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Best farming archer build?

Does as much damage as Split arrow?

Considering also u won’t hit 3 but 2 aswell…

I dont know the numbers really … still have a mount xD

The current nature of pistol attacks is that they can pierce all enemies in a line if you target a mob in the back with it, so it could potentially hit up to 5 enemies at once if you position yourself properly. Haven’t tested it out yet if it works with limacon though in itos, can only know for sure with the R8 patch.

The amount of added damage you get to your sub-weapon attack with limacon is +1387 (+1460 with Handgun in your offhand). You can also move at full-move speed when attacking, as opposed to being slowed down like you do with split shot.

Downside is you can’t use a bow to get the +100% damage to flying monsters.

Should be similar then, with retreat shot and forward shot it might be even a bit faster in certain situations … slower in others still…

The trade of would be making it more versatile I got it… since sr excel at earth tower for example…

Well… I dont know where to go xD
Would like to hear opinions on the most viable build for scout still… if possible …

imo archer 3 scout 3 musket c2 (or cannoneer c2) with full dex is the best for farming.
you can also end it with falconer c1 and mergen your choice
musketeer is better for single target burst (or aoe if your able to get double glads vubbe gloves and max aoe head gear, that way covering fire will become aoe)

With all that farming and Scout C3. I wonder if my A2>R1>Scout>Rogue>Falc>Musk2 build can farm silver and stuffs. For example, solo clear the dung 130 within 25 minutes. Is that doable? Can someone with experience give me an answer.

What pre-SR3 class would be best? QS3 or R3?

R3 currently, QS3 has been obsoleeted by the r8 update.

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Thank you! I’m planning to roll a new archer for early silver farm(130/145) and eventually(once geared enough) full content pve. I originally wanted to roll a QS3>SR3 for this.Too bad I just crafted a grand cross minutes before I read the forums. Guess I’ll have to sell it now :smile:

Due note its only when the r8 update lands will the changes to limacon take into effect

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I was asked to make a Scout SR video. I figured since we talked about it here, I’d post it here too:

After watching the Archer C3 version, I absolutely think that is the superior 145 clearance build, strictly for Twin Arrows. Normally, Twin Arrows isn’t that impressive, but with attributes it definitely deals enough damage to deal with stragglers (which inevitably you will encounter) much better than Barrage, which I very seldom use, or Split Arrow on solo. Combine that with more uptime on Swift Step and not having to refresh it as often and it’s a massive boon for speed.

I also lack any cards at the moment, but I figure Ellaganos cards will push me closer to a more worthwhile critical rate. Using the bow nearly exclusively has dropped me a tad under 400 critical rate now.

This video I took right before maintenance so it’s not exactly the best representation of the build or route for 145, but it’s okay I guess. Route is the most important part of 145 clears, and I failed to do a few things like using Warpstone after first boss kill.

In any case, I’m a little disappointed by my shoot speed with Split Arrow, considering how fast I’m pressing my mouse button for it. I feel like I shoot considerably slower than KR players, but I suppose that in part has to do with our ping vs. theirs.

General specs including attribute levels are in the video description.


How do you slow walk? with retreat shot?

While using Split Arrow or Oblique Shot, your character will change to walking speed but continue to fire Retreat Shot in the direction opposite of movement.

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So that fixes my issue with reiter then, then yes reiter is probably the best way to go at r7. Thanks mate.

Also could you do a 130 run just to see how that goes?

I will try to record a video later if I remember to do a 130 instead of a 145.

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It is difficult to beat a 0cd split arrow at farming (spread) mobs.
Your rotation will be similar to this:
Musket uphill def:

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Generally speaking, Barrage is stronger than Twin Arrows in terms of burst. Twin Arrows has the lower cooldown but no AoE. There is very little content in the game that has use for low cooldown high overheat so-so single target damage. Stragglers in dungeons are a very specific thing to need it for in your kit, but it’s an optimization over the slow and clunky Barrage.

The game has a penchant for skills with AoE, in any case, and Barrage is quite good for that. Plus the ‘meta’ Scout build has Rogue, and Feint + Barrage is quite strong, even in high level content. It’s one of the build’s saving graces when not dealing with hordes of enemies.

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Tks for the video. I do know that Split Shot is still king in clearing dung. Just want to know whether Barrage combo is good enough for clearing purpose

(Fein&) Barrage is decent clear vs mobs, as shown in the vid too.
The musket in the vid doesn’t have falcon1 though.
Would be nice to use Circling before covering fire, feint&barrage, multishot.