AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


Is it the chest that’s on my 3rd screenshot? I just randomly opened it and got gems.


ya it only activates once you fill the totems these guys afkbot on so it’s basically glitched now and permanently off


nah that’s not true, I keep getting the treasure chest spawned
in fact I think these afk bokors are making them spawn more than ever

@lubu20 your screenshot doesnt show peak time and its a screenshot so its not reliable in the first place
yeah I can go into boruta cave and take a screenshot when no ones there

look bro there’s no melody zerg at all no no

I wouldnt even be giving a sh1t about afk farmers cause I dont care about the ethics or the impacts of it on the economy (which is ■■■■■■ anyways)
But I do care that I constantly have nerds come to my spot on the left side and try to contest the good spot of the map because the other one is blocked and half-blocked by overpowered zombies that instatag everything


Once again, I’m there during peak time to check, no one is farming. Where are they?


Its not peak time burgerkid
Everyone is at work or school
I’m at work myself right now otherwise i’d be playing

Get a reality check and realize that peak time means evening on NA servers


Are you truly lost? Can you read? I only posted screenshots of farming spots for reference, and then I said I’m usually there at peak time. At no point did I say 10 AM is peak time.


Are you retarded fatty?
I told you its busy and contested during peaktimes
And I’ve never seen your ugly ass in that cave so you’re just making sh1t up from what I’m reading


A +23 Velcoffer Rod isn’t a requirement, end game content doesn’t end because of your ■■■■■■■ rod.

If you can’t actively make more money than my 8 zombies, then I think that’s more just reflecting on your lack of being able to play the game.

If there’s more effective ways, why don’t you and your guildies do that? Oh yeah, because afk farming is most effective.

You have no right to say that knocking people off isn’t “playing the game” when you alt tab with Bokor debuff.

No Velcoffer Rod, amount of gear, arena rank, will bring back your lost integrity.


CM is time capped for once per char a day, you have to contribute economically by buying resets. Even if you have 10 characters, a cap still exists.

Running a bokor bot doesn’t require a time cap, you set it up and you don’t even need to be at your pc.


The only retarded who’s making assumptions that there’s “no buyers” is you. And i rather to bring solid argument rather than talking out of my ass just to say something

Klaipeda Market:

Screenshots taken 3 minutes ago

Yet, there’s “NO RMTING” according to your “large brain” as you call it. Your post is full of cancer and ignorance.


You surely lack of reading comprehension. I never stated there’s currently 25 AFK players on Baubas per channel, but i’m foreseen this to happen with bots in the next 2+ months if it’s not fixed.


There’s no buyers because he is the buyer xd.


Contribute economically
TP exists


That’s a tax on one’s own $$$, afk bokoring has no time or $$$ tax.


There’s really no point debating the issue anymore, let IMC take care of it. They still haven’t publicly addressed the issue.

No one is going to be banned over this unfortunately.


If people can get banned for opening a mystical box multiple times a day when channels were crashing I don’t see why they wouldn’t ban people who are brazenly violating the Terms of Service of the game and then posting on a public forum admitting to doing it.

Would set a really bad precedent to not ban them honestly.


The only people who are doing this are stupid enough to buy from bots even though market transactions are tracked. They will get punished and if they do not, it’s because IMC stopped flagging the transactions. Bots exists because buyers want to RMT and IMC is not properly monitoring the market. I don’t see why you are somehow trying to blame players for IMC not taking actions against these players.

Regardless of what you think these transactions are, the facts are that people still attempted to RMT despite the official announcements and they got proper punishment. Your screenshots don’t show us anything. If these people are getting away with RMTing, then are you blaming players that literally had nothing to do with the transaction at all. Literally just took my meaning that bots were almost completely eradicated after IMC crackdown on RMTing and exaggerated it because you literally could not address any of my other points. I do not know why you are doing backflips to try to connect RMT from bots/goldsellers and bokor farming but my statement from earlier is still pretty good:


Have you ever realized that no players get banned for RMT? When they make public announcements it only includes the gold seller?

■■■■■■■ bhikku man, you’re looking for any excuse to dodge the fact you don’t want to play the game wah


You’re stupid for believing that? They show players getting banned as well and/or they remove the silver gained from the transaction. More misinformation and lack of information. Just stop. Or don’t. I don’t care. Why am I still replying to idiots who go around pushing people off of pillars instead of playing the game? Or an even bigger like Vau who spends 10 minutes trying to make my zombies afk but I’m just there watching and laughing at him.


that not true they got banned but only isn’t show in the list that is all


Let me put it this way, I can farm while I ■■■■■■■ knock losers like you off pillars. By afk bokoring YOU are not playing the game.

Bhikku man, you’re an idiot or just trying to watch your behind because you and your friends love to afk.

Using the mechanics of Cyro for entertainment IS PLAYING THE GAME. I have to actively USE the SKILLS.

You’re lazy.

Also stop with the cringe gifs you ■■■■■■■ weeaboo garbage.