AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


Can you stop polluting this thread and open a new thread of your own?





If you hate it os much go patrol on your cryos.

There are counters to this that shut down anyone who is truly afk and you can easily KS people who aren’t active as bokors either way. People complaining are just spewing salt because they don’t want to do the same. to be honest the cost of keeping your PC on electricity-wise could probably pay for as much silver in tokens :’)


There are actual bots there right now. I knocked some of them down and they are auto potting with bad gear. Not only that they have tomb lords to knock down the mobs. Clearly 300 IQ plays by the bots. Now they actually have a reason to do something about Bokor(and/or summon-based classes).


There’s even Doppelsoeldners and other AoE classes using script to swash buckling -> Cyclone on top of the pillars.

Who’s the delusional prick? @Bhikku





How’s your Netflix going, Bhikku?

Afkers always get 0 points.

Stop using vmware btw


I’m amazed to see how many posts in this thread actually discuss a way to fix the problem compared to those who try to justify abusing the system…

Now back to the problem… anywhere I look, I can’t seem to find any solution to this. Time out the summons? People will make macros to auto-recast. Sorcs’ summons stop attacking after a minute? Again, you simply need to macro a basic attack every minute to re-activate them… How to determine that someone is actively playing and not just a bot spitting a few macros here and there? I can’t imagine the time people put into patrolling the area to wipe the AFKers… Any way to automatize this? I’m not even sure that putting some boss inside the cave would help, as most of the AFKers are strong enough to probably AFK-kill any AI-oriented mob you could think of…


The entire point is that as long as it’s easily distinguishable to see AFK players that are working within the system and macro-abusing botters it should be fine for people to report them, I don’t think everyone can tell them apart as easily, and there are certainly a few people using scripts if not fully outright botting now, and that makes it more annoying to deal with for those who are just using what the game provides.

Every game has botting though and it’s almost impossible to clean up 100%, at least it’s a lot better than it was when I first played.


Im done caring, IMC has had more than enough time to fix this. Carry on afkers.


Just make a cyro and come knock them off with me, ezpz


Just use captcha, best way to prevent long term afk


Ya, almost three weeks since the first post.

Subtract out the new year week, still two weeks.

I don’t PvP anyway, except maybe farming in GF. I will leave them the afkers for you guys to deal with in TBL and Boruta. Not counting GvG cause it doesn’t even work. :expressionless:


The thing is that shouldn’t be a solution to this massive issue. If a community complains, things should
Be handled as soon as possible or they should at least give us word about it…

I don’t get the customer service of this company lol.




Why are you so obsessed with our guild, its honestly creepy bud. How many more posts will you be making today about us, thats like what, 14 atm?

Maybe try finding a guild of your own to play the game and have fun with, so you dont spend your entire night online trashing us, just a thought.


idc personally but i think as rule of thumb it shows you which guilds to stay away from


Thats fine but you may want to take a closer look at the person you are defending, of his 88 posts about 60-65 of them are simply him insulting other players in a very childish and inappropriate manner.

When we started a new promotion thread for recruitment for our guild today he felt the need to spam our guild thread, in the guild promotion tab with another 6 or 7 completely off topic replies.

Finally, after all that, he necro’d the necro afkmancer thread to further continue his assault on our guild. To date he has criticized everyone from Impetus, to Melody, to us, he is just an equal opportunity troll and does not deserve anyone coming to his aid.


With that logic, good luck finding a guild. :joy:


Lol nope //20characters