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Announcement on Recent Client Optimization and Implementation of Cross Server Party Matching

Greetings, Saviors.

We would like to announce good news regarding Recent Client Optimization Changes and the Implementation of Cross Server Party Matching.

Please check the links below for the announcement. Thank you.

Recent Client Optimization :

Party Matching :

IMC Staff


What about this?:


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You know, usually I wouldn’t put it in these words, but… WTF IMC?
@STAFF_MAX, may I inform you that there are more Steam Servers than Klaipeda and Orsha.

So please tell me that the Client optimization stuff also applies for all steam clients…?

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TL;DR for the Optimization thingy for casuals like me?

With all the optimization measures applied, we witnessed an increase of approximately 2.5 times in minimum FPS. We were able to see that the gaming environment was improved greatly by the fact that by raising the minimum FPS allowed the game to maintain at least 60 FPS on the testing specifications.

As i understand them they are 2 separate news:

  • optimization for all
  • cross server matchmaking for Klaipeda and Orsha.

@STAFF_Max is just a bad poster.


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They’re testing the cross servers matchmaking system on those servers. Read the news next time ?

Please consider to test your optimisation patch on laggy servers like SEA or SA server because I do have all effects disabled on Eu server and no my FPS do not change from 20 to 60 FPS specialy in town and high populated map.

But thank you for the explanation.

Also, I’m happy that you’re taking a look at the dungeons, they need tweaks specialy the search party. I began with other players to make a compile of feedback about that:

At the moment the most regular problem that players are reporting on the forum at the bad behavior (like AFKers) this can be resolved with a vote to kick system like in other mmorpgs.

I figured. They still have to improve on communication though. The OP of this thread was quite inaccurate…

Awesome info. Optimization is the most important part in this game right now.

@STAFF_MAX its all good and everything but neither your post nor dev blog contain ETA when you will roll this patch with optimizations.

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Thank you very much IMC! This sounds great!

I’m against this for some reasons like:
1- You don’t know the lag issues this guy have
2- With cross party matching, we will have another charpter of racist and xenophofic behavior.
3- A group can kick anyone for “noob game play”

People are inclined to do bad things for nothing and enable vote kick in search party, only will give them the tools to frustate another players.
Afkers already have their penalty: xp loss.

Boss rushers annoys more than afkers trust me.

Can you please do something about the region lock issue? People playing otside of their region bc of friends are waiting for the news in every announcemnt. We want to be able to pay too.

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You get that the other servers are having some “nice” issues and a cross-server system for them right now will make things even more “nice”?

You are getting good FPS, i sometimes even on an empty map, depending on the background (Septnyr Glen for example) when i go close to the goddess jail, that black pulse on the jail make my FPS drop from 60 to 20. So it is bad utilized effects as far as i can get. Of course the game still need optimization on other areas too.

I just wish they add 64 bits support.

Add button to disable all fancy graphics. Just outlines and simple fill of skills and environment. Except player models ofc.

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This is some serious improvement and effort being seen on optimization. Thank you very much for taking this part of the game’s improvement so seriously. These immediate changes will certainly help everyone; after you also implement improved multi-core and gpu utilization, I’m sure the vast majority of players will see huge improvements and stability in their fps. So again, great work on this. ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

Thank you for the news and detailed explanation in the posts.I was also hoping for an ETA,but right now I can be somewhat content just seeing the effort being made here.

And this.I know a number of people doing this who would like an answer to their problem and it’s a pretty big one,so a statement would be nice.

I don’t think afkers will treat xp loss as a penalty because most of them aren’t goin for the exp but the loots they get.

Isn’t the optimazation thing part of the next patch? They attached the link under the main changes in patch notes found here.