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Auto Attack (A2/QS3/x/x) Guide

is it okay for me to pump 100 to dex and then rest into str? is the distribution optimal

I’m new and confused here. How do I interpret the stat ratios? Does a 2:1 STR DEX build mean that:

a) Every 3 levels I put 2 points into STR and 1 point into DEX.


b) After putting in points, your final STR value should always be 2 times more than your final DEX.

There are huge differences between those two interpretations, as they both lead to completely different stat values.

your a) option :slight_smile:
level 1:
1 str 1 dex
level 2:
2 str 1 dex
level 3:
3 str 1 dex
level 4:
3 str 2 dex
level 5:
4 str 2 dex
level 6:
5 str 2 dex
level 7:
5 str 3 dex
and keep going.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Would be nice if it was possible to trade them once, just as ingridients.

But with current system you can’t just get it if you really want it, only by luck. You need to farm like 30k mobs for a really good chance to get 1 monster gem, it’s a job for a bot, not a human.

And yeah, I haven’t seen monster gems for R7 skills, I doubt they exist.

Regarding Cafrisun, I agree that ot won’t make a big difference in damage later on, unless you have a really great headgear with elemental damage. It makes a huge difference though, if you have 3x3 elemental damage headgears with med to high stats.

And if you have a good tank you don’t really need high defense.

I agree that for QS3 220 is a good level to upgrade. For archer3 vubbe gauntlets are also extremely good, making multishot effectively AoE.

Also lolopanther leather set will provide much more damage than cafrisun.

Wasn’t that formula proven to be incorrect? But as I know, with high DEX build 100% is still achievable with decent gear and swift step + kneeling shot attributes.

gratz on figuring that out by yourself but we kind of know that for like 5 months now and have been using that formula to calculate damage since then.

Running shot is additional attack tho.

He kinda links to the reddit version of that thread within his same post though.

Not sure why he didnt just use it to begin with rather than re-proving it, but well, let’s just say he does know about it at least.

And about Running Shot, does it actually cause another line of damage to show up like Sacrament and Cafrisun do?

Well it does cause another line of damage to show up, but it is really weird, like part of RS damage is added to both numbers. Not sure is it a real one more “attack” or just some number (need to test with blessing or something like that…)

hm… i’ve been keeping str and dex consistently close but knowing that cannoneer benefits more from dex puts me at a pretty bad position.

currently lvl 185 with 200str/146dex and 33 so far in con.

am i gimped with cannoneer or should i just pump dex until cap knowing that it will eventually be raised?

Hey all,

Great work on this thread so far it’s helped a lot, I haven’t really stuck to a formula on stat dist and plan on resetting quite soon.

I’m currently lvl 83 A1>QS3 with Arde + Grand Cross Combo, 3 head gears, (str, crit chance & ele dmg) and must say loving running shot!

I’m currently looking at the Deadborn Scap Gem, and wanted to know if it was actually in the game at the moment, and whether it’s the lvl 55 mob in Novaha Institute. I’ve been looking around and there isn’t any thing concrete i’ve found so far.

if you could give me your stats and the min-max range of your actual damage on a given target as well as any attributes that would affect it, I could figure it out.

It’d be even better if you could get the damage range as small as possible (low level xbow + some min attack+ stat somewhere) and if you hit stuff when the Missile debuff isnt active.

That is, if you want to go through the trouble of figuring it out ;x;

Yes I feel dumb. I was going off of EternalRift’s calculation post.

Running shot isn’t an additional attack. It just splits one attack into two numbers. There are some other skills that do this. Its very misleading and inconsistent, but that is ToS for you.

You can check whether something does additional attacks by hitting destructible objects like in the first part of the Sauilai mission. You see 1 damage for each separate attack. With Running Shot on, you only see one attack, no additional attacks.

With Sacrament and Cafrisun, you see 3 instances of 1 damage.

QS3/A3 in Earth Tower. Pavise being used to defend from the front and turtle in Barrier. Seems to me that Pavise is blocking the fireballs.

Tower lvl 3. Seems like a defend the flag level. Looks like Pavise is used a bit to help defend vs arrows from the northeast and northwestish.

Tower 5. Seems this is the level that gives the cube. So you need to be able to do ET 1 to 5 to get any reward. Guessing that means ET 10 is next reward.

Anyway, seems like they crushed this boss in about a guy almost got 1 shot halfway thru, and survived with low hp. Get more hp people or you will get 1 shot.

Seems floor 2 was a dps race and floor 4 was a survival/ mechanics floor.

Anyway, go go gadget auto attack archer. This was the same team the whole time.

What do you think about 1str-1dex stat priority?

I think 1:1 is the most future proof. We don’t know what kind of balance changes are going to happen, what the final Rank 8 to 10 circles will look like, and what gear will look like 281+.

It’ll give you room to adjust if balance swings heavily towards one side or the other.

Just hit lv 170 to finally euip my mana-mana, let me tell you, the extra aoe ratio along with vubbe gloves (3 aoe ratio), is making a big difference while questing and grinding… i guess most mobs had 2 aoe def ratio, its why multishot never hitted anything twice… now with 3 aoe ratio… its fun to watch !

Im lvl 13 in class, and i dont want to hit 15 yet, as i havent decided if i should go falc or a3 … i mostly play solo, so im leaning into a3, but i heard its godly for groups, which i dont do much… #hardchoices, #noragrets :frowning:

Hello! I’m new to the game and still trying to figure things out.

I was wondering what attributes you’d recommend for my character? My archer will be going A1 > QS1 > QS2 > QS3 > A2 > Falconer > Musketeer. And I figured having a 2:1:1 (Str:Dex:Con) allocation would be pretty safe (though I may be wrong huhu). Any and all help will be thoroughly appreciated.

Kudos to such a great thread!

All the attributes o.o

If you haz monies, buy some damage. I suggest equips first though and attributes later.