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Blocked Users in [SEA] Servers and Bot Classifier Update

Greetings, Saviors.

Please check the link below for the announcement. Thank you.

IMC Staff


So… i can let my sorcerer afk in Dinna farm, auto drinking MP pots, if i get blocked i just need to send a ticket to you to unblock thnx : )

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@STAFF_Ines may I ask let’s say if I don’t report bots will they get classify ? If they only will get classify after they’ve been report … then that’s bad. Us player didn’t want to do labor job. Can you guy find another approach to the problem if this is the case.

If it’s not then I’m sorry for making a ruckus.

@STAFF_Ines I got banned on 27 may, already submit the ticket 3 days ago and also email tossupport, still got no reply from them. Could you please take a look at my case. Team Name: FooXoo. Thank you

@STAFF_Ines I got banned on 28 may, already submit the ticket 6 days ago and also email tossupport, still got no reply from them. Could you please take a look at my case. Team Name: Mrbiiiig. Thank you

@STAFF_Ines I got banned more than 7 days(until 27 may). I already submit the ticket and sent email to tossupport Since I got banned. My team name appear on banned list (bot) on 27 may in server Varena but I never play on that server and i’m not bot. Could you please attend at my case. Team Name: HuntlSl. Thank you.

Is it just me? Or do I smell some bots lurking in the forums too? :open_mouth:




After one weak but my account which was wrongly banned still have not unlocked yet.
Maybe they priority tp bundle issue first.
Team name: DumbLoli
Server name: Telsiai

Yep mines also 1 week since i got block, they prioritize money over us who got wrongly banned and hey i got a TP bundle i bought while i’m WRONGFULLY banned waiting… so can you guys help me unblock my character already. SMH

Team name : Ravenshaft
Server name : Telsiai

when will the game be playable? , the temporary limiting the new players when will it be over?

Hi @sterbendeath5439, we do not have any ETA as of the moment. However, if there is any updates with regards to your concern, announcements will be posted on our official website so please stay tuned. :slight_smile:

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Dude… You lose more players not leting new ones play… Why don’t alow at least a few more pllayers, like 100 or 1000??

@GM_Sebastian please help me get my account unblock almost 2 weeks now. T_T

Team Name : Ravenshaft
Sever Name : Telsiai

@sennfoo @670543106 @a2emoticon @zeiryu

Who have unblocked? if you have a same problem , may come How to tracking my support ticket? How many day will unblock from wrongly banned? and counting day that staff process with me together.It’ll be information for new player in question “If you got wrongly banned , how many day will unblocked?”