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Best farming archer build?

You’re Sw3 or PelHop? How long does it usually take for you to do 1 full run in 130? I wanna try it too but I though having Pelt might be significantly faster (I’m Sw3).

This is an archer thread, sorry.

It is not like 1 char slot costs that much.

And why this thread got a link to the cata 3 thread?

I dunno, I find it ridiculous someone can’t afford a char slot for 33tp when IMC has been giving us free tp for the last few weeks.

Also strange how someone is willing to sink dozens of hours into this game, but can’t justify spending $9.

hi, how about this build? archer2>ranger1>scout3>falconer1?
r8 maybe mergen coz mergen use 2hand bow

I haven’t read all or don’t remember what went on in the entire thread but how did someone asking about what is the best farming archer build end up arguing with everyone instead? :'D

Definitely viable.
You still have circling + multishot.
Swapping A3 for r1 means you will get steady aim buff, and barrage helps early levels.

scout 3 if you want to spam dungeons, generally used as a dungeon farming build however if you want end game content farmer and pve that can go to ET you can also go SR c3. Might wanna go SR 3 if you are going to main that character
i am going scout 3 since im not going to main it, just a dungeon farming archer for dailies.

and what if i spent it on something else? or what if i already bought a char slot and made another character? ever thought about that? [quote=“sudonim7, post:161, topic:324102”]
Also strange how someone is willing to sink dozens of hours into this game, but can’t justify spending $9.
why would i spend $9 on a free game? its free, means i don’t have to pay for it.
As far as i know this game is free, as long as its free i will not pay a penny.

Regarding the subject of this topic, some builds were presented, here are some videos that present some mentioned builds:

Archer 3 Scou3 SR 1

iDreamy build:

Archer 2 QS3 SR 3


Wow, that scout3 SR1 setup looks surprisingly effective. Retreat shot + Split Arrow seems to be great for clearing out rooms of mobs.

The most depressing thing about the QS3 footage is that his running shot autoattack is about twice as fast as ours in iToS. Sad Times.


Here’s some Ranger3 SR3 footage

Oww from vid I really wonder how homing arrow works.
is one bullet hit all mob in circling or just hit mob nearly target like multi shot.

if it hit all mob in circling (5hit per target) that mean ADR 0’s req. falcon route only.

if it hit nearly target that mean can replece with High AAR.

How does an SR take up 2 character slots if you main a catagoon? You already have a pet? Also, I did not know about oblique shot not interrupting retreat shot. I only used z attacks until they fixed it. Good to know.

Can somebody tell me if this build is viable for solo PvE/farming?

I really have no idea how to build an archer so for the meantime I’m just gonna copy this build until I have enough understanding to build my own.
I plan to put my stats mostly on STR then a little bit of CON. Not sure about DEX though.

Don’t trust me 100% on this but I think you can ignore DEX since you already have Sneak Hit. You’ll just have to stack on lv.10 Werewolf Cards (if they do stack).

Getting an overupped high-level gloves with lv.6+ green gems is recommended too.

You might have problems in terms of surviving though since you’ll have very low evasion and p.Def (unless your CON is about 50+ and you wear full plate set).

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Thank you for the tip :slight_smile: I’ll make my first archer now

If we’re taking the R8 update into account, QS3 is essentially being made redundant on an SR3 build, they both have a running-shot esque buff, so it doesn’t make as much sense to run QS3 with SR3 as it did before.

Archer1 Ranger3 Rogue1 would have more synergy, but some skills like Feint will dismount you when used.

Archer3 Ranger1 Rogue1 is another variant that trades ranks 2/3 of ranger for a stronger multishot, which scales very well with more levels invested and aoe ratio gear.

Archer1 Ranger3 Archer2 is the standard ktos meta though, you can never go wrong with that.

i really don’t understand the point of everyone trying to convince me to make an SR
i just don’t want to.

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I’m not trying to convince anyone either way, it was just a question.

That A3Sc3SR1 build is more and more interesting every time I look at it. I don’t like the thought of investing into another split arrow attribute though.

At this point this thread is more of a compendium of information for farming builds now, regardless of your preferences

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