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Announcement on Recent Client Optimization and Implementation of Cross Server Party Matching

Thank you very much IMC. This is a very good step forward. :smiley:

Good job fixing the Draw calls issue… Cabal II also suffers from that same Draw calls issue and the publisher of that game refuses to fix it

This is what I expect of serious devs.
Very interesting post, continue on this way :slight_smile:

If a player sucks, he shouldn’t be rewarded with free gear and exp. He should get better by reading guides or familiarizing themselves with their class. A vote to kick system would be wonderful, because it wouldn’t force players to be social with people they have no desire to be social with.

Thats why imc will never change this system :grin:
People aren’t perfect and they do mistakes every time.
You must deal with it in you life. A vote will force kicked player to com forum open threads complaining and imc surely would turn back to this mode again.

It’s either the player gets voted out of the group, or the good members disband the group and make a new one without the dead weight. It’s how most MMOs work.

If you suck, people don’t wanna play with you.

So why you don’t make your own party to go?
Anyway I really don’t need anyone with me :wink:

Same here … until today (30/05/2016 about 00:30) i got dc …
then my game stuck on this screen …


Max, now we are unable to enter instance dungeon, please help!!

error! after the recent patch…how to fix this?

This optimization doesn’t seem to improve anything. The optimized codes were tested on an empty map that wasn’t practical. The numerical result was just an illusion. IMC has literally wasted its time on optimizing nothing. :pensive:


i don’t really feel the optimization does much effect to me but i heard some better quality n smoother from others…

the only problem we’re really facing is mercenery post que issue…TELSIAI

its horrible that 3 / 4 hours cant finish 3 run…

Yea about that, EU server 2 anytime soon? I’m waiting with a few friends to start on that, like atm i gonna raise a third char to cap even though a lot of the isues have been fixed and my friends don’t wanna start on fedi cause well, the race is fun isn’t it?

I don’t get this ‘optimization’ i have now half the fps from before it >.>'
and that in low mode and all but 'show other character’s effect] off

I’m not sure it’ll happen soon.
From what I see, Fedimian is far from filled.

EU Server has big issues with Q Times…
but please can we Q for the Dungeon and then return to Questing or do other stuff? Its realy killing the Game if you’re locked in place and wait 2-3 hours just to do a Dungeon 3 times

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