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Best farming archer build?

i’d rather get a proper rank 7 class, the damage from this classes is much better.

I see…

After watching few more videos I noticed the gap between R3 and QS3.
How about this:

Multi shot goes to 10. Heavy shot goes to 1.
You will have a free point from archer tree to do whatever you want in the archer tree.

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I noticed the amount of arrow = skill level.
The mergen shoots some arrows, definitely not enough arrows to hit each mob.
However, the low amount of arrows -> impact explodes and hits all mobs (with Circling), similar to multishot.
I don’t know if it relies on +AAR, a low mob AoEdef, or both.

Back on Track, since this is only for Farming as the OT says,

I’d Go for A2 > R1 > Scout3

since this is only for ‘farming’ why bother go beyond R7? i mean, literally for me, when you say ‘farming’, i just log him in > runs 3 dungeon > done. :smile_cat:

Unless you want Pardoner selling buffs. :blush:

because there are going to be new dungeons at rank 8? attributes go up to 150m, i imagine silver scaling goes up too.

and so does the mob’s hp. split arrow damage would fall off by then. better get a proper rank 8 class, imo.

musket c2
cannoneer c2
all viable options that has nice synergy with scout 3
the reason i’d take my scout to rank 8 is because then i would be able to solo 240 dungeon or 217 dungeons (which give more silver, my friend already checked that.)
with lvl 330 stats and probably musket or cannoneer c2 (have to decide) i’d probably be stronger
means more efficient farming

the problem still lies on the character.

Farmer = less expenditure, gain more silver.

Unless you’re really into running your toon for the ‘newer’ dungeons, which means higher expenses for gears and attribute as well. (which is investing a lot of times to level it also)

also, the reason why i said R6 is enough for farming, is because of the Ktos experience gain on gap. using your toon at Rank 6 (i assume level180++) everyday will slowly gain level exp in 145D, and if you got extra time, as well as mercenary instances too for EXP/SILVERS. in due time it will evolve itself into higher levels. and might be able to solo 217 Dungeon, who knows :smile_cat:

as for me, and as for what you are looking for. a Farmer toon should be at minimal expense while gaining a lot. if you’re going to level your ‘farmer’ up to R8, i think that isn’t right to call it a toon farmer anymore. :sunglasses:

I wonder about how it hit all mob in the circling because homing type must target nearly mob 1st same as when barrage bug it’s can’t breakthougth to the back line.

If it really a homing misslie it can’t set target in center or middle(for set explode useful) of circling right?

but in this clip it like a homing misslie drive to hit all mob. (but I really don’t know how many hit per mob. (missle dmg = 8k mob hp 25k right?)

That why i think it not hit because of explode like multishot. But it run to hit everymob until it hit something that have aoe defend. similar to Magic Missile,Electrocute case.

Hello there, will just chime into the conversation to leave a simple question on this subject cuz I’ve been reading so much about this and can’t find a conclusion …

I’ve been thinking about making a farm character… I’ve played diablo 3 before and I end every season playing 90% of the time speed farming stuff with my farming build and wanted to do smth of the liking here in tos…

Chill and farm, effectively… as effective as it can be … this is … compared with other builds at r8 ( even comparing with other classes builds other than archers ) …

I was going to do a Scout 3 but I want to know if it will still be meta for farming … whatever effective farm is in this game being it field farm or whatever …

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: and also what would be the best variant for scout 3 … thinking about either a2-r1-sc3-r1-mergen or the same but with musk2 at the last ranks … Need to know the stat build for both tough since I don’t know if I need dex in rogue build. .

Thanks again

The issue I have with scout3 mergen1 (or musket 2) vs sr3 is the issue of attribute investment and viability for multiple roles.

Scout3 is purely only for farming, so whatever tens of millions of silver you invested into it, it will never be more than just a silver farmer. Also, the combined attribute costs of split arrow and mergen rank8 skills makes it extremely expensive to attribute. It’s build that’s it’s only good for farming lower level content, and doesn’t seem to fair well at all for 280+ level farming.

