[SUBMIT] Tree of AFK


IGN: Syndraismywaifu
Server: Klaipedia
Everyone else was trolling so I wanted to troll too.

Don’t take this too seriously, this is a joke submission, but hopefully, it’ll garner some much-needed attention from IMC.

AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back

the irony is that bots now jump too if you are close so you get a group of constantly jumping wiz clones :pensive:


Going to have to change my methods to say “I’m an idiot” If you’re not AFK xd


oooh~ so this is what the icewall in baubas cave is all about owO


Yeah, basically have been knocking afkers down until they learn not to afk. xd


I stop reporting bots long ago since it feels like it doesn’t make any difference. I commend your valiant effort on eradicating them of of this game. :clap::clap:
There’s got to be a better way IMC.


Why do people pretend to be bothered by AFK-driven gameplay of ToS?
AFKing in ToS was always part of the core gameplay since the game was released. There was always this constant trend to try and find ways of getting stuff by not playing the game.

And now we even have official (as in, literally, official) multiboxing AFK (+milking) events.

I think IMC realised by now that the few players that are still “playing” the game would rather not play it but still get rewarded for it.


My AFKing for popo points isn’t going to kill the economy.

Yeah, AFKing has always been part of ToS, just like how people killing them has always been part of ToS.

Did you forget the old oracle skills?


nice tea :tea:


1 like = 1 more dead bokor


they should allow open album in dungeon field :distinguished:


That’s players in any game really, it’s why mobile games do so well, if a game is not competitive, they should be either trying to trick you into feeling like you’re winning in some way (getting rich) or they should be shoving free ■■■■ in your face.

ToS doesn’t do enough of that and when it tries to it ends up being a pain in the ass. I’m on a *8 tome losing 4-5 minutes a day looking for a moron in a shitty map to give an item to in order to get more free leveling items. I mean it certainly beats not getting them at all, but like I log onto a mobile game today and they’re like “We’re doing a collab event with Fairy Tail, here have a free Wendy, and in 7 days after you get the other 5 amazing free items you’re about to get, we’ll give you another free Wendy”

Remember when log calander used to give a diamond anvil. I never claim it atm, attribute points isn’t worth it, it’s not low effort enough, and the prize isn’t good enough. AND THAT’S LOG CALENDER! It’s pretty low effort.


I feel like even if this was a joke, I can see it being used as loading screen art. XD