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Announcement on the DLC & TP Products and F2P Transition

You are talking about something else. The transfers were already done. There are no statements regarding to transfers now. Herp derp…

Are you a professional moron or gifted idiot? It is clearly stated this is for f2p transition, which never happened yet.


i`m not pointing fingers or anything, but people dont rage w/o reasons and previous decisions / news/ announcements makes bad rep. So nothing is taken from thin air. Yea i agree they probably made decisions with best intentions in mind, but w/o communication with players every new decision seems just blunt. I would recommend to IMC communicate with players more not only when forums are about to explode of rage from bad decisions . For me its little funny that their plans for TP/EA/DLCs are always ahead of real fixes etc its seems even bots are not their priority, cuz lets face it bot accounts bring them money too right now. And baning bots right now is like pumping out water of sinking ship.

Sigh…I mean it that you are just stupid. Look closely. The last 2 week was already about transfering. They already had restrictions there.

Not to mention that even that they would let them transfer again from the new servers (cause these servers are the new ones): wait a couple of week to let f2p server hit, wait another couple of week to actually transfer.

The new server transfer was about that: if they open a sea,eu,sa server they will be able to transfer. They did it sooner.

You know…just like they announced that they will open EU server after F2P, but they did it 4 hour after actually leanching EA.

Sigh… I give up. Too many white knights. I hope this will game die in the tears of the white knights. You don’t have to wait much… Steam reviews are strating to go negative again. I’m happy about it. That’s what you and IMC deserves. :smiley:

Professional moron or gifted idiot? Which one is it? Try reading the whole announcement again then MAYBE I’ll treat you like a normal person.

I am usually cool with most of the downsides of the game as long as it is not game breaking (e.g. the previous repeatable quest glitch) but this is rather bad. I think it would be best if IMC states their stand on this decision as many players has already voiced out their opinion regarding the exclusivity of Telsiai.

The current problems I believe most people are unhappy about is that new players are unable to join their friends in old servers. This pretty much defeats the purpose of Early Access and is also going to cause a segregation between players which was what IMC previously wanted to avoid which caused the change in decision from 3 months early access to 1 month.

This part is purely my personal opinion but as a new player I am less inclined to join a server that has been not only had a head start due to early access but also a temporary closure due to this as it will be a lot less fun in playing major elements of the game. By the time Telsiai reopens to public, everyone would be so far ahead that you are less likely to find parties to do dungeons, face harsh competition fighting bosses along with minor other issues like KSing and such. This would eventually kill Telsiai which should not be what you intended to do.

A suggestion, which I’m sure would have been discussed by your (IMC’s) dev team already is to just upgrade the server instead of dividing the server into two. Why you did or did not choose this option is not something any of us know, but I personally will definitely want to know why this was not the decision made.


I think people are not gonna care how you treat anyone. Why? Cause I wouldn’t care how an idiot treats me.

Point taken. However, try reading all my posts in this thread and you’ll see where I’m at. And then you tell me what you think :slight_smile:

You don’t even know what is happening, do you?

ok i will, i just continued my opinion at same Reply

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People are whining they can’t play with their friends etc, and begs for server transfer to the new server when it is stated on previous announcement every founder players will be able to transfer to the new server 3 weeks after f2p arrive.

Only you do…you are special…very…special… :smiley:

As a last note, you might want to check your eyes or learn how the quote in this forum work because my [quote=“yazidjalal, post:228, topic:243043, full:true”]
Professional moron or gifted idiot? Which one is it? Try reading the whole announcement again then MAYBE I’ll treat you like a normal person.

is not even intended for you.

The less I know about what’s happening that involves you, the happier I am. Have fun trolling people with your thread. You are totally showing the world how smart and educated you are. :slight_smile:

You and the other 200+ users that commented on begging server transfer and whining on they can’t play with their friends on the new server are the special ones. Sorry, it should be retarded. I have given you the proof of that you’ll get a team transfer 1 week after f2p server open, yet you still blindly beating around the bush. This is not even showing facts anymore, its about you trying to win.

Oh and I do know this is not intended for me, but what I posted was intended for you :smiley:

How much are the TPs?

Will you make a Circle Reset Potion that costs TP?

Blocking character creation on a full server is pretty common practice. The fact that people are surprised/upset by this makes me wonder how many of you have ever played an MMO before. Sure it’s a bit annoying but the server is ■■■■■■■ overflowing.

What would you prefer they do?

  1. Keep allowing new players onto the server until its so laggy the game instantly crashes as soon as you log in making the game 100% unplayable to everyone on Telsiai?

  2. TEMPORARILY stop people from making any more characters on that server and open a second server for that region?

Those are your two options.


Then you’re pretty dumb then since I’ve literally given all these whiners what they want. A transfer to the new server, which is on last week announcement. Spoon fed 24/7 and still these players don’t even know jack ■■■■.

That is only a small part of the equation. All channels from every zone are still all running on the same server instance of the game on the same hardware somewhere. It doesn’t actually scale the number of supported people based on how many channels it shows.

The server hardware itself can probably only hold maybe ~5000 people total and where they are and what channel they are on doesn’t really effect how hard the server has to work.