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Adventure Journal Guide


Adventure Journal Guide

This guide discusses all of the methods you can use to earn adventure journal points. At the 1st day of every month, points will reset and rewards will be distributed to all players. The rewards that each player will get depends on their ranking in the adventure journal ranks.

Things covered in the guide:

Adventure Journal

Journal Ranking Tips (Challenge Mode)

Growth and Exploration

Proof of Effectiveness


Killing monsters by default will earn you some adventure journal points. Each monster you kill will grant you a maximum total of 50 points which consists of 3 conditions to earn them

Condition in earning points for killing monster:

  1. Kill a new monster 10 times - (+5 points)
  2. Kill the same monster 30 times - (+20 points)
  3. Kill the same monster 80 times - (+50 points)


Important things to take note of:

  1. Every map consists of a different monster even though the name of the monster is exactly the same.

(two separate entries for Kepas in different maps

After killing the same monster 80 times, you can no longer earn any points from that monster until the point reset comes at the first day of the month.


Monsters in instanced dungeons also count towards the journal, with the exception of mission monsters (e.g. Siauliai mission) which do not give points at all.


  1. Monsters directly summoned by bosses do not count towards the journal.

Killing bosses by default will earn you some adventure journal points. Each boss you kill will grant you a maximum total of 60 points which consists of 3 conditions to earn them.

Condition in earning points for killing boss:

  1. Add a new boss to the journal book - (+5 points)
  2. Kill the same boss 2 times - (+20 points)
  3. Kill the same boss 4 times - (+60 points)


Important things to take note of:

  1. Bosses in maps usually spawn from one-time quests. Every map consists of a different quest boss even if the name of the boss might be exactly the same.


(Top most one spawns from a quest in Crystal Mines 1F, the other in Tenet Church B1)
2. After killing the same boss 4 times, you can no longer earn any points from that monster until the point reset comes at the first day of the month.
3.All bosses in any instanced dungeon count towards the journal.
4.Bosses summoned from albums and bosses found in Challenge Modes count as the same entry. Mission/Saalus bosses both count as a separate entry.

(Above is a boss found in CM and also summoned from albums)
(Above is a boss found in the Catacombs Dungeon, a different entry than the CM/album boss even though the entry looks the exact same)
(This Ironbaum is found in the Saalus Canyon Area mission)

Completion of a dungeon gives +1 point

Type: /indun or indung or simply press F10 (to view your dungeon/raid entry)


Items dropped by monsters will earn you some adventure journal points. These items are split into two different categories: Equipments and Misc. (Materials/Recipes/Consumables). Each equipment item obtained from monsters will grant you 20 points. Each misc. item obtained from monsters will grant you a maximum total of 50 points which consists of 3 conditions to earn them

Condition in earning points for Misc. items:

  1. Add a new item to the journal book (+5 points)

  2. Obtain the same item 10 times - (+20 points)

  3. Obtain the same item 30 times - (+50 points)
    Condition in earning points for Equipment items:

  4. Add a new item to the journal book (+20 points)
    Important things to take note of:

  5. Equipment Items, and Misc. Items obtained through dungeon cubes will count towards the journal.
    Screenshot_17 Screenshot_18


Recipes obtained from NPCs, monster drops, or the market can be used to craft items. Each item crafted gives +30 points. Some classes have special crafting options available to them (Pardoner, Miko, Fletcher, Alchemist).


Important things to take note of:

  1. The Crafting tab and Item tab are under different tabs in the journal, even though some of the items appear in both tabs.

(Top most is from the Items tab, bottom is Crafting tab, total 50 points)

  1. After crafting an item once, you can no longer earn any points from crafting that item again until the point reset comes at the first day of the month.
  2. Any items crafted through these recipes count towards the “Item” tab of the journal, same as if you obtained it normally from a monster.
  3. For an Alchemist, every level of potion crafted counts as a different item crafted.
  4. Crafting skill scrolls do not count for points.


Only silver/small silver fishes fished up from fishing give +1 points toward the journal.

You can now upgrade your Tackle box 10->15

Personal Shops:
Silver earned (before taxes) through any shop (squire, appraiser, sage, alchemist, pardoner) count towards journal points. The ratio of silver to journal points is roughly 10,000 silver to 1 journal point. The maximum points you can get is 2000 (e.g. 20 million in revenue).

