/saftey zone could work.

Well, I could make another video if you want, but the damage output of it is more or less the same as from iCBT2.

Also, Klaipeda here sadly. >:

  1. Yup, for the extra up-time. Video example here:
  2. I wouldn’t say it’s ‘bad’, it’s just not worth leveling past Lvl 5. You level it to Lvl 3 for the Attribute, and then level 4 or 5 for the extra hits. Sacrament doesn’t need to be leveled past Lvl 1, as you already have 100% uptime with it at Lvl 1. Both of these skills have bad damage scaling per level.

@caioreis_reis (Yes, I read your build notes on the page first)

  • Cleric C1

  • I know you went Deprotected Zone Lvl 3 for that +50 Attribute, but it’s not really that worth losing 2 points into Cure for. You also only have 2 seconds of downtime with Deprotected Zone at Lvl 1, thanks to the Retention Time attribute.

    • Deprotected Zone: -2 points
    • Cure: +2 points
  • Cleric C2

  • Safety Zone doesn’t need to be leveled past 5, as the Attribute for it at C2 gives you 20 extra blocks. Rarely will you actually use up the 30 blocks from Lvl 5 in 20 seconds unless you have 3 people standing in it, or you have tons of mobs aggro’d onto you and they’re not being killed.

    • Safety Zone: -5 points
    • Cure: +5 points
  • Bokor C1

  • You should invest 1 point into Tet Mamak La, as it allows you to direct your Zombies to one specific spot and it also doubles as a DPS skill in certain situations. This is especially useful for a Bokor C3 with Damballa during Boss fights, as you can direct your Zombies straight to the Boss and not to his traps after he knocks them back.

    • Zombify: -1 points
    • Tet Mamak La: +1 points
  • Bokor C2 - C3

  • Bwa Kayiman doesn’t need to be leveled past 1, as the damage from it scales poorly per level, and you’re an INT build (Bwa Kayiman is physical). Also, Samediveve gives you and your Zombies virtually no benefit at Lvl 1. It should be at Lvl 5 or higher (At an odd number), or left at zero. You also need more points placed into Zombify if you want to make full use of Damballa since the maximum Zombies you can summon currently is 11, and your Damballa triggers up to 15.

    • Bwa Kayiman: -4 points
    • Samediveve: -1 points
    • Zombify: +5 points
  • Druid C1

  • Should consider placing 1 point into Telepath, although this skill really only has its uses for PvP when you want to move a player into a damage area. For a PvE player, it still may serve a purpose every now and then, and the other 2 utility skills aren’t so important that they warrant higher priority for a -1.

    • Chortasmata or Shape Shifting: -1 points
    • Telepath: +1 points
  • Plague Doctor

  • Beak Mask should never have priority over Bloodletting, since Beak Mask only protects you from debuffs while Bloodletting protects your whole party. You’ll also usually be in the back anyway, so you won’t be exposed to debuffs often.

    • Beak Mask: -1 points
    • Bloodletting: +1 points

As for your build:

  • Cleric

  • This is fine.

  • Cleric C2

  • This is fine.

  • Bokor C1

  • This is fine.

  • Bokor C2

  • You should have a point placed into Bwa Kayiman here for keeping your Zombies behind you, and for knockdown-locking mobs.

    • Zombify: -1 points
    • Bwa Kayiman: +1 points
  • Bokor C3

  • Hexing doesn’t need to be that high-leveled, as it’s a bit overkill and since you’re interested in the Zombies, you can use those extra points for that. Lvl 10 is enough. You also should have 1 point placed into Ogouveve for the damage increase.

    • Hexing: -5 points
    • Zombify: +3 points
    • Ogouveve: +1 points
    • Damballa: +1 points
  • Druid C1

  • Telepath doesn’t need that many points placed into it. You can assign some or most of those points into Shape Shifting.

    • Telepath: -1 to -4 points
    • Shape Shifting: +1 to +4 points
  • Plague Doctor

  • Healing Factor definitely shouldn’t be this low, as it’s arguably the best single-target healing skill in the Cleric tree (Well, the only). You should have at least 3 points assigned to this. Fumigate should also have 1 point invested in it as Bloodletting only prevents debuffs, not cures them. That one is up to you though.

    • Bloodletting and/or Pandemic: -3 points
    • Healing Factor: +3 points

Why not grab Krivis? Doesn’t hurt to have another DPS skill (Zaibas) and Daino for extra buffs handy. Aukuras and Zalciai won’t be of big use to you since you’re not Plague Doc.

In that video, your Zombie died from “Zombify decay”; the timing of it made it look like it died from damage. Revive doesn’t prevent death by Zombify decrease, only damage.

The Zombies themselves aren’t the best thing to build around for damaging purposes end-game sadly.

It works. I use it all the time for dungeon bosses combined with Mackangdal. I’d try it on world bosses too…

How do you combo it with Mackangdal? I thought Mackie was single-target only.

yeah I though on doing the exact changes you mentioned, just threw it here to confirm my decisions. I havent maxed plague yet, but i’ll take your advice. ty mate

So I’m back with another question lol

At rank 6 is better go Pardoner C1 (for Simony and Discerning Evil) or Druid C1 (for Carnivory and Telepathy) before PD at rank 7??

Mackangdal AoE buffs whatever allies are close to you at the time.
Hexing Boss [w/ Attribute] -> Activate Mackangdal -> Damballa [Invulnerable] -> Activate Revive -> Revive [Triggers] -> Damballa [Invulnerable] -> Damballa [Destroys Zombies]

PvE? Pardoner would be your better bet.

@Sixaxis , mind if you check out my build?

I’m really interested in bokor effigy+hexing playstyle, and I think kabbalist can reduce the sp downtime to nearly zero. Cleric2 and Oracle mainly for slight supporting as I’m the only healer among my friends. Since I will start playing in my region later on 1 June, I need a build that can solo well too, and bokor looks promising.

@pradigunara Welcome to the club. \o

  • Cleric C1 - C2

  • You don’t need all of those points placed into Safety Zone; the +20 Blocks Attribute for it is enough for it to be left at Lvl 5. You should use the points taken from Safety Zone to invest in Cure and Deprotected Zone.

    • Safety Zone: -5 points
    • Cure: +4 points
    • Deprotected Zone: +1 points
  • Bokor C1 - C3

  • You don’t need that many points placed into Hexing as it’s a bit overkill; Lvl 10 is fine. You don’t need that many points placed into Mackangdal unless this is a PvP build; those +9 points are better off spent elsewhere. So now you have 14 extra points. Zombies can still be of some use even without investing a lot of points into Zombify, Tet Mamak La can be used to direct your Zombies and used as a DPS skill, and Bwa Kayiman can be used to knockdown-lock (Or, stun-lock) mobs that you run over with your Zombie train. We’ll distribute them, starting from C1:

    • Hexing: -5 points (C3)
    • Mackangdal: -9 points (C3)
    • Zombify: +4 points
    • Tet Mamak La: +1 points
    • Bwa Kayiman: +1 points
    • Samediveve: +4 points
    • Ogouveve: +1 points
    • Damballa: +3 points
  • Oracle

  • Counter Spell doesn’t need to be that high-leveled. You can drop a couple points from it for Arcane Energy.

    • Counter Spell: -2 points
    • Arcane Energy: +2 points
  • Kabbalist

  • This is fine.

never got into 2v2/5v5 arena, but is it really any gear effects are disable? including 2 hit effigy from krausas? damh…:pensive:

so, mackangdal also applied on zombie too and can prevent from destroy when dambala…hmm interesting :smiling_imp:
all we need is, attribute to disable knockback :smirk: