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When the wrongly ban (2 weeks ago) issue will be resolved?

I don’t talk about the recently banned account for using add-on. I never use any add-on.

What I mean is this problem from 2 weeks ago Blocked Users in [SEA] Servers and Bot Classifier Update

I’ve waited for 2 weeks and my account still have not unblocked.

Game Server : [SEA] Telsiai

Team Name : DumbLoli

Character Name : DumbLoli

Steam Account : a2dragon

Blocked date: 28-5-2016

My steam using to play ToS ( owns 2 teams:

One is PoorLoli on Varena server.
One is DumbLoli on Telsiai server.

PooiLoli can’t be bot because it only have two lv1 characters which have not logged in to game yet.

And I can’t find the name DumbLoli (Telsiai server) on these posts:

But instead I found the name DumbLoli (Varena server) on May 28th post.

The problem is I don’t own DumbLoli (Varena server). Why has I got banned?

I sent many tickets but the answer was looked like cope-paste.

Also I found the name “DumbLoli” has been registered on all servers, I don’t know it’s from same account or not, but I am curious that was those DumbLoli also got banned?

@GM_Sebastian @GM_Francis @STAFF_MAXSWIFE @STAFF_Max @STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_John

Greeting Savior !!

I would like to say so sorry for the inconvenience of block-error.

The main reason of this problem was the error of bot classifier.

I’ve already finished unblocking ID and Compensation.

The compensation would be disappeared in tomorrow.

Please check out your compensation today :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for cooperation and so sorry for late dealing with your problem.

Your Faithfully, STAFF_MAX

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@STAFF_Max How about my case??? How to tracking my support ticket? How many day will unblock from wrongly banned? I got same problem of this topic.