Journal Ranking Tips

Challenge Mode (CM):

A quick way to climb through the ranks is spamming Challenge Modes. This mode is a timed challenge where you defeat 7 stages of mob waves, each stage ending with a boss. The stages increase in difficulty.


After defeating a stage, you have the option to take the rewards and run or to continue
Failing a CM (either all members die or you run out of time) will net you no rewards at the end. To start a CM in any map (lvl 100+), kill monsters until a flashing purple mob spawns. Killing that mob will open a portal into the CM.

A faster way of opening a portal is by using “Challenge Portal Scrolls” which can be bought from other players through the market.

Important things to take note of:

  1. Every mob inside counts as an entry for the mob in the particular map you do the CM, including the boss. This is an easy way to rack up 80 points for monsters and bosses. The monsters also have the same drops of those in the map, so you can easily rack up points in the Item tab as well.
  2. Although you are only limited to one entry per day per character, you can use “Challenge Mode One Entry Vouchers” to reset your daily limit.
    3.At the end of the mission you will get an X amount of Challenge cubes according to the stage you finished (e.g. Stage 5 = 5 cubes)
    The items in these cubes also count as journal points in the Items tab.

Growth & Exploration


You get +50 points for each unique class circle you have advanced into on all your characters. There is no difference between circles 1 to 3 for each class. For each team level, you get +100 points. Class circles you already have will be lit up, darkened icons means you do not have a character with that class yet.

(The current max growth is level 17)

Pets also count towards the team level


Exploration tab consists of 3 things:

  1. Map exploration

100% exploration of new map adds +10 points.

100.00% Exploration is possible with the help of:

  1. Psychokino Circle 3 with Level 15 Teleport.
  2. Get a Psychokino friend to Physical Link you then Level 15 Teleport (the party will teleport together)
  3. Have a Psychokino friend teleport for you and use your Templar to port to them.
  4. Duel the Psychokino then swap
  1. Quest/Achievements (titles)

Completing quest adds +5 points. Each achievement title earned adds +10 points.

(Event titles doesn’t count towards pts)

  1. Collection (1/3 parts)

Registering new collection adds +5 points. Completing collection adds +45 points.

Registered collection (incomplete) +5 pts
Complete collection +45 pts


Complete 50 collections = Emoticon Kupole Cheeky
Complete 100 collections = Magical girl emote Screenshot_5

(Current max Exploration is level 18 atm)

Adventure Journal Guide & Tips

This is a guide on how to increase points on monthly journal reset, It also includes how to increase
Exploration/Growth exp.

If you find any errors or want to add some details/tips to help people feel free to contact me @

Team name: Starkisch
Server: Klaipeda
Discord: Chann#7710

thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Where can I get this Collection?
Increasing the bonus stat cap via titles

Rewards for Adventure Journal monthly rankings (remember that it takes a few hours for the server to figure out the final rankings):

  • Rank 1 to 10

    • Companion Voucher x12
    • 500,000 Silver
    • EXP Tome Lv.4 x3
    • Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token x3
    • Attribute Points: 1,000 x2
  • Rank 11 to 100

    • Companion Voucher x7
    • 300,000 Silver
    • EXP Tome Lv.4 x3
    • Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token x3
    • Attribute Points: 1,000 x1
  • Rank 101 to 200

    • Companion Voucher x5
    • 200,000 Silver
    • EXP Tome Lv.4 x2
    • Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token x2
    • Attribute Points: 500 x1
  • Rank 201 to 300

    • Companion Voucher x4
    • 100,000 Silver
    • EXP Tome Lv.4 x1
    • Attribute Points: 300 x1

pinned #3


Bonus Hidden Collections/etc.

Collection (2/3 part)

Cobalt Forest(level 16) Mysterious well
Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2


Apsimesti Crossroads (level 133) [Purification of the Stream, Recovery of the Tree (3)
Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2

Necklace of Gluttony - Starving Demon’s Way (level 121) Pile of Food (Large)
Necklace of Sloth -Pilgrim Path (level 114) Tree Root Crystal of Fatigue
Necklace of Fury- Altars Way (level 117) Pilgrim Gracius
Necklace of Deceit- Forest of Prayer (level 119) Sanctum of Blessings
Necklace of Greed- Apsimesti Crossroads (level 133) Pilgrim Theophilis


Yudejan Forest (level 325) [A Story of Demons and Goddesses (2)] finish questline


Inner Enceinte District(level196) [Revelation of Fortress of the Land](level 214)

MihaiI’s Review - Delmore Outskirts [Best of the best] Use “Best” Emote, Finish the quest Comforting Them (

Hidden Silver Bar - Inmatenote , Ashaq Underground Prison 1F,2F,3F once you found all the notes unlock the device @ floor 3 re-read the notes for the password.

