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Best farming archer build?

so i wanna make a farmer archer, to farm silver in all forms and items (solo dungeon runs, farming items, etc) i already have a fletcher but that one is more world bosser and pvp, which 1 of the following routes will be best for farming
(and if in case there is a better build please share)

  1. archer c3 scout c3 cannoneer c1 mergen
  2. Quarrel shooter c3 wugushi c3 (and probably mergen rank 8)
    are these the best farmer archer builds? and what are the stats for a farming build
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Might as well make an SR3 for farming since its both good at clearing 130 dungeon and having strong aoe dps

scout c3


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scout 3 is the best with split arrow by far.

QS3 Running Shot field trash farm, single-target.
Scout3 split arrow medium density mob farm, and solo dungeon silver farm.
Fletcher3 Boss farm.
Reiter high density mob AoE farm, and ET farm.

Since when does Fletcher require 2H bow? I’m using crossbow+Manamana just fine on my Fletcher.

Is that ONLY because of Retreat Shot? If so, doesn’t that mean you need a wall to basically lock your character in place? I understand that works when soloing, but in parties, most players mob stuff nowhere near walls.

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but what about ranger c3?

ranger c3(steady aim) + reiter(retreat shot) + Krivis(Melstis) = one of strongest party combo in ET

No, theres forward shot that doesnt require you to move and the new Limacon which is pretty much running oblique shot.

So you essentially have two skills that are huge aoe-clearing skills and Limacon which is pretty much on the same level as split shot/running shot for sustained damage.

I would vote for SR3 as it is more future proof and have the options to mix & match your first 5 ranks.

that’d be problematic since im already archer c3
archer c3 ranger c2 seems kinda bad lol
im gonna go with archer c3 scout c3 and ill decide betwee cannoneer or musket at rank 7.
I could go archer c3 wugushi c2 SR but im full dex not sure wugushi is worth it with dex

i don’t want a build for ET, for that i have my guild that will accept me no matter which char i bring
i just want solo farming builds that can solo 130/145 dungeon efficiently and be able to farm solo, basically just a char that sits there for team level and silver from soloing dungeon runs.

A3 Ranger1 Rogue1 wouldn’t be the worst thing, certainly will work.

feint cannot be used mounted :frowning:
scout 3 seems to be the best with archer 3 i liked the scout 3 videos, it seems to match the build i like especially since im going 50 con rest dex

Scout 3 is your way to go really.

I got 2 of them, also got a reiter with running shot. Reiter falls flat in comparison towards scout 3 (Everything really ). the clear speed is really fast with scout 3 in the 130 dungeon.

You basically just walk through the maps. Think about aoe running shot that’s what split arrow is.

To give you a idea, a str based with top gear + high attributes you will clear it without any issue in sub 10 minutes. Full clear of every monster + bosses.

With dex build, average gear and mid level attributes ( 50% ), you will clear it in 15 minutes.

easy 700k every day in 45 minutes. Follow the idreamy guide.

i am going for a dex build because of the evasion and rank 8 scaling
are you saying that str is better? i’m gonig dex because i already got a full str archer (my fletcher) and its just very hard to clear like that

btw sorry for the 2 accounts, thought i lost my password for this 1.[quote=“Gatygun, post:19, topic:324102”]
Follow the idreamy guide.

im not going rogue 1, im going archer 3 scout 3 musket[quote=“Gatygun, post:19, topic:324102”]
easy 700k every day in 45 minutes.

let me tell you a secret
145 dungeon gives 350k a run, 1m a day easily :slight_smile:
240 dungeon gives 450k a run if you can handle that, my current swordy can’t hoping my new archer will