AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


Feel free to post more salt and stupidity below


Everyone that isn’t in Melody notices that you are all wrong. I admire you backing your guildmates, but you will always be in the wrong here.

Sorry kid.


You’re just delusional and a troll. But it’s funny to see clowns who whaled the fck out of the game, like you, trying to justify this behavior and pretend gold sellers won’t use it as a method to make and sell silver.


Funny part is that whaling for silver isn’t really as lucrative for the cost. (Coming from someone who whaled on this game since release) Most of the whales have RMT’d before, because before Goddess cube drops, the only way to gain huge silver with TP were Tokens. Even now they offer a better price since Tokens have deflated.

It’s really sad to see people try to cover up the reality of the situation. Many players have RMT’d. Bots don’t sell if people don’t buy, and when people are buying, they’re going to be repeating customers. Just like TP whalers, RMT buyers are motivated by in game silver. They whale just the same, and if not whale in both TP and RMT.

Therefore, if they were banned, the market wouldn’t contain ANY RMT ITEMS.

Bhikku I’m like 95% someone you know or yourself have bought silver before.


not everyone only impetus and u, sorry
I’m not saying is wrong but isn’t banneable and isn’t disruptive gameplay because for example if I’m farming something in x map and someone come take the spot what I’m stay and it not let me farm in peace is that a disruptive gameplay? the answer is no…
the afk bokors are not winning items only silver if anyone want the items can come and take it from them what is the problem with that


Oh don’t even bother trying to argue with Bhikku, he will call you out as stupid and finish it off with a “Salt gif” to conclude his own saltiness.


Player from SA
Supporting mostly SA based afkers



He argues like a 12 year old girl on Tumblr


u’re syndraismywaifu no? from alpha no? so sad they didn’t tell u the truth sorry all u say is wrong but in everything what are u attacking… so sad


No one in Alpha AFK farms lmao


Member of IMC staff says that AFK-necro-sorc-bokor is an issue.

GMs themselves are encouraging people to ice wall AFKers off pillars.

The ToS make it clear that exploiting issues for personal gain is a violation.



GM Crevox and their alt account don’t count.


Said the guy with anime pic in profile


I did it for meme, read what it says lmao.


Peak NAbrain autism :tea:
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Boruta's Vengeful Fever - What big guilds don't want you to know

Trust me I agree with you, but with IMC track record I’m doubtful. I’m sure they will address the situation but I don’t think the action they take will be what everyone is expecting.


Guys…forget @Lubu20. He’s the best TOS player on earth. For him AFK boker is nothing but sht, and other players are nothing but sht as well.

We carry on our discussion. Let him show off his loots, and brag about his CM farming.

Rookie Question

Thanks! Gotta show all them saviors how to make massive amounts of silver! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sunglasses:


From how things need to go from NA team to Korea, for the dev to patch KTest, and then propagate all the way back to ITOS.

At least 3 months, if anything is done at all about it.

I kinda give up at this point. Losing 15mils per day, 450 mils per month, and 1350 mils in 3 months. I guess I won’t PvP, cause how I can keep up with that.


I’ll give you more:

no BBs in the market go go go!