Ring’s Inscription - Finish all quest from karolis springs all the way up to Letas Stream, @ Letas Stream found it at 9am server time aswell, possibly spawns every hour or two.

Ephertao Coast (level 335)

Broken Nimrah Damsel Orb (Nimrah Damsel - Zeteor Coast)
Nimrah Lancer’s Spear (Nimrah Lancer - Iotheo Coast)
Nimrah Soldier’s Broken Rapier (Nimrah Soldier - Iotheo Coast)
Varle Gunner Cannon Fragment (Varle Gunner - Iotheo Coast)
Varle Skipper Sword Fragment (Varle Skipper - Epherotao Coast)
Varle Helmsman Mace Head (Varle Helmsman - Ephertao Coast)

Sausys Room 9 (level 335)
Screenshot_4 Screenshot_3
(Sausys Room 9, talk to Kupole Rugile after completing entire Fantasy Library questline)

Dimensional Scroll (Sauys Room 9)
Dimensional Essence (Sauys Room 10)
Lunar Angel Trumpet (Luna Angel - Sausys Room 10)
Demon Magic Source (Valandis Room 2)
Monumental Magic Source (Valandis Room 3)
Creto Feather (Creto - Valandis Room 91)

Izoliacjia Plateau (level 351)
Screenshot_7 Screenshot_6

Beur Beak (Beur - Narvas Temple)
Quality Neuk Leather (Neuk - Narvas Temple)
Yakyak Horn (Yakyak - Tekel Shelter)

Lanko Waters 26 (level 333)
Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10

(Lanko 26 Waters, talk to Skirgaila after completing all Lanko 22 & 26 quests & repeatables/green quests)

Coast, Fanstasy Library, Narvas Temple, Lanko Waters

Fedimian (town)
Find Adventurer Anastazija Gimmick, collect torn pages , after getting 8 pieces keep exchanging it to the Sage Master Npc located @ Knidos Jungle

Fedimian (town)
Small Ore fragments are obtained by doing Adventurer Anastazija Gimmick

Klaipeda (town)

  1. To start, pet Dexter until you get the collection chest from him.
    to pet Dexter, make sure you’re in keyboard mode, stand a bit away from him, point cursor over Dexter, and press space bar. Petting kinda looks like this:
  2. After getting the collection box, pet Dexter again. The old man will say a couple messages telling you to come back again:
  3. Pet Dexter several times again, until he starts “Nyan”-ing. IMPORTANT: Make sure you memorize the number of “Nyan’s” he makes! (Let’s call this number “X”)
    The “Nyan” will pop on and off until this message appears:
  4. Next, you have to pet Dexter’s friends (pet them many times btw). He has 6 friends throughout town, you have to pet exactly “X” of them. Don’t go over or under, else you will fail and have to start over.
  5. After you’re done, go back to Dexter to confirm. That’s it! A successful attempt may yield a unique collection item (most likely every 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th… etc. success). To get another attempt, wait approximately 10-20 minutes and repeat steps 2-5. If you try to talk to Dexter before the cooldown is up, the message will say he does not want to play.
  6. Once you’ve gotten all 7 items from Dexter, fill up your collection box at the collection NPC. Then select the option “Claim Collection Reward Item” and collect your reward. The item is team storage-able until you consume it to get the emote.

Sage Master’s , ExplorerFinds
Source: [Guide] Explorer Gimmick & New Collections

Little Dexter’s Gift


Great guide for future journal freaks out there! Shameless plug for another extra (old) resource on gimmicks.


Bonus Hidden Collections/etc.