On the other hand, SR3 Is also a fast low level farmer, but it can also double as a core dps member for any content that requires high levels of aoe damage (uphill defense, earth tower, general grinding). The more silver you invest into an SR3 char, it becomes viable for more end-game content beyond just farming. Also, it fairs much better against high level content because of its huge burst aoe potential (retreat shot is 30 hits on 15-16 enemies in 10 seconds, forward shot is 30 hits On 5-6 enemies in 10 seconds).

If you want to just make a low level dungeon farmer and don’t want to invest anymore beyond that, scout3 is a good choice.

If you want to make a farmer than can also double as an incredibly strong aoe dps for end-game content, SR3 is the way to go.

Thanks for the awnser right away…

Well my thing is that I’m really into scout 3 gameplay style… and im not really the kind of person that invests in much more than a character . Unless I’m tired of the first choice …

Dont u think scout 3 ( when properly attributed and geared ) ( combining with mergen prob ) won’t still be top tier for endgame farm ? And I mean essentially solo farm or duo farm … taking in consideration also the handwork ull need to do with a scout ( mouse only xD ) and any other eventually bit better choice we might get at r8?

The point for me is understanding If those lv300 mobs will be more viable to farm than those we already have … and I mean field farm aswell… after u run out of dungeons … and if they are… as I asked before… dont u think that a well geared scout will still surpAss most classed and builds when it comes to the sole matter of effective field and dungeon farm?

Note: I think I messed the paragraphs but I’m in my phone and it’s a mess… sorry xD the idea is there tough …

EdIT: Thanks!

if you want to get a farming / endgame R8 char. go for SR3 instead.,

But if you really love to play Scout3,i think you need to grab a Falc 1 atleast, A2 > R1 > SC3 > Falc1 > ??

@greyhiem already posted some Scout3 Field play somewhere, where he uses Barrier then spam Split arrows.

Most of the footage we’ve seen of scout3 in 300+ map is that they struggle a lot against 250k hp mobs.

But are those 250k hp mobs worth to farm? I mean, for any build? Compared to the maps we have now open field?

The video from grey showcased a Scout struggling a bit but he doesn’t use mergen skills for example and also he is not that optimized from the numbers we see…

Also, Why falcon1? Really don’t know how it works with scout :slight_smile:

Isn’t rogue better? Allowing me to spec full STR with a bit of CON?

Thanks a lot for the help u both :wink:

EDIT: Also the problem with SR is that he doesn’t have as much persistent chilled damage as the Scout and also that I don’t really like mounted classes ;p So only if it is double as effective I’d trade for it… lemme know. .

i don’t think so, end game content isn’t really soloable
you’ll be getting a party for ET anyway if you want to play scout 3 play scout 3 240+ dungeons are not soloable anyway.
You won’t be soloing a rank 8 dungeon by yourself, not with an SR 3, not with a musket and not with any archer.
build scout 3 if you like it, going cannoneer musket or mergen is ur choice they are all good (if you go mergen, i agree that falconer is kinda the best choice)
and if you want to go ET just get a party, don’t bother soloing end game content stuff.

Also the problem with SR is that he doesn’t have as much persistent chilled damage as the Scout

Uh, yes they do. Limacon got turned into a Running Shot buff for your pistol on ktos.

Focusing on Scout, farming and farming, and when I start feeling tired of maining a farming build then I’ll switch , having my pockets full of silver and able to get full endgame gear at lv170 on the new toon… If I ever get tired of it…

Now, talking scout , what would be the most viable build atm to complement the main focus of the build? Solo farm?

A2-R1-Scout3-Rog1-Mergen1 ( allows full STR and capture can get flare shot and also a mergen skill from what I heard, forgot the name tough ) ( 1st choice atm )

Same but with musk 2 at the end? Just hearing wonders of musk 2 so… might help in bossing while sacrificing overall clear speed at the field…( stats? Hmmm)

Falconer in detriment of Rogue in the first build is worth it ? Knowing I can’t go full STR aswell and so on…


Thanks for all the help so far…