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About the Bot Report Function

Greetings, Saviors.

We’ve just updated our Developer’s Blog with a post about the mechanics of our bot report function. See below for the link.

Thank you!

Post Link:



Now I’m keen to know my RII. :grin:

Or even better give me an RII leaderboard! Haha! :grinning:

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Wow, hold Z is not bannable.
New era is coming?

I still think Captcha is the solution.
With some rules:
Not appear within dungeons or wars.

I was rather surprised by this too.

What is IMC going to do when gold sellers start use this now allowed method with many accounts once the game goes free to play? While it’s less efficient, it can easily make many areas hard to level for new characters and it would be safe/ risk free method for them to farm silver. All they need is just to run it on more clients

I, and probably many others, hope you’ll reconsider your stance on this. The gameplay for new players and new characters might turn much worse if it will become a common practice. For somewhat higher level maps it might be profitable enough to have serious impact on in-game economy too :anguished:

actually if u are standing there, holding Z a lot of ppl wil report u and u will end up being banned. they said they will look at the account history, if u always hold Z u probably will be banned

Kinda weird.

So when commercial bots become available it seems legit for every player to use bot at night time - the system will consider them OK because they have pretty good play history.

Also I hope RII can’t be negative, because this way botters could abuse it - get an account with -100500 RII and report all fellow bots - thus they will be negative scored :stuck_out_tongue:

Also honestly if they really have machine learning system I can’t see any reason in reporting at all - just check every single player.

well do you think playing game is about standing and holding z? for an hour?

nope. Z afk is also a kind of botting, just without software. why in the f do people do this anyway, the best way to level up is to do quest nonstop and dungeon and mission. when is the time to Z afk? never.

Are silver-selling spammers considered as “bot”? I often forgot to press that report button and reported them via tickets instead.

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It would be nice if this is the case but you get sort of different impression of their stance on this matter from that news entry. And it even warns you from reporting these Z-botters if I understood it correctly:

How are you going to ever tell a difference of botter that programmed his bots to only auto attack and not move from Z-botters? And how are Z-botters not a problem for the game economy on higher levels? They will also be quite a nuisance if they become common. And once many start using them, others are sort of forced to do the same to keep up with the others in game progress and increased inflation :sweat:

Edit: Or do they mean by afk players those who really are just afk and standing there, not using the auto attack?

Sorry for bothering pretty much all the Staff I can remember but I want clarification on this, as it’s rather confusing. For some reason I usually don’t get answers from Staff_Ines on difficult questions so I decided to tag you all @STAFF_Ines @Staff_Julie @STAFF_John @STAFF_Ethan

Wow, for a change, imc did a sensible announcement.
Basically, they gave us their definition of a bot : “a character that moves and attack without the action of a player”.

Seems like your bot report function may have well oiled mechanics.
I wonder into what it will translate ingame…

hey gonna ask you…im ban because on jamming my Z button…have you ever tried it or your just a keyboard warrior who knows nothing…normal attck cant target all the monstar its just infront of you, so.basically if you just normal attack on same lvl mobs on you,you’ll just end up dying… so it means you can just do that on lower lvl mobs… and plus it wont gain you a 100k silver on doing that for 12hrs too,

On the topic of Z bots, the idea seems to be that, because you cannot discern a legit player just going afk with a weight from an actual Z bot, reporting them may work in your disadvantage.

For example, a player plays completely normally 80% of the time, then 20% of the time he’s afk while spamming Z somewhere. The system would see this player as legitimate because of his 80% normal play time. He wouldnt be banned, and your RII would drop due to a “false report”

You can however, still report them manually and ask the GMs to investigate. This doesnt put you at risk in case it’s a real player, which may cause them to put a temp ban or warning not to Z-afk for that player.

which means? it’s useless… which exactly brings it to my point thank you for making it clearer.

i did just point your trying gain lvl by Z afk…its seem useless tho…for me im not turning off my pc…when sleep…thats why i jam my Z button. to gain some silvers while asleep

im doing same way while i sleep,im jz afk at some lower lvl spot under lvl 20,n im lvl over 130,after this update i get ban by server i cant log in til now ,wat can i do ?

Create new account and don’t bot anymore.


im just waiting for them to re evaluate my account… jamming Z isn’t a form of botting they said it on the announcement…

well you are not supposed to be able to gain silver while asleep. because you are supposed to earn something by doing something.

doing nothing and getting something is the definition of botting. now what you said perfectly explains what i wrote above and yet you asked why i said it.

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