Collection (3/3 parts)

Baron Allerno (level 84)
baron Baron%20Allerno%20level%2084
Silver Falchion Recipe : Cronewt Poison Needle - Guards Graveyard (level 53)
Golden Falchion Recipe : Tontulia - Zachariel Crossroads (level 78)
Aras Falchion Recipe : Hanaming - West Siauliai Woods (level 1)

Gytis Settlement Area (level 69)
Gytis%20Settlement%20Area%20level%2069%20-2 Gytis%20Settlement%20Area%20level%2069
Veris Gloves Recipe : Wendigo - Overlong Bridge Valley (level64)
Veris Boots Recipe : Ticen - Akmens Ridge (level 67)
Veris Pants Recipe : Lepusbunny Assassin - Gytis Settlement Area (level 69)
Veris Tunic Recipe : Lepusbunny Assassin - Gytis Settlement Area (level 69)

Orsha (town)
Screenshot_1 Orsha(town)
Grima Gloves Recipe : Lichenclops - Ramstis Ridge (level 61)
Grima Boots Recipe : Lichenclops - Ramstis Ridge (level 61)
Grima Pants Recipe : Earth Wood Goblin - Royal Mausoleums Workers Lodge (level 73)
Grima Robe Recipe : Earth Apparition - Royal Mausoleums Constructors Chapel (level 78)

Woods of the Linked Bridges (level 8)
Screenshot_4 Woods%20of%20the%20Linked%20Bridges%20level%208
Kris Recipe: Cronewt Hogman Warrior - Rukas Plateau (level 73)
Caliburn Recipe : Hogma Fighter - Rukas Plateau (level 73)
Rune Rod Recipe : Temple Slave Mage - Tiltas Valley(level 69)
Geometry Staff Recipe: Earth Bushspider - Royal Mausoleum Workers Lodge (level 73)
Gulail Recipe : Hogma Archer - Tiltas Valley (level 69)
Catapult Recipe : Pink Chupaluka - Gytis Settlement Area (level 69)
Maul Recipe: Orange Sakmoli - Gytis Settlement Area (level 69)
Spontoon Recipe : Sawpent - Absenta Reservoir (level , Lauzinute - Tiltas Valley (level 69)
Partisan Recipe : White Pino - Tenant’s Farm (level 92)

Paupys Crossing (level 12)
Screenshot_1 Paupys%20Crossing%20level%2012
Kabra Boots Recipe : Crystal Spider - Crystal Mines 3F (level 22)
Crimson Leather Armor Recipe : Big Red Kepa - Miners’ Village (level 12)
Carpenter Gloves Recipe : Jukopus - Miners’ Village (level 12)

Team Storage
5 (default)
+4 (Expand team storage - This cost silvers)
+30 (tokens)Screenshot_7
+11 (Collection)
Screenshot_8 Screenshot_9
+3 (Journal Growth)
Screenshot_10 13 Screenshot_11 Screenshot_12
+4 (Journal Exploration)

(Current max team storage is 60 atm)

Source: Expand Team Storage Guide: 11/13 Confirmed Obtainable Slots 🏆


Nice guides, thanks

Current max team storage is 57 atm

Aww was hoping there could be more now, i have 56, only missing Growth Lv18 but not close it it.
Still full storage often.


I have 58 slots in Team Storage, and I’m aware of missing a few collections for Team Storage.

Feels like Ichor Rate

Hi, could you provide a screenshot and if it’s possible do you recall where you got the ones I do not have listed? Thank you for the feedback.


Backchecked against your list.

I have Growth level 16.
I have Exploration level 14, meaning I’m missing 15 and 18.

I do not have Beginner Armor Collection.


Thank you, i will try to look for the missing ones.


I am also stuck at 57 slots, this patch note increased the cap to 70 but i never managed to get it, growth 17, exploration 18, all collections, etc, i don’t remember buying all 9 (?) silver slots but i can’t buy more.


EDIT: actually i am stuck at 56 slots


A friend of mine helped me yesterday with some testing, and we noticed that the difference in points comes from expand storage slots.



5 (default)
7(expand team storage)
+30 (token)
+2 (collection)
+1(journal growth)
+2 (journal exploration)

= 47 team storage

If you add up the points from the pictures, (she has 47 points and is missing 13 points) it comes out to be 60 team storage slots . She was able to put 7 points into expand storage slots before it maxed out , so it seems something is wrong with the max expand button if multiple people are getting different max values for the team storage.


I wish you could select individual rewards :frowning: instead of shoving all on one character…



Scout Tree Added
Fishing Tackle Box Added
Emoticon:Kupole Cheeky Added
Magical Girl emote Added etc