AFK necro/sorc/bokor is apparently back


I only got 40m afking, i demand 160m+ compensation, thanks.


No one is talking about compensation. Go back to the topic.


there will be no penalty for afkmancer because the silver gained by that can be moved to another account (with tax obviously) then nothing will change so even if get banned or something else


People AFKing with their mains though O_O


even that, the afk farming is not a huge problem like the infinite hook silver exploit who many people get perma banned.
Like Arena said he got only 40m even if he got 200m that is nothing it will not generate a big change in the economy or something else, if u get good stuff to sell u can make more silver than any afking bokor

the big problem like always are afkmancer gold seller these who are farming in normal maps like emmet chn 2, I don’t think afkmancer that are using their main account sell silver to gold seller so what?


My excuse is you are the best TOS player on earth, and we are not as good as you. Please do not compare noobs like us with you the best player. Thank you.

Now go back to the topic.


It still sounds like banning afk bokers is a good thing.


No, I am also a noob.


IMC had the last words about this so we had to wait only


Let’s say you give an unknown kid candy. That kid is allergic to candy but he eats it. The kid dies.
Whose fault is it?


Go back to the topic. Enough drama and bait for irrelevant pollution in this thread.


No, I’m the best ToS player on earth.



Pretty sad how this thread is more entertaining than the kToS updates thread ever since Re:balance. Not sure what part is best tho, the salt, or some people having a beef with the issue in this thread are from guild/s that exploited channel crashes for bossing, equip rollbacks, removing rival shops in Fedimian or rival Necros at Dina Bees so they could AFK themselves. :thinking:


They have never done so before (i.e. half the server in Dina Bee Farm). I can see that you adamantly do not like afk farming but it is not illegal and therefore, they are not going to ban players for it without warning. Sorry, there’s not much else to say on that issue. You might have better luck with trying to punish people who are using 3rd party programs but then it’s hard because I don’t think they even punish if you are using keyboard/mouse macros.

What I just said has been repeated over and over throughout the topic. Maybe you should address some of these posts instead of beating a dead horse.

He was pretty transparent that you are not getting the answer you’re looking for.

No more PVP content please Tree of Savior are not Ready for this!

Literally this wouldn’t even be an issue if a certain group of people didn’t try to play internet police. Who’s this much of a cuck?


This word you are using, I don’t think you understand what it means


You need to report any game errors, bugs and other game play issues to IMC Games. You shall not abuse them for your own benefits nor to cause grievances to others, and pass this information to others who may abuse them for their benefits.

So, what we have here is a Staff member saying this is an ‘issue’. We also have players abusing that issue for their own benefit.

Thus, anyone doing this is in direct violation of the Tree of Savior terms of service. I would expect IMC to act according to their Terms of Service and not just fix the issue, but act to punish anyone violating the Terms of Service.


Wouldn’t happen if there were effective legit ways to farm silver.
This game has so many huge silver sinks, you need a way to actively farm silver. But most things give too little and/or you’re limited in how many times you can do it in a day.
If there were active ways to effectively farm silver (or fewer sinks), AFK farming wouldn’t have become as much of a big thing even back in 2017.

At this point, I can’t even hate on AFKers anymore or even blame them much. What they’re doing is a symptom of what’s wrong, not the cause.
But oh well, IMC will just put some cooldowns or whatever on the zombies and think it’ll fix it all.


People like @Lubu20 already made it clear that most of his silver is coming from active farming and not AFK farming. All he is doing is running Challenge Modes.

Sure, he has ridiculous gear and can most likely farm CM7 with ease, but the point is still valid that there are legit ways to actively farm silver. Not just silver too, but if you farm effectively and sell the materials you gain, you can make plenty of silver by active farming.

I personally dont ‘hate’ AFK farmers, I just recognize it is violating the TOS TOS(lel) - So I would prefer not to do it. I also think that if enough people do it, it is damaging to the game’s economy so it is good IMC is fixing it, I just wish they were quicker about things.


You are actually reaching so hard. So by that interesting logic, does that mean you should be banned for resurrecting players infinitely in TBL to win matches before that got patched, too? Such a stickler for the rules yet abusing this obvious bug. Shame on you.

That seems to fit that twisted reasoning. Good bye, Remiri. Was nice knowing you. :wave:

That was an overall poor effort from you. I know you have an agenda and all, but you can do better than that.