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Announcement on the DLC & TP Products and F2P Transition

If i` not mistaken on Blade and Soul launch was smth like blocked servers on rotation, it wasnt so bad. im playing on EU server and even now for me sometimes is hard to find mobs for questing etc

Founder’s (P2P players) = Telsiai
Freeloaders (F2P players) = Varena

nuff’ said.

I will not force you to agree with me but know that there’s more to it than meets the eye. I will not go further into our convo. You’ve made your point, I’ve made my. In the end, we both know we’re stand and we’re entitled to voice out our opinions.

I do hope that in the foreseeable future that less people complains about things that are inevitable. If it affects you then do something about it, don’t just sit there and do nothing. Make a solid argument and no one would take you as a joke. There are always two side on an argument.

Have a good day. I like people like you who believe in what they believe in. Don’t ever let other people dictate how you live your life, well maybe take some important advice. Don’t falter!! It’s your life after all.

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Np i`m pretty chill :smiley: did not feel any pressure.

And i do hope that on future IMC will communicate with us more.

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What choice? How is X supposed to know that IMC was going to make a new server and put all the f2p players on that and make the current server exclusive?

If they even had the choice, they wouldn’t be complaining here, because they would have chosen the f2p server to play with their friends.

I think IMC should offer a team transfer from Telsiai to Varena with player who want to join with their friends. but They might face with more bot and more goldseller.

Telsiai should be had first time to access like founder’s pack.

On the other hand, Telsiai is F2P and the new server is exclusive server then offer a team transfer from Telsiai to Varena for player who want to go to exclusive server before Telsiai change to F2P.

(sorry for my english)

I felt it since the early days of the early access. IMC kept opening up new servers and mentioned a sudden influx of players. Not that surprising. If you actually think about it, why would they open the EU server 4hrs after the release? Why would they open up SEA server few weeks later and why would they open up BR servers 4 weeks later? Why does Tel kept on having error and maintenance? Aren’t these indicators that the servers are overpopulated and that they need a new one?

It’s an early access things can pretty much turn 360 degrees before the official release. Nothing’s certain as of yet. Well maybe X shouldn’t have used his/ het dlc as soon as he/ she have gotten them. Then maybe, X isn’t sulking right now.

The game wasn’t supposedly be open anyways. IMC originally planned a 3 month early access but the community voted 1 month. Now, see what it did!! We chose this, the majority voted for 1 month and look where it got us? Live with it.

If you actuallu try to see the bigger picture, you’ll see that it would end this way.

Have a good day :slight_smile:

We still have a bigger problem than this though, optimisation. That I hope they improve!!

Saying that they have a month is putting it nicely. We don’t even know how temporary this will really be.

There are better ways to remedy over-populated servers.

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Someone posted a link earlier. I breeze through it, IMC mentioned that they will be offering 1 time server transfer 3 weeks after release. IDK how credible that it but it was an official announcement.

What means “region specific”? The price will be different based on local currency(SA) X dollar currency(Orsha) or will be there specif packs for different regions?

Will the the content be changed on pack 1,2 and 3 or not?

Is it worth to enjoy the actual 50% in dollar price or wait for the new price to come up?

This announcement was made before they delayed the f2p release which probably means that the new worlds they were talking about was probably SEA, EU and SA server. The 1 time transfer was probably for SEA, EU and SA servers. They’d probably offer that 1 time transfer for f2p players too but since the new servers was created before f2p they only offered it for the people who paid. Telsiai is currently overcrowded that’s why they closed it for f2p players for now and decided to make another sea server.

I’d like to say that the $10 DLC pack also left the store “temporarily”. And now? Well… :joy:

Honestly the main thing here is that they’re banking on the fact that poorly handled games don’t get a influx of players soon after launch. If you think about it there’s no reason for this to be “temporary” - it’s not like the situation at Telsiai will improve over night. Sure this might be temporary, but it will last at least a couple months - by then there will be no new players joining the game and people will be estabilished in Varena already.

I’m not affected by this, i’m not on Telsiai, but it saddens me that after all this time they’re STILL so poorly prepared - despite tens of thousands of people literally throwing money their way to play.

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IMC mother says you can’t hang out with your friends anymore. Better a new one be made for newcomers than the existing one exploding.

Wow can’t believe you even post ur shity drama here when you sir open a new thread bravo. Stop sticking ur shity ass into SEA server. Just bc we disagree with your OPINION calling people white knight, you sir having an issue not us. But I doubt you didnt even understanding $$$ is everything. W/o $$$ I don’t believe you sir even existence right now.

Ps half the whine including @Athem from EU b!tching when fail to understand the word TEMPORARILY definition. Bravo EU regional player, even my English are worst but at least I understand, lol.

Disagree with an opinion = reasoning against it. Saying it’s bullshit and bad cause IMC is nice and they are my saviors = white knighting.

As I said…it’s ok. 1 year and there will be only 2 thing. White knights and IMC. You will be very happy with the max 5k player stuck with Tree of Koreanhandledmmo.

I do understand temporary but it seems you can’t read…must be not your english but your capability of reading. I said the problem with this that it’s basicly an EA for SEA server where they are just divided for more time. So basicly their friends will start overthere while they are still playing on the old server.

Time pass, their friends will have normal toons too, somebody has to move. However need bonds will be made and that means problems. Who should transfer and who should be left behind? (If there will be transfers for them.)

If there wont be, they have to wait a couple of weeks instead of start to play, cause that would be meaningless… Or they will just say : “Screw it, I wont play it.”

I mean…try to defend IMC and try to attack my points, but I already answered most of these things , but white knights can’t read.

all the time wasted leveling and farming and transfering to SEA server!! now u tell us we cant play with friends on F2P? BS!!

Nooooooooo. I want to play with my friends. :frowning:

Everyone on telsai is already residing on Fedimian. Low level maps are currently a “ghost town”. It is still ok for F2P players to create account on telsai.

or I hope IMC will have a pre-registration for telsai that is limited on a certain amount of players.

Hey man go back to ur EU server it isn’t your problems why trying so hard ranting? Like I say you either stupidity or beyond reason to understand everything cost $$$ if you sir don’t understand then for god sake STOP living down the basement under your parent, lol.

Yup, you are just disagreeing with my opinion with mature and well developed reasoning. Not a white knight at all… :smiley: I just made some points and all you do is: "Herp derp IMC IS GOD!! Herp derp I’m 14 y old an I love this game! Don’t you dare say anything bad derp! YOU ARE WRONG DERP!

Haha 1 more points to IMC Fails!!!