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Announcement on the DLC & TP Products and F2P Transition

no problem :slight_smile: but i have baaaaaaad feeling about f2p launch, and i hope i`m wrong. Still after a month there is no solution for bot problem only restrictions for players, which dont solve the problem. Only fighting with aftermath of problem dont solve it.

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This is a bit sad for those people who spent a lot of money on Telsiai server while waiting for their friends to play and then they see this. That means they have no choice but start over again just to play with their friend that waited for f2p or more waiting for their friends until the Telsiai opens up again.

Smh, i feel sad for you guys.


“Temporarily exclusive”
so the server will be open later on but no one knows when , they’re just pushing through with their promise of F2P, even when they’re having problems with the overpopulated server. let your friends wait for another week or month :smile: or let them play on the new server let them explore first.

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Did they say FTP??

can i join your guild ?XD

so who is planning to leave all their hardwork hours and move to the new server Verana from a 2 DLC pack purchaser player :((

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I bet this is gonna cause another big debate on the forums once again. Meh my friends are already playing anyway :smirk:

For the love of god just make this game a B2P.

I’m not sure how big it needs to be for the players to actually READ but :

I wish we could make it giant, red, shiny, etc., but we can’t, so you need to calm down and read everything carefully before starting the next WW.

I am just saddened about this part :

It means as a European playing on a NA server I’ll never be able to recharge TP… Except if I stop playing with my usual gamer buddies and go to Fedimian, but meh~
It makes sense though since some European countries will have TP for super cheap because of how Steam works (although I know my prices will be even higher than the NA ones~)

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don#t u think it would make sense that u could purchase the NA tp bundles than ?

How about it…if we … let’s see… get your account and temporary wont let you play with anybody who is on your friendlist? For…let’s see…how about 1 month? Of course if you don’t have friends, I can understand your opinion.

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If I buy an EA DLC 1 right now can I use it on May 10 for Verena server

It’s funny, people complaining about the overload on the servers, then IMC does something about it and people still complaining :ok_hand:

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I’d love to do the same. That “temporarily” shining and popping into a 3D effect into the fat faces of these children that never played a MMO released with locked server char creation. Would be awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think so. You can try playing and check a server up. Just don’t open your dlc in-game until Verena opens its door. I think you’ll be fine if you do this.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

They could do better things. Let them transfer now, so they will have 2 normally populated servers.

There is always something wrong on IMC annoucements.

Why do some people only see the bad side?

Why do people always seek out faults of a person/ company/ business first?

I wonder why…

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Oh boy. I think IMC was too generous too often. All this whining with every new announcement. They say the server is full and they are temporarily prevent new players from joining it. What is so hard to understand?

“But they only have to increase the capacity bla!”…yeah and maybe they only have to perform some rituals for the machine spirit… :unamused:


Please shut up. IMC already stated they will be giving the founder players a 1-time team transfer once f2p servers are open so you can transfer to your friends.

I can’t believe there are 200+ of the same bullsh1t comments of “now I can’t play with my friend” and “imc please give us transfer” when they already stated they will do so. You retards just love to whine without even checking the previous announcement which dated last freaking week.

Entitled idiots